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  1. Thanks! I do feel it came out pretty well. ☺️
  2. Peliin äskettäin tutustunut täällä.
  3. Hi! I'm still quite green to The Long dark (just finished Crossroads Elegy and running on day 45 of my first survival mode) but the atmosphere is incredible. I've spent quite a lot of time in the wilderness over the years, and the sounds and the light and the weather patterns are all so familiar. I'm a father of two from Finland, and I mostly play single player games because of said kids. Not much VoIP or non-pausable gaming with them. 😅 I tend to gravitate to administration games, but have played Subnautica earlier, though it was way too oppressing when you got deeper with all the lev
  4. I was completely green to The Long Dark at that point (still not much experience but I'm pretty solid day-to-day), and was dragging myself back at Mystery Lake after a long day of running around exploring. Was almost at my base camp when I saw a deer, and being low on food, decided to take it down with my rifle. Made a bad hit and the deer ran and I ran after it. Seems like it took ages and the dusk started creeping and I didn't really know where I was as the fog was blanketing everything but the tracks. I finally found the carcass but a blizzard was coming along with the dark. Being on the re