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  1. I notice it pushes me to hunt and explore in an effort to keep it. I kinda think the clothes are too heavy to go without it so there is this balance going on between clothing and food. I have room to learn about clothing balance but with well fed I'm not forced to learn it yet though I have ideas that this wolf coat isn't worth the time, the work, the cabin fever risk etc, mostly because it doesn't seem to scare wolves anymore. I notice some good hunting usually has storms about to hit and I could imagine just holing up and not risking hunts on fringe weather if not for the bonus so in that way it pushes me which I think is a great dynamic.
  2. It seems like you've been lucky. I've had a couple games where I found too many but the last couple, where I before found a whole box, I find a single round. This particular game has been a lot of singles but in one region I found some full boxes. But I am running low again at 70 days and the next region is begging my appearance. Pleasant Valley has rarely been good to me for looting in general but I'm setting up to get through the cave to there from Coastal highway. Easy loot is starting to sound good. How is revolver ammo in Mountain Town. I started there once and it was not ammo heaven but I'm thinking it may be better than Pleasant Valley.
  3. Out of Mystery lake and the sprain, the system seems quite reasonable. I've even been walkin on inclines with over a hundred pounds. Made my way out to desolation point and picked up some heavy clothes. In Mystery lake, I can barely get around with 65. Mystery lake could be as easy to traverse if the wolves weren't on all the flat spots. They force you into hilly shortcuts. I have really grown to enjoy mountain climbing though. Its as if I'm getting punished for having fun. Instead I trudge around the Long Coastal highway, stay on the boring scenery and of course, keep my pistol drawn American style. Maybe these heavy clothes are helping but all the posts say they have no effect. By-By Mystery lake, You were my first.
  4. I just started getting the missing bow bug Steam 1.50. also
  5. I'm of a similar opinion. It is forcing/punishing me into a playstyle.
  6. I am wondering about the strain system and the well-fed upgrade. Are they playing as intended together? When I run the well fed and the extra weight, I get too many strains. I really consider still the consecutive sprains as excessive now that I have learned the new cues imo. But, I started a starvation run because the random gods were angry and I have very few sprains. Now I have learned a bit more about avoiding sprains I admit but I just descended down a very steep mountain at high speed and about 65 lb with no sprains. It was cold, late but I knew where I was going so I just flew down the hill from the cave above the camp to the camp office in ML. No Sprain. Now when I'm well fed but just under being encumbered I still got rapid sprains in much milder descent. This leads me to wonder If the sprain system is taking the well-fed bonus into account and if it is not doing so, Is that by design or something that needs to be looked into? Another thought has to do with consecutive sprains and the random generator. It seems if random generates a negative outcome flag, that when it looks at things that can go wrong randomly, it is using the same flag. I think it would be better if the random "you are doomed" flag is set, that before it checks for the next random dependent event, It should generate a new random flag. right now it feels like the flag is global generate random if doom set flag check random dependent mishaps check ankle check wrist check wolf 1 check wolf 2 check bear Set all to doom Instead, I think it should generate a new random anytime it sets one occurrence generate random check ankle conditions if exceeded set sprain generate random check wrist condition if exceeded set sprain generate random check map location if location spawn wolf etc Forgive pseudo code, I'm not a coder just trying to communicate something that feels wrong in consecutive mishaps
  7. I started off with Five times as many sprains, I've worked it down to three by tapping the walk button, take a few steps and pause, feels a bit like catching your breath after a few steep steps, the wobble when I do this almost feels like I was grabbing the ground. Maybe this is the logic on wrist sprains instead of ankle sprains. The sprains can be killers though because when random hits its as if all the random hits at once. Occasionally it would be bad luck, but to sprain, sprain, sprain and then a wolf or two appears ruins it. Then the pistol misses at point blank, probably because I'm sprained but my complaint is so much happening at once and not just once in a while. Even with the pistol to fend off the extra wolf attacks that this sprain system pushes you into, the long dark slams down the curtain all by itself. It's like those Bear or Moose attack, just let go of the keyboard and let it play through. If you are still alive a tsunami will cover the island shortly.
  8. but of course though it will likely leak from all the holes
  9. His video showed a revolver. But no worries. I Kilt the Moose that almost killt me. I went out on a very dark night and heard him but couldn't see him so I ran for my life back to the safety of my cabin and made some herbal tea and got some more strength back and went out in the morning and there he still was, like dinner on a platter, crept up as close as I dared and put a single shot square into his shoulder bone and he collapsed followed quickly by a blizzard but I cut and dashed back and forth and am alive to admire his hide in front of my fireplace while I sip some more tea. I'll be well soon again, these ribs will heal, I've got food, a little shy on firewood but enough ammo to keep me in boiling water.
  10. How did you get a revolver pre steadfast? I have a half dozen rounds in him at even closer range in 1.5. Perhaps shot fired while he's charging in for the Moose Stomp dance don't work but the journal counted them. I think its a bug. I hope I can get my condition back before he leaves. I think he's haunted, A dead moose walking
  11. Thanks for the bleed out info. Perhaps I can kill him today if he doesn't wander off. So no bleed out or waiting for him to drop after a few more hits. He either goes down right then and there or nothing. Are shots even cumulative for a little while or will I have to pump all 6 in at once? Or maybe its only headshots that count. I did manage to get four solid rapid hits. He's went down and I got another one that should have been a head shot but gotten back up and got a couple of side hits but one should have been his legs. I may have hit him 5 times at once, I can't go higher than 6 lol. Dear Hinterland, I need the 7 shot revolver or a submachine gun.
  12. I have 12 to 15 revolver shots into a moose after the update, he won't die and he won't leave either.
  13. Yes, my moose won't die either, I'm in ML at trappers and he just keeps hanging down in the bowl no matter how many times I shoot him. I have 12 to 15 hits with the revolver. 6 at point blank as he stomped me and another 2 at about 4 paces. another three or 4 at 5 or 6 paces and a few long-range shots that the journal counted as hits. No blood trails, splatters or sprays on hits, except for mmy own blood. Lots of that around. This is 1.50 update Is this as intended, the revolver drops dear and wolf in reasonable times but this moose should have been bleeding for 24 hours and filling him full of holes for about 8-12.