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  1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your replies. Tried it out ... and it works! Cheers!
  2. Hello fellow survivors ... hate to open a topic on something so simple but did not know where else to go. I picked up the game again after a long break and ran into a wall. I got a fire going in the fireplace but could find no way to cook food?!? I tried the barrel as well, thinking cooking was no longer allowed in the fireplaces, but had the same problem. Can someone tell me how we cook food now, please~
  3. PC version working just fine for me here in Montreal ... I'm rating story mode as "OK" right now ... it's not holding my attention as I thought it would. Blaming the three year wait, false starts and general excessive hype for that. Not much different from the sandbox mode, in my opinion.
  4. Ya know ive been playing for a long time now ...since the game debuted i think ... but this thought just occured to me with the coming of wolf mountain region. In reality ... if i were to find myself in such a situation one of the FIRST things I would craft would be a TENT! Probably already been suggested - but with wolfmountain i think we really need it ... Cheers Little Fox~
  5. First let me give you at Hinterland a big thumbs up for the new area Desolation point- Nice work! I am very much looking forward to the story release as well as new areas to explore. I think its great that you have a store now and am thinking of getting a mug and maybe a poster.... I would also really like a survival style Long Dark LIGHTER. I also think if you produce in game merchandise that might go over well ... like a red hinterland scarf or tuque. All the best- keep up the great work. Little Fox~
  6. Thanks Simulacra I appreciate the great pointers - I feel encouraged again. My apologies to everyone for my negative post - practice does make perfect and it's better to have a good challenge than none at all. Thanks also to you Hysscha - your pointers are very helpful as well. To be honest I couldn't stay away from the game for more than a day, lol. It's a really great game and of course, being a new one there is much ironing out to do before it will be "perfect". That said, hats off to the developers for such a great game and for their dedicated work at improving it. Little Fox~
  7. Love the new UI and the new mines - thanks for a great new update. Keep up the fine work! There is a GLITCH however ...on Jack rabbit Island- I stocked the fridge with food, lots of it = and now there's nothing inside. I'm actually getting a visual of an empty interior.
  8. I hear you Mojave ... I know how you feel. I've put in hundreds of hours of play and have come to the point where I'm going to just give up now due to OP wolves. Pilgrim is dull and stalker should be for ferocious op wolves .... but voyageur seems like stalker to me. I always die from wolves and am supremely frustrated by this. Now they're travelling in packs and my frustration has turned to resignation. I'm going to give up this game for a while and hope that when I come back that the designers have actually made a middle of the road mode for me to play. Right now there's only two extremes: peaceful and stalker. On top of this wolf imbalance there's no real motivation to put in the extreme effort to stay alive since there's no point to the game --- no goal. Hopefully story mode will remedy that and I'll have a reason to keep starting over after I die (inevitably) from wolves. Anyone have an idea when story mode will be out? discouraged, Little Fox~
  9. Not sure what you mean exactly, Denyo ... I was just suggesting that one go to CH to gather resources prior to meeting the challenges of ML and that going to and fro between is a great inherent challenge that I do appreciate. Makes for better indepth planning.
  10. I think it's kind of cool that we can set ourselves afire by carelessness ... since I heard about it I am always careful to stand back when I start a fire. True to life. This game, I think, is all about careful thoughts and actions. Recklessness will get us killed here as it would in the true wild. Respectfully, Little Fox~
  11. Really? haha ... cool- ok - I will do that! Thanks again for the encouragement Pikkue. Little Fox~
  12. YES! My very favorite stuff to watch! Thank you Bill! I don't have tv --- so I will have to go to hmv to see if I can order it - hope they can get them .... The latest survival movie I saw was Way Back - awesome story, but not such a great film. Watched every Everest clip and movie available on you tube prior to that. Especially like the movie about Eider north face with Kurt something or other and his partner Andy. And still watching The Grey- over and over - LOL ... Little Fox~
  13. Hmmm ... yes, I can see you're dilemma there. I also find ML the toughest of the three. Lately I have been trying to think of the three regions as one big region, since each region has its own flavors, advantages and disadvantages and resources. Coastal has so many sewing kits and clothes - it's mind boggling. I think it's good challenge to get to know them all well then go to and fro between them as needed? Just my two bits. It would be dull if the three regions were all the same. Regards, Little Fox~
  14. I have a suspicion that these new books (presently used for fire fuel) will shake things up a bit concerning this learning curve ... I look forward to seeing the contents.,,