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  1. Hello friends, stinky here. I have been posting a lot of useless and unconstructive stuff here. Also, I have posted harsh criticism towards general public and/or individuals when my opinion differed. I would like to apologize for any grief caused. Since my thoughts were posted publicly, it is only appropriate to post an apology in the same manner to undo any upset. Please accept it in all sincerity. And no, I'm not trying to make a confession, like before jumping off a bridge or whatever.🙄😂 It's time I decided to get more serious(grown up) in general and pa
  2. Not to worry friend, best buy has gtx1660 super for $569.99 usd, a steal!!😂😂
  3. Agreed, I can stop by any area and even wait out blizzard before going out hunting.
  4. Probably been playing 500 day pilgrim survival run and got too bored. Good on them! Looks like they used four bullets. Smart move to shoot off both legs to make sure they don't run for help in case they don't die.
  5. His dog is probably following suit whenever it hears ingame howls🐩
  6. I think that's a great idea friend. Lol, neat spin on the medicine antibiotic ->antidotr😂
  7. @stratvox is on the inside beta tester!😎👍thank you friend, my instincts were always on target.
  8. 😂 the wrath of the lord!! Arghh!!!! Like the sound of many blizzards!! I actually agree, it's ridiculous. Even wooden boxes can be torn down by the mighty Astrid hands! Can you imagine the power of her hugs?
  9. Yeah that would be very economy.(bad)
  10. this tactical warfare is going to bring so much life into the wilderness!! Sorr for dual post, too much excitemeny!
  11. When the pack of wolves chases off Astrid into the nearby house. *20 minutes of crafting noises* [Astrid with DIY granata]: COUNTERATTAKK!!
  12. Hmm, when you include all those exceptions, you pretty much use most of the items in the game😁
  13. Map size? Yes, it's big, but it is mostly walking and collecting things. I hope not😁can you imagine starting a campaign and waiting a few years for the next mission?