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  1. I think the target radius is reduced. If you are a better shot than me, that wouldn't matter to you. You mentioned shooting them off the hip. Never have I gotten a shot off the hip except for timberowlves in the story and that was a previous version. I think you are just a great shot and i am not, but I'm pretty good with the rifle and stationary targets with the bow. Good revolver marksmanship is something to be proud of, not everyone has it.
  2. I saw you took on faithful cartograpgher lol. Not for me I guess, maybe someday. I never have been one to go after game challenges though.
  3. @ManicManiac At what skill level? I realize you are a regular Jerimiah Johnson and never complain about anything, unlike Will :). I'm just a small town guy who's plane went down. But whatever learning curve for those ninja skills of yours so far escapes me 2 out of 3 times at level 3. I admit I am not fond of repairing and replacing all my clothes but that is always the end result with the revolver even on a good day. With the rifle I hit, they die, even at lower skill levels and I live on to level up. I'm still getting good with the bow and its working real nice now that I tossed the revolver and got to 5 on the bow. And what level are you playing on? The new stalker was so crazy I gave up on it and had to customize. Now that I've axed the revolver I may be able to go back and play the new stalker but I won't carry that revolver further than I can find a place to stash it. I may even quit picking them up altogether.
  4. I have relegated all my revolvers to the dustbin, This game I have a few or more and a couple hundred rounds that I collect like tinder plugs. I find the revolver useless for killing, useless for scaring wolves with the sound. It is pretty much only useful against rabbits now and I'd rather grind bow skill. That has a payoff that I cannot seem to get to with the revolver anymore. I may have given up to soon. I could try to grind up to 5 on rabbits but relying on the revolver cost me a ton of clothing damage this patch. I've taken to carrying the rifle despite the weight, I need it for bear and the bows good for wolves now that I have 5 and can crouch, I need critical kills, chasing wounded game around gets me into trouble. dang thing might as well be a worn tshirt or tinder plug
  5. This topic has stayed on my mind and I'm even more convinced I like the static maps. I found a corner in Pleasant valley with less freequent blizzards and set up camp. I found myself enjoying looking at whiteberry's map to figure out what i wanted to do with my next day. Having small goals like finding some meat or gathering wood, I got a pretty interesting day just looking for a maple sapling. It doesn't seem to ambitions but throw in a wolf or two and some windchill and suddenly I'm a long way from base, its getting dark and its about and its about 80 below and such a small thing turned into a grateful accomplishment just as a suprise blizzard started and I rolled into base. I find myself thanking the team for little things they hide here and there, a bullet, a well timed sharpening stone, an arrow, those are like gold to me. I'd have less sense of appreciation for a random map, The RNG Gods are not so benevolent.
  6. I don't even map because it is too challenging to beat the tedium.
  7. I have been able to retrieve some rolled arrows by fast clicking before I touch the carcass
  8. I hadn't noted the scent bar being dependent on pieces or weight. I keep looking for the scent bar. If I had one I would blame myself and not complain. I'm not on that stalker setting right now but I have been carrying cooked meat for a few days in Pleasant Valley and have evaded the wolves. I'm wondering if it is location specific or did I just get lucky because of the long sight line or wind. On regular stalker neither of those mattered. If I could see even a speck of the wolf the would about face and charge even from hilltops.
  9. I could not believe how pissed I was to lose an arrow to a game glitch the other day Arrowheads are like gold when you consider the risk, the work and the number of gun rounds and clothing repairs to get back and forth across the muskeg.
  10. need a mapping skill, more skill, larger radius and shorter mapping time.
  11. When I carry fresh guts, meat and skins the wolves gather interest slowly but when I carry cooked food they charge me like I had just eaten their first born. If it was/is intended for me to not be able to carry cooked food, why doesn't the scent indicator show scent and more precisely all 3 scent bars? They charge like it should be at 5 but there is no 5. I had read that you couldn't carry cooked food in the radial but I experimented with loading up the radial with other foods to keep cooked out of radial and I still get the charging behavior. I'd gotten tired and a bit of PTSD from the charging behavior on regular stalker. Clearly bugged AI there. No scent, no food , headed in the opposite direction and at 200 yards they would change direction and charge like a hellfire missile and on stalker they usually brought company. That got unplayable, made timberwolfs seem like puppies so I dialed down the radius and numbers. But now I still have this "Errant" behavior. Left the revolver and a hundred twenty rounds of ammo along the railroad tracks. Its useless, it scares them when its empty but a full one they charge at like a rawhide chew toy. This should have been hotifixed long agao.
  12. cars at camp in broken railroad had no batteries at all, nor the trucks. Had some time, thought I'd take a look into the lead mechanic and maybe try BL on my way back through the Muskeg. Great Bear conspires against me to craft ammo.
  13. Finally lost one also, Mystery lake camp office, up by the tracks. Same as above, deer did a funky roll right on top of it . gutted, marked, went inside, voila nothing. Tried building a fire and breaking down fire. no luck. Sometimes when I click on the snow I get a weird mose error sound, like that one that sounds like banging on an empty pot. But nothing. This is not the first time, just the first time I have been so thorough looking for it.
  14. Her are Hinterlands Intellectual property rights, clear and unambiguous unlike most Eula's. Very simply and well done in 2017. No surprises, last minute edits etc. IP rights I liked the post about porting. I've always resisted buying but understood that if I wanted a piece of software to run on another platform, as in several consoles, that I would have to buy several pieces of software. I could not expect something I bought for Xbox to run on Nintendo. If I wanted it to run on Sony I would need a third purchase and If I wanted to run it on a PC I would need a 4th. I Do like that Steam has a lot of games that will run on Linux and I don't think I was charged extra for that. I don't even know if TLD will run on Linux without wine but If it does I would consider it a perk and not a right. I do agree somewhat with those that feel like their license should give them more ownership rights but I also know that despite what I want, I don't always get what I want for the price I want to pay. There are a ton of games I purchased on steam that I've played less than ten hours and never played again. I have other software that I pay for every year but barely use. I have gotten so much value and playtime from the Long Dark that I almost feel guilty when updates and upgrades release. I say to myself, Another free one? I'm all for anything that helps them make enough money so they don't have to start charging me for extras. Siding with Hinterland is only siding with myself.
  15. I think if Nvidia wants to run an Instance of TLD on one of its machines it should have to buy a copy just like I did. If they want to run 20000 instqances, they should buy 20,000 copies. If I want to run TLD on one machine, I have to buy one copy, If I want to run it on my laptop at the same time I have to buy two copies. Now what I do with it after I spin it up on my machine isn't regulated. But maybe it should be. If I stream on twitch, twitch makes money, Twitch should pay royalties to Hinterland. If I post a play on YouTube, YouTube should pay hinterland royalties. Why you say? Well look at music royalties. If I play a bands music in a coffee shop, the coffee shop has to pay royalties. If you play commercial music on twitch they censor it, because they have to pay royalties. Same with music, even background music on YouTube vids. Quite often you will see that they blank out commercial music. Because they have to pay royalties. Why should games, which take many more hours than a song to write not get royalties and then some tune that some body puts together in 20 hours get paid? YouTube and Twitch and other streaming services need sued too.