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  1. Greetings community, This may or may not be a redundant question, but I am very much looking forward to a release of "The Long Dark" on Nintendo Switch. Therefore I have been trekking through the depts. of the interwebs, trying to find confirmation on that particular subject, or at least any news. One of the very first places I looked was of course this forum. Alas, my search on the official forums didn't turn up much of any weighty information that I was not already aware of. Then I entered my search inquiry on Google and one the hits I got was an YouTube video uploaded by an account named "NintendoGalaxy" The video was uploaded on 08.01.19. The video itself contains some, to me, never before seen footage. I was of course about as exited as the lone survivor when his snare has yielded results. However I could not find any mention of this video anywhere else, so I just assumed it to be a fake. Now I come back to the official forums with my tail between my legs, just hoping that the video is somehow not fake. Have anybody else seen the video? Anyone with any more information? I'll keep my fingers crossed. (Not providing a link to said video-upload was intentional. I'm not sure if it is in good taste, should the video be found to be fake.)
  2. Thank you for your concern. I am however, despite the impression one would have got from my original post, of rather sound body and mind. I would never be as daft to blame a video game for my rash and perhaps poor decisions. My significant other is schooled as an biologist and on top of that I did my own research to determine that it would be safe to take a small taste. Thank you, that's really helpful. I don't think that I will subsitute any part of my current diet in favor of cat tails though. But that's really neat to know, nevertheless.
  3. My pleasure! I ate the wrong frigging part!?! Well, now I can claim to have eaten tinder as well!
  4. So my girlfriend brought home a cat tail, (or some norwegian variant, visually similar) from the shore of the local pond. * Her intention was to keep it in a vase for decorative purposes. I, however, ceased my chance when she wasn't looking, and took a healthy bite. And let me be quite frank: I was rather dissapointed by the taste in real life. It had a definite feel of cotton in my mouth, and not much else. (I had just had a bite of dinner so maybe that was hindering me from savouring the real scrumptious taste?) (*A pond which do have a name, as a matter of fact.)
  5. Hello! Nice to meet a fellow norwegian! I think there's quite a few of us here already, there's a subgroup dedicated just for norwegians. I agree about the forums, I've been lurking ever since I started playing TLD on account of my very limited "know how" (I.e it took a long time for me to figure out how to survive the very first days of game time...) Vennlige hilsninger fra Akershus. (Ps: sorry for the late reply, I thought I would recieve a notification when someone replied, but I didn't so this is the first time I read your post.)
  6. For the time being I only hunt paper targets. For a long time now I have been meaning to get certifed and begin the road to become a hunter. Everyday life has a tendency to get in the way. (I say this, but in reality I am a bit of a lazy sod.) Privately I own a 9mm handgun made by the good people at Heckler & Koch. P30 L. V1. (LEM trigger system.) I bought this while attending school to became a law enforcment officer to improve my marksmanship. Now I mostly use it for target practice while not on the job and for IPSC shooting. I wouldn't stretch the truth and even claim that I am a skilled marksman, but I am familiar with both rifles and handguns. Due to my occupation and a stint served in the armed forces. Here in Norway, same as the rest of Europe, gun control is pretty strict. But due to traditions and a culture of hunting and trapping there are abundance of legally owned weapons around. Judging by the other replies in this thread there seems to be quite a variation from each reply. Could someone educate me on the gun laws in your respective home countries?
  7. The summit of Timberwolf mountain have filled me with dread ever since I first heard of its existence. So before my first attempt to scale the summit I did extensive research. And I have to say that I am really happy that there's a possibility of making the descent without the use of climbing ropes. It is not without a whole heap of danger, but that makes it more fun and nerve wrecking. I won't spoil anything here, but if someone wants more information on how to get down from the summit without ropes, please feel free to send me a PM. (I was lucky though, a snowstorm didn't catch up to me until I was fairly close to Crystal lake. I am sure I wouldn't have made it otherwise because a rather unkind beer and a few brawly wolves ran off with my clothing and medical supplies.)
  8. Thank you! I've been lurking around these parts ever since I started playing "the long dark" An awesome community indeed.
  9. Haha, yeah. Not quite though, here I have access to electronics, enough food to last until easter and no cabin fever yet. But actually, yeah, there are some wolves around. Sadly, the wolf population here in Norway have almost been marginalized due to us humans. I've never seen a wild wolf up close, only their pawprints in the snow. If I ever met one I would probably offer it my lunch instead of showing any agression.
  10. Sorry for dragging this thread back up from its slumber, and please delete my reply if it isn't suitable, but it seemed like fun so I decided to give it a shot. 1. I cut my own hair short to keep the need for personal grooming to a minimum. 2. ...but I keep growing, trimming and do regular maintenance on my beard. (so I end up spending more time than my girlfriend do on her hair. ...Yeah, I know.) 3. Walking the pacific crest trail is on my bucket list. (and yes, I did know about the PCT before watching the movie "Wild") 4. I speak with a slight stutter. 5. I work in law enforcement as a police officer. 6. One of my favorite novels is "The brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. (My screen name is that of my favorite character in that novel.) 7. I did a stint in the armed forces of Norway. 8. I worked volountarily for Red Cross here in Norway as part of a search and rescue team. 9. I am a classic introvert. I suspect that has much to do with my love for "the long dark" 10. I try my best to avoid using emoji in my writing but I often fall short on this. ()
  11. Merry christmas and happy holiday seasons! (I am stuck here in the snowy north for the season without my xbone. So I'm getting serious withdrawals from the long dark. Oh well, I can always go outside, stand in the snow and freeze, and think back about wandering the Muskeg. Wish I had my wolfskin coat with me though.)
  12. Hello, I am a passionate "the long dark" fan and gamer from Norway. Currently 28 years old, I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember. That being said, life sometimes get too busy, and I've had periodes where I don't get the chance to indulge in my hobby as often I would like. This changed somewhat when I was fortunate enough to buy "the long dark" when it first was realeased on xbox one, and I've made time for gaming ever since. (to some dismay from my girlfriend...) I do have to admit that I've been lurking around this forum for quite a bit for some time already. Just been too shy to actually make an account I guess. This really seem like a great place. A good forum to match a good game. Cheers and thanks for having me!