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  1. Cannot edit, so I'm quoting me. BI is all locked down with invisi-wall, so no gloating from anywhere. Its partypooper. So, does anyone like cannery area in bleak inlet as a base? Lots of everything there, including walking food!
  2. While strolling through the park, I found the last remaining battery and figured I'd enjoy some TLD action in the evening. Hauled it all the way up to pensive lookout!! Just need some wires, but since I don't have any, fresh guts should do the trick! This cannot be safe. the one and only, behold!! The rim fire pit!! Really enjoying those crunches!! Dont worry, I am normal. The cannery obstacle course!!
  3. Theres a spot or two you cn also enjoy that(goating sessions). I'll give it a whirl when I get up top again. Places i am talking about is from radio tower dwn nd also from secret passage dwn.
  4. Haha, @RazorBlade, looks like auto walk in ravine strikes again. I did that one time as well! @romerabr, ROFL!!!! first cougar death!
  5. I disagree. There are many games out there released by tripleA that are very very good and very far from garbage. The long dark is very good too!
  6. Unfortunately I was already all fueled and loaded for bleak inlet, so the bear was more of a nuisance than anything, but I did snap a few photos to share.
  7. Exactly and a laptop uses something that would be considered a small battery. Agh, this aurora frying aa batteries and sensitive equipment works fine is driving me nuts!! I know games aren't supposed to make sense, but this is beyond comprehension. This should nt be happening. And wolves and bears should not know when you aim that you mean them harm and begin charge!!
  8. I'm in bleak as well at the moment. Hey, did you take my arrows in lookout? I feel like I'm a few short after counting. ūü§Ē Anyways...I excited my hut and this: Thanks a lot, smokey. Should I just light up those two fires you landed on without harvesting your meat? Hmm. After so many times walking by these boats, on day 500something I finally spotted this container. And what was in it? BAH!!! EMPTINESS, just like Astrid's heart. Moose? Hmm. I didnt kill this one. tranquil afternoons, Astrid is such a sweetie pie, even deer aren't afraid seeing he
  9. Hmm, that reminds me. I was once hunting the bear that lives on one of the islands in CH with house up top. From my fading memories, I stripped clean, grabbed my bow and went to shoot me some bear. He charged nd I ran fast uphill, hearing him catching up. It was exhilarating experience. Must be similar to having bulls chase you through the streets of ...italy? Anyways, I was going uphill with some great, maybe that was slowing me down? But bear was also hauling uphill right behind me. It was a long run! Ahh, good times. I'll try to repeat the process later on. Just arrived to BI
  10. Well, when you take off clothes, your sprint bar increases, so you get longer sprint time. Of course you could kill the bear, but can you ran away from it if you dont want to use lethal force?
  11. Did anyone try to get naked and run away from a charging bear? I'm wondering if there is enough stamina in a full circle and speed to run long enough before bear loses interest in a chase? I haven't tried it, but am curious.