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  1. I've experienced the trigger hang time thing several times and got attacked. I haven't tried pullinng the trigger during the zig zag because I don't think I've ever hit one except off the hip. I did get a wolf to leave his dear by pointing the revolver at himm. Only later did I notice the revolver was empty, Well I guess a wolf couldn't know if it was loaded but I'm not sure they would recognize a gun as a threat anyhow. I don't think I have killed a wolf with the revolver. I've beaten them to death but I hit one point blank while he stared at my fire, the gun actually went off btw. At five feet he should have dropped. Should I even go looking since the meat isn't very worth eating. Timberwolves, Funny how I haven't went into those map areas, Didn't bother looking for the machine shop either and don't think I have a desire to. Maybe a real late game scenario. I just play stalker though. New wolves aren't terrible, Its not like I ever liked the old ones either , LOL.
  2. Did they give us hollow point bullets yet? If I found a mill I'd be making something to drop game in its tracks. I see they have different ammo so I may have missed if they already gave us this. I could go for making a sled, kind of like a moose sack but with runners. You know, for hauling back moose or bear meat or stocking up on some wood and hauling it to a nice stove. I guess I'd like a rotisserie so I could put a whole deer on at once and maybe quarters of moose and bear. Guess we could use some scrap barrels but I need to make or source longer pieces of metal for that rotisserie and yeah, I want it animated
  3. I seem to be having some fire timer issues still, Sometimes when I cook foods on an outdoor fire the food cooks but the timer only goes down several minutes. It may be a decimal point error. I noticed this in episode three at the fish pond but I think I saw it on outdoor fires as well. Water works ok. In my mind it is fresh game that gets the bonus. I'm done with the episode, well done. I will try to reproduce this in survival before I go back and redo episode but keep an eye out for it. I also have some bad shadows on the wall besides the desk at the antenna tower when lit by a torch. 4 Just moved my arm an inch to light it up.
  4. I recall at least three Jerry cans, a couple in bunkers, don't forget you can harvest lanterns if you have a jerry can in inventory too. I did quite a bit of scavanging and fishing and ran into a couple towards the end of the side quests. I had none then suddenly too much.
  5. I was doing one of my countless treks back to the Community Center. I approached from a bit of a different angle and the flames from the signal fire danced very high across the front windows. They looked higher than the building and I was like OMG, the Community center is burning down with all those people in it despite all my work to save them. Could this be how it ends? Man's struggle to save man from the elements only for them to have the final say anyhow and snuff out the last of Great Bears life? How tragic, apropos, apocalyptic, such an evil yet appropriate turn. My efforts made no difference. But it was just an illusion, fatigue, snow blindness or maybe the pessimistic hopelessness brought on, by the long dark.
  6. 1.62.55870 And I have got it to move forward today. I came on today to my regular resume point, hunted a rabbit, repaired a hat though I doubt those things had anything to do with it. I had several pelts that Father was standing on and I removed them. I just generally tried to do enough things that might force a different save state, kinda like joggled some stuff and he finally talked to me. When A Blizzard started I thought it might be the timer for Father to get chatty and that seemed to be a correct assumption. He talked after the blizzard but not after the Pantry was full. I should have spotted this when the percent completion graph failed to update as I collected survivors but I brushed it off. The problem may have started way back. I began to notice some other glitches as I approached filling the pantry. I was finishing the bunker quest and things started to get odd. I'm sorry I didn't take notes, I'm not a good debugger. Too much faith in you guys.
  7. I have completed Coming Storm objectives, Survivors are warm and toasty and the pantry is full. When the pantry was full Father Thomas moved to the Pulpit and my instructions are to talk to him but he is mute. I check in the journal and find that the mission is only 13 percent complete. It has not been updating for a while I guess. I have not finished the collectibles but those are side missions that I don't think I have to complete, am I correct? I have tried some saves, sleeping and game restarts but appear stuck.
  8. I can't for the life of me say what convinced me to try to through the waterfall. Some other game or some other episode or some real life stuff or some subtle but telling clue. This was great storytelling right here.
  9. I might like the morale meter a bit more if the red wasn't so bright, maybe a darker crimson like blood stains and not the cartoonist style red. The harsh white needs to have its gamma adjusted/linked with the hdr setting too. I think it is so harsh because the hdr setting allows me to run the game darker, get the ambiance, but still spot some details. I really like the audio cues idea though too. Another thought was that while I know the timber wolves are a work in progress, The idea about "on and off again behavior' really hit home. I enjoyed trying to get by the old wolves, If I failed I paid a price, fair enough. Not being able to get by them really takes it out of me, The music turns on, my heart sinks a bit while the game takes my time to roll through what feels more like RNG than a challenge. I felt the same way with the bear spear in episode two so much so that I went back to survival. The thrill is gone from moose stomping too. I have developed a bad taste in my mouth from bear meat and a bit of over respect for mooses, or is it mice so perhaps this is intended. I hope not. That said, they fixed the sprain system nicely, I noticed rabbit hunting box is smaller but the stone goes where I throw it. Overall accuracy of the rifle and pistol may have been fine tuned too. And, when I do manage a timber wolf kill, its very gratifying: YEAH!!!. The flanking is probably realistic but unless the marine flare adjustment works I feel a bit too defenseless over losing good clothing. I can deal with bleeding out but I hate when dogs chew on my shoes and I can't do anything about it. Perhaps its time to learn how to bait better.
  10. They must have gone vegetarian long ago but why the hay bales and not even chickens, a lot of vegans eat eggs> I wasn't being hard on Dimitri, rationing my insulin is something I do every month because of the state of US healthcare. Living off the land without a car would probably be the healthiest thing I coud do.... Cept for wolves.
  11. Thanks, he was hiding from the wind behind a log, Looked like just another Fir Limb in the snow .
  12. I still have a couple side quests so I can't complain that I'm really stuck yet . I've looped around to the crash site from the community center twice and another time I came in from the North From a tall tales adventure. I've scoured the terrain to the left and right, I've looped around to the left and followed a trail of suitcases over a big cravass. I found it strange I did not find a body after the cravass.. I am stuck on 9 out 10 ID's. I know its hard for someone else to figure out where I haven't looked but, ARE all 10 ID's at the crash site? I've run into a couple little bugs at the crash site but I don't want to leave it a third time. I hear I have to come back a bunch of times anyhow but I can't rescue and plunder till I find this tenth ID. Are they all really there?
  13. Diet and excercise. If DiMitri stick s to airline vegetarian meals and walking 12 hours per day the wolves will get him first. Fish and dear should be good and Astrid may be able to grind up some wolf Pancreas and make some homemade insulin. Dimitri won't be able to eat by scavenging, All those candy bar and energy bars, canned fruits and beans will have to be traded to other for meat. No moldy crackers for you dude.