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  1. I'd be happy if they let me craft grenade or molotov. Those Timberwolves are annoying!
  2. Now this is some clever composition!! Lining up flare trajectory with hand and moon and have it all fit together is amazing!
  3. Dirty cattails!!! I can never get used to charging bear! I hit him with distress pistol(first time ever attempt) and he started running scared, but toward me, I dodged and he ran past. Since I had to safe place, I pull out rifle because fastest reload+good stopping power. At that point he turns around and starts charging, for real this time. I shoot first round and then second and he collapses. Heart rate like 150bpm!😬😬😬 those who hunt bears on regular basis get my full respect! Now I have like 80 pounds of meat and bear hide to fix my bedroll when it gets beat up. Also who knows how many
  4. This place is getting lots of love from fallen heroes:) on my way to bleak inlet. Yeah, 😒kinda figured it'll be this 'welcoming'. 🙄time to get to work.. Ahh, little better😏 This pupper was kicked out of the clan for not attacking me. In sadness, he watched his clan depart without him. I couldn't pull the trigger... Instead, we became friends and now explore together 😊+🐕=💖
  5. Which ones are used during struggle or when you dont have a choice which tool to use? I'd be afraid to go to BI to have it fixed, but instead get it ruined.
  6. I am establishing a base in BI to make sure I have easy access to go and fix my tools. Since I have a few hatchets and knives, I plan to use them until maybe 25% and then grab them all and go repair at the milling station. Whetstone I decided to keep for emergencies when I am in far away region or don't feel like traveling to BI to refresh tools. Whetstone can be used up at alarmingly fast pace. I know you can craft alternatives at the forge, but I don't like my Astrid to look like prehistoric homosapien. And those improvised tools work slower too. Traveling to BI will also give
  7. My respect to you, @peteloud, those look fantastic!
  8. Friends! Look what I have achieved! I've been blasting away bears, deer, wolves, and even rabbits when chance appeared to finally get to Lvl.5 archery! Went through a handful of bows and arrows! Herr is my latest hit. Very lucky I believe! Textbook headshot. I took her down when she was sniffing ice.
  9. No thank you, I'm listening to music on the radio and play TLD on the laptop in the cabin.
  10. Yeah, gas stations and convenience stores have these
  11. Thank you on coal burn to weight ratio. For some reason I kept thinking it is the heaviest fuel. I shall make a trip to a local coal mine now just for that! Edit: because tired collecting sticks and don't want to use up hatchet to break down fir and cedar.(and pallets on fishing village)
  12. That's where I fish too after moving from Jackrabbit island! The easiest pain free way to get rid of the wolf is to drop bait and back away. He picks up bait and doesn't seem to mind you at all afterwards! I want as far as trying to chase him, but he didn't pay attention! I 💘 wolves!
  13. And I'm not a bush pilot, so I get to use maps I 'found' at gas stations and convenience shops.
  14. Perhaps having a mouse with more buttons and mapping fire command separately will do the trick? I don't remember off the top of my head if fire weapon + interact can be mapped separately.