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  1. Just did. I had to modify the parameters myself. BTW, all i get is a much smaller interface. Now it's within the central monitor limits... because it's smaller. I don't know if that's the intended size of the menus (not in terms of spacing in the screen, but in terms of the size of the icons and Items), but it looks very small to me. Pictures below.
  2. I'm running a triple monitor config, with three 5:4 monitors, and a resolution of 3840x1024, and the menus are wrongly resized: they stay in a 16:9 resolution, so part of the menu is on the side screens, and part in the mid one. Pictures below: ALSO, the SLI isn't working (¿SLI profile absence, maybe?)
  3. Same problem. I monitor the usage of the graphic cards though Aida64, and the GPU's are using +- 50% almost all the time, except when inside constructions, tho it's strange, because it's not a constant issue: comes and goes without any other program opened in the background.
  4. I'm not really sure if your problem is a game concern, or a system concern. Having three different resolutions at once with games that expand over the whole desktop doesn't work quite well. I suffered those things myself until i bought three identical monitors. Even 2 identical on the sides, and one bigger in the middle will work right, as long as the height of the resolutions match, but your setup...
  5. In V.192 happens with every object, in different degrees. Sometimes you have to be at a certain distance to pick up an object, regardless your pointer is aiming at it, and its name appears on the screen. You cannot pick it unless you walk backwards a bit.
  6. I'm still running the same game, so the savegame is available, just incase.
  7. No. I edited the post to add that it is only the graphic what changes during the bug. The bug is still running. I can load up the savegame and it shows up. Moreover. I found another 5 rounds, and, oddly, when i leave both boxes in the ground of the office, walk out, and back in, the newly found 5-round-box doesn't change the graphic, but the old 45-rounds-box becomes a single round.
  8. I guess the only chance is to download Nvidia inspector and create a sli profile for the game. Trial and error.
  9. Bug Name: Ammunition box turned into a single round Bug description: I stacked all the ammunition in a single box, and it changed when i left the location it was in, and came back. OS: PC, windows 7 x64 Repro steps: Grabbed all the ammunition in both maps, with a result of 45 rounds. stacked them together, and dropped it in the lake office. Went out of the office, came back after a few seconds (A wolf was in front of it and i came back inside to grab the rifle) and the box of ammunition dissapeared, and was replaced by a single cartridge. EDIT: IT WAS ONLY THE GRAPHIC WHAT CHANGED. the 45 rounds still exists, and you get them when you grab the cartridge. Visibility: 100% of the times. If you drop more than one cartridge, it will show the "Ammunition box" graphic until you leave the location. when you go back, it shows a single round, althought the value is correct.
  10. what i see in that image you posted is metal piling up on the metal lying on the floor, and one piece of it resting on the drawer's bottom. Not very realistic, but it makes sense. It happens that if you drop something close enough to a horizontal surface, and the object is placed on it, even the tiniest portion, the object stands on that surface. I use that effect to keep things in some sort of order.