What is the 1 thing you enjoy most about The Long Dark?

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the charisma, and no zombies


The Old Bear!

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I can't narrow it down to just one thing, but I can attempt to summarize why I enjoy the game so much:

"Starvation, wolves, deadly unpredictable weather."

Love this beautiful game so far, Devs, great job! Looking forward to the forthcoming update and new ways that the game can kill us! 8-)



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That's the word I was looking for! I just couldn't get it yesterday... Atmosphere, not charisma.

As we say in Dutch: "Het lag op het puntje van mijn tong". Literally translated: "It was on the tip of my tongue". Meaning as much as knowing what you mean but not quite being able to put it into words. :)

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1st thing I enjoy in this game is realism.Coz when playing this game,there are only reality stuff.Real life events,real life decisions...everything in game is happening just like it could in real life.Ok,there is some adjustements,which are normal for game,but overall...I sometimes I feel like I"m playing my real life adventure.And it is so easy to "fall into" the game.Many times I for real feel surprise,I can feel fear,discomfort in several occasions.And there is always present some tension in the air.Presence of danger can be felt in every step you make.So many times I feel tingling all over my back down and I can feel my single hair straight up for real,lol.It is not horror game,but the fact is,that real dangers can be more horrifying than any horror movie.

Al game aspects are realy made so perfectly,that can give to player real feeling of cold,fear,lonelyness and desire only to survive.All details in game are planned in that way,to show as much reality as it can be shown in a game.

So,yes...1st thing I realy enjoy in TLG is definately similation with reality.

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