Does anyone have any camping tips?

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So, my father bought a tent to try camping despite always saying how he would never get one, and found camping pointless. However, he wants to try it, and we're all going camping soon for a night or two to try it out. If we like it, it will become a more regular thing. I've googled tips, though they all say the same things.

Does anyone have any tips on how to not make it a disaster, and just general advice? We know virtually nothing about it, and I know that there are many camping/backpacking veterans here. I really enjoy camping, as I've done it before, but I know very little, and want to learn as much as possible, so it won't fail and we can do it more frequently.

Thank you! 

(Also, if I posted this in the wrong place, please let me know)

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Well sir, I’ll try to keep this short, blankets/sleeping bags, at least2-3 per person, this will help keep you warm and comfortable, a tarp to go over your tent to stop the rain from getting in, just a extra layer of defense from the wet and cold, an extra set of clothes, no not shorts, pants, and a jacket/sweater if it gets rainy or cold out you’ll thank this advice, something to cook with, a small Coleman camp stove of some sort and propane, plenty of clean drinking water, a small first aid kit with tweezers (for ticks) and bug repellent. take something besides hotdogs and marshmallows for food, fruits, and veggies, trail mix, peanut butter, jelly and bread, as well as a good cooler to keep them in.

As for the actual camping place some soft material under your tent, like leaves or sand this will increase the comfort in your tent. Don’t bring food in your tent unless you want a midnight guest, (bears), always put the fire out in the fire place or on the camp stove before you leave/go to bed, if you have an air mattress good, if not place one of your blankets on the ground, the leaves or other soft material and the blanket should make a good bed. Hopefully, I have included everything you may need to have a good trip, if not I apologize for that, have a nice day,

Thank you.

The cabins trapper.

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Something between your sleeping bag and the ground is key, like an air mattress, pad, or blanket as The Cabins Trapper suggested. It will be more comfortable because of the padding and warmth (without it the ground will make you cold and will not provide a good night's sleep).

A towel for drying anything wet in the tent will add greatly to your comfort as it takes a long time to naturally dry water in the tent. Try to keep items from touching the sides of the tent as condensation will collect on the tent walls over night and will run down to meet anything touching the wall (and make it wet).

Prepare everything for bed time before the sun sets so you're not working by flashlight and attracting night bugs into your tent.

If you have space, pack a really comfy pillow (personal comfort preference).

Pick a day with good weather and a location with quick access to amenities such as stores for the first couple of times out. That way you can grab anything you're missing and hopefully have an enjoyable experience that you'd want to repeat.

Have a plan for something enjoyable to do. Some people like fishing, swimming, canoeing, day hiking, geo caching, plant and wildlife photography. I personally enjoy coffee while reading a good book in the shade of the forest. Take all the shortcuts and cheat when it comes to the less pleasant tasks. For example, if you are going to have a fire and that's not something you're experienced with, don't try starting it with flint and steel. Use a roll of toilet paper soaked in white gas in a coffee can to get it going. The goal is to make the first few trips as pleasant as possible and then slowly ramp up your skills on later trips.

Hopefully that's somewhat helpful. I'll try to add more if I think of anything, or if you have any particular questions or areas you want covered. Enjoy your time out and I hope you all have an amazing trip!

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Don't pitch your tent in a ditch. I have an excellent Expedition tent. Set it up late without regard to the site itself other than not sleeping on rocks. Overnight it stormed and I awoke in about 5 inches of water. Tent didn't leak but getting out of it was more disastrous than sleeping in it :) What a mess for days. As mentioned, get up off the ground as far as you can. If your dad gets a big tent you can actually uses cots though I never have. An air mattress minimum. I've slept on all the pine bows and homemade beds, Often its fine, often you wake up so sore it ruins the trip especially if you get cold wet AND sore. A nights rest should restore you not deplete you. Well rested and the rest of the challenges can be fun and exciting. A bad nights rest and its miserable drudgery. Do look as obstacles as challenges. Overcome they become the best memories, surrendered to they become the worst. Attitude can be as disastrous as a hurricane.

Fires are fun, coffee is almost a spiritual ritual for me, I'm not into marshmallows but a lot of families/ swear by smores over the fire and helps any girls have some fun. Cooking on a fire is difficult to master but smores are instant success. I like stuff where I just boil water and stir. Bugs spray Benadryl, aspirin and a poison ivy remedy of your choice just incase. I got it on my private parts while camping which brings me to toilet tissue and some wetwipes, luxury I know but toilet paper in outhouses' is notoriously smooth and shiny and better for spreading grease than cleaning up.


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I think you'll need to cover 4 important areas-

Camping essentials - all the equipment and products you'll require

Safety and medicine - pretty self-explanatory

Food equipment - products, portable gas stove, fresh water, cooking utensils etc.

Vehicle - in case your vehicle get's stuck, emergency equipment for that

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Some simple things I do to help me out when I camp.
Bug Spray. Seriously. Unless your camping in Winter time, Bugs get everywhere. This will help you ignore them and enjoy the Outdoors.

I tend to use the Trunk of a vehicle to store food and trash in. Helps cut down the risk of Unwanted Critters invading your camp.

Doesn't hurt to have extra stuff. As long as you don't overburden yourself. I always have extra batteries for Flashlights, extra water, and extra socks when I do any kind of Hiking or Camping.  I just like to be prepared.

Cheers, and enjoy the Camping Trip!

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