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  1. Some simple things I do to help me out when I camp. Bug Spray. Seriously. Unless your camping in Winter time, Bugs get everywhere. This will help you ignore them and enjoy the Outdoors. I tend to use the Trunk of a vehicle to store food and trash in. Helps cut down the risk of Unwanted Critters invading your camp. Doesn't hurt to have extra stuff. As long as you don't overburden yourself. I always have extra batteries for Flashlights, extra water, and extra socks when I do any kind of Hiking or Camping. I just like to be prepared. Cheers, and enjoy the Camping Trip!
  2. A Wolf won't bother me, and I have never encountered bears where I live. But one Grunt from a Moose and I'll hightail it like a little girl at a Justin Beiber Concert. Those suckers don't care and keep charging.