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  1. Wow, that looked so indie! Now when you see the dam, it's like AAA title!!😎👍 I like them both though!😁
  2. Until you begin wintermute.. I do agree that multiplayer will not happen. Well, it could be done if player agrees to wait 4 hours and just stare at the loading circle while his pants are being made😂👍
  3. Hmm, I remember brothers in arms did something similar with Baker and Hartsock in first two games. Mostly same areas, but from different perspectives. Really enjoyed that game! Not sure how well it would play out with TLD though, not very action packed this one is. It might look too much the same game with some updated graphics? Bad idea me thinks.
  4. Very interesting. I kind of wish there were moments of mystery, similar to signal hill in HRV, only creepier, at night. Imagine astrid going to sleep, only to be interrupted by someone walking downstairs and exiting a door?
  5. Well, I meant it as a compliment. People who have aged well, like fine wine. Maximum experience gained and great reputation among others. Youngers generations will always look up to them and listen to the stories told of great times. But I do agree, official forum is an appropriate place to receive regular updates on the game.
  6. Perhaps they get a bigger audience on social media. Forums are for old people.
  7. @pandggaming, that might be a serious medical condition.😁 what happened to the status circles?
  8. Oh no, I understand that part, but every time I tried to get to that spot after climbing a rope, I would have a hard time reaching it and leaving because Astrid would get semi-truck on those few stairs. Very difficult to raise a foot 8 inches for her. Edit: btw, lol that's a great spot to build a rock cache. Poor Astrid trying to balance those rocks on the last couple stairs!😂
  9. Frankensausage! I see some loose wires close by, gotta wait for an aurora to finish cooking!
  10. Agreed, having to use a match every time to light it feels dangerous, even though I have plenty of them. And I like the look of having a lantern in my hand vs a torch. Did anyone also forget about fire hazard while walking around in the house with an open flame?!
  11. I like the new one better. While the old one does look neat, using it in practice seems like it might be a chore.
  12. It is a little tricky to access that spot once you climb because stairs and any steps in general are a challenge for Astrid or will.
  13. *Bunny hitman receives a new assignment from stinky*
  14. So you know? Hmm, one must've survived and escaped to tell the world.