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  1. Can't go through the bridge at this point.
  2. Hey, happy to see new map! But I'm very confused! It took me half day in game to run around new map ?? I found pleasant valley farmstead biggest house in game and the radio tower one of the interesting thing! And nothing more ?! If you climb on radio tower hill you could see map size. It's doesnt look so big.. Maby I miss something ?
  3. Every day ? I'm looking every ~2 hours... :lol:
  4. Yes! Place things on table or put newspapers on sofa would be great!
  5. Last weekend, we talked with "mature" friends I'm 26 now about the game. All of my friends including me decided for 4 players co-op. Because when you playing now you feeling lonely.. Think of it! 4 players, spawn in random locations, or choose to play two players team or something.. It'll add more fun in game when you want to survive..
  6. My idea was bad.. I've liked ideas later my... No need weekly updates blogspot, some news can be bloged in two weeks or something... By the way info shared earlier of bigger map was awesome! Thank you.
  7. Sorry for my missunderstand. Now it's okei. Cheers! :oops:
  8. +1. @RJIII - blizzard is wrong example. Last 5 or more years they do terrible things with fans and potential players.. Too many years for D3 development and final cuted game release than they promised. No one needs every info for release, just some blogspot or something.. Remember they are not developers with huge budget. They start with kickstarter and now early steam accsess. We are "investors" in game and future players will be. So little weekly info unlikely to be a problem. Yours faithfully for developers.
  9. Great news! I dont play with my 50+ days save, because waiting for fix Then I start new game for Pacifist... I lost it with fishing in current game.. :oops: