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  1. Hi, I hadn't played TLD for a while and was really looking forward to continuing my last run. After loading I noticed al lot of the items I had lying around the ML Camp Office were missing. Then I noticed the red box near the door and remembered reading about the lost and found system introduced in the last update. Okay, no big deal. I'll just have to place everything I had arranged neatly around the cabin back where I wanted it. But after having taken everything from the lost and found box I noticed I was still missing several items. At least 60% of my water supply was missing. Not
  2. Looks good, can't wait to try it out! Lots of nice changes and great additions. Good thing I have next week off Keep up the good work guys!
  3. What worked for me was to make a fire that lasted 9+ hours, then exit the fire interface. Right after that the character says something along the lines like "that should do it. Oh, I'm so tired" and then goes to sleep.
  4. Great idea @cekivi! Not just useful for new members either, learned something myself as well
  5. Congratulations on this huge milestone! The update looks really good, it got me playing again
  6. Congratz @Yolan! Still need to start my first interloper game
  7. Welcome to the forums @Prering!
  8. Welcome to the forums @Cizsel! I can't agree with the way people vent their frustration but I do think a large part of the blame lies with Hinterland. You say we did the hyping ourselves. That's true but it's not like Hinterland didn't expect that to happen. The only thing that really annoys me is they didn't manage peoples expectations once those expectations were getting so far removed from the truth. It's not cool if you take a day of to play a new update you're expecting only to find nothing new to play. True, nobody promised us an update at the end of the timer. But the wording
  9. You've hit the nail right there, at least for me. I think everyone was expecting at least the new sandbox update to be released once the timer was over. I know I did. And yes, I'm very disappointed that there was no update. I am happy with the release date for WINTERMUTE and all the info we got yesterday, but I can't help but feeling duped. When you see people taking days off because they expect at least the sandbox update they have been awaiting eagerly, that would have been a good time to manage expectations... It's human to make mistakes and the good people at Hinterland are only
  10. That's good to hear @Rusty_Old_F250! Have fun with the update tomorrow. Happy gaming!
  11. I was born 20 years after the start of the series myself @WildGPS But that didn't stop me from enjoying them when my older nephews were watching Strange thing, I just did some googling and it turns out the phrase was only used in 3 eppisodes, but somehow lot's of people associate the 2. I could have sworn every episode I saw started out that way. The tricks the mind plays on us...
  12. Submitted for your approval: a place on the internet where people respect each other and their opinions. Welcome to... the Long Dark Forums If you get that reference, you're at least as old as I am and probably older
  13. A walking stick would be a nice addition, but I don't think it should allow you to walk faster or anything like that. I do think it would be a good way to lower the risk of sprains, good point there @Dug It could also be another weapon against wolves. I would use a sturdy stick if I didn't have any better weapon... Especially if it's already in my hand.