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  1. I wish I could put water/snow on a campfire so I don;t have to wait till I can break it down ;)
  2. As always a nice and epic post. I cannot wait for the story mode I love the be part of that journey and actually see the changes from the first sandboxes till now.
  3. The wolves cry havoc and need more players! Enjoy the days off!
  4. Srsly, stop updating with cool stuff haven't played it for a while, mainly not to spoil my story-mode experience But I bought a new monitor recently, so I simply had to test it with the best game of 2016! Awesome improvements! the stats is simply fun and cool. The environmental improvements are just ace! Keep up the good work!
  5. Back after this update. The UI is improving a lot, it looks more mature now, which is great. The minimal HUD I love 100%, Iteration of First aid is great. General downside of the new UI: for some reason, it takes me more time (physically, number of clicks) to actually drink, eat, harvest, repair. This is not an improvement, but the opposite! Crafting, it looks nice, but going through the "recipes" is also cumbersome. Still, keep up the great work! on a side note: ok, 1500 sounds.. What da...
  6. Yay! I'm getting harrassed almost every day by my friends. He wants to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. not wrong, just a different opinion how the game should be played. I like the fact there is no load/save (although you can re-load a game before you actually die )
  8. [bBvideo 560,340:lcdkn7my] [/bBvideo]
  9. Great going Hinterlands! Best money invested in a kickstarter-game. True, I cannot wait for the story-mode, but sandbox is excellent to play already.
  10. I refuse to burn books. It feels too much fahrenheit 451 to me