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  1. Thanx,guys,for all your moral support.I really very appreciate all your kind words. @Scyzara: I know there are cheap old pc`s and laptops,but I am from recently unimployed and without job,so even 10€ is for me alot of money.I am not crying or trying to pull out any sort of compassion,this is just a simple fact.I cannot afford myself any other pc or anything. @cowboymrh: I tried everything,yes.I took my laptop to service as well,but still all the same. Anyway...thanx again for all your good and nice words,guys. I will see,what future will bring to me.Maybe someday I will be able to come back to game and enjoy in its beauty.
  2. Sorry to hear that Denyo. Nothing changed in the last hotfix that would affect performance. It's possible some of your drivers updated since you last played and are affecting performance. What are the specs for your laptop? If you send us your debug log we could take a look at that as well. --Patrick Thanx,Patrick.I sent my specs and output log on mail.I could not find a way to find debug log,so I sent output log.I hope that helps. I know my laptop does not meet even minimum requirements,but till recently game was still very playable.
  3. I started playing back game recently and it got me so hooked back.I enjoyed so crazy much all new improvements in game,new maps,audio,graphics,...I felt in love again in this awesome game of the milenium. But then it started. In PV,whenever I was in Homestead,I had such awfull lag and it was worse every time I started to play.Then lag appeared also in all other interiors in PV,in time also when I was outside,during bad weather,blizzards and windy days. It was so bad and unplayable,that I had to move to Coastal Highway map. But just to encounter even heavyer lag,especially inside Quonset and town houses. True,I still have my old laptop,but untill recently I had not much problems with lag and gameplay was surprisely smooth.Since last hotfix all got bad.I took my laptop to service and optimized it at its best,it could be optimized.That didn`t help.Game has such awfull lag,that is literarly unplayable.Exampl: to drink water it takes 30-40 seconds.It is so hard to move arround. That is the reason,why i am not active again lately.It is so frustrating and I feel so helpless.And I had to give out those feelings,to tell someone.As I cannot afford to get new pc or better laptop,and it doesn`t seem I would be able to get it in near future,I have to abandon game.Which is such a pitty,and makes me so very sad.This game was really the one I was looking for my wholle life and the only one,I ever thought it is worth to spend my money on.And when I think of upcomming story mode....aaarrgghhh!!! It just drives me crazy. So,sorry,my frends.I haven`t forgotten you all,just have these problems with game.And,sorry for my post,but i just had to express out my thoughts. Keep enjoying game,guys.I will still follow forums and check out gameplays,as well develop of this astonishingly beautyfull game. Take care,guys and keep on your great work,dear Hinterland team.
  4. Oh,Bill...this is rather song about representing Canada itself,not The Long Dark game. I would rather go with this one: [bBvideo 560,340:38a9ahml] [/bBvideo]
  5. Hmmm...nothing to do?? :?: Wasn`t in last update introduced log diary? You could write notes from recent or past days.As for your own notifications,as well as some kind of journal,or survival book,written by you. Lol...if you start writting a diary,there is so much to write,that day will suddenly become too short. Or maybe you are not quite fan of writting down notes,reminders,tips,etc...but,if you have no resistance against writting,then I would encourage you,that you start writting your own story of survival in your logs.And maybe post them later in forums,so others can see,how your days were spent in game... Just a tiny suggestion of mine.
  6. YAAAAAYYYY!!!! THEY GAVE RETICLE BACK TO BOW AIMING!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: that is my game now. I oredi feel like in good old times. Bethany,pls,give Raph biiiiig hug in my name. This is really Christmas gift for me,best one since New Year. Now I need to find out,how to get to more arrows.Dang,they are precious more than a gold,on map where currently I live(PV).I guess there is some other way to do arrow heads,as I can see that they cannot be crafted at the table anymore.I oredi made conclusions and assumptions,hehe.Now I am pretty sure I know real purpose of coal and that saw.I think I read long ago,whille I was still playing,that there will be forges in new map.DP map,or how it is called.So,my asumption is,that I wil have to go to that map,find forge,bring up coal,cut metal with saw and forge arrow heads.Will see,if I am right. Of course,I need to find the way to that new map,first. I have really so great and interesting time playing game!! I love discovering everything again and new things,added to game.Slowly getting my old experiences back and learning new ones strategies and tips.I am currently on day 86 of my second run,since I started playing again.And recently I went to Mysty Falls.I still have some parts of teritory in my mind,so I could find it easy.I assumed that cave there must lead to one of new added maps.But I was wrong.Eh,I said,nevermind.At least I got some new supplies.I decided there to stay for two or three days and just loo arround in near vicinity.I went to that bridge and I noticed,that with snow covered road is leading further,then I remember.Hmmm...or I forgot,how long that road was? Anyway,I decided to follow it for a whille.Weather was sunny,not too much cold.I was walking and enjoying in bird song. Suddenly,I noticed some contures about 200 m ahead,aside of road.When I was getting closer,I said to myself:" Dang,that are two cars!!" Wow,what are cars doing here? That is something new! Is there another passage to Coastal Highway,or what? I looted them and then proceeded ahead.Soon that road was over and I saw hunter`s blind.I remember that,I know this area,it is old one.I went to check for any supplies and then returned back to cars.Hmmm...those cars must be added for a reason.There must be something else. :?: I looked arround and my attention dragged a tree on top small hill,just behind place,where cars are.On that tree there were hanging Old Man`s Beard Lychen.Ya,ya...from experience I know,that those serves as some kind of indicator of area,which has to be checked.I c limbed up and looked arround.What a wonderfull wiew!! Wait...what is there,ahead? A green shack?? That one wasn`t there before,I swear!! With happyness in my eyes I ran down the slope,towards that green shack.I noticed soon,that there is also kind of wooden toilet beside that shack.I checked arround both,nothing special,just some wood and a stove inside ruined shack. Then I looked arround and my eyes met stone cliff behind shack.Oh,what is that red line,hanging down?? I got closer.Wow! A rope!! It says" Muntaineer Rope" Ohhh...did I just find the way to new map,to Timber Wolf mauntain?? I must climb the rope to get there?? Wooow,what an discovery!! Hmmm...I had to think well.I was without food,very little water and not all basic standard equipement.So,best to get back to Rural Crosroad,make stock of supplies and take standard equipement,then I will come back and investigate a bit,where that rope leads. So,I came back after few days,made good stock of wood beside stowe in shack and then went hunting that deer near cars.Whille comming back with deer meat,I was oredi thinking,how I will make all night lasting fire and sleep in open air,beside stowe.I made a plan,to cook meat and boil some water,and then i went to pick up some more sticks,which were lying arround shack and that fallen tree behind.I tried to climb that fallen tree,when my eye caought something shocking! Am I dreaming?? I went arround and there it was...another bun ker!!! Wow,wow...that is amazing surprise!! I love you,game!! :lol: :lol: So,I could change my plan and noo need to sleep in open,in fear of wolf or bear attack. Really,this game is so beautyfull!! I am falling in love with it over again.I enjoy soooo much all my time,spending in game.And I discovered 19% of maps yet! I am so excited,what new discoveries are awaiting me in future! Raph,Dave,Beth,jeremy,..and other team members: You really made something beautyfull,which is more than just a game.I think with all your work,you put into this creation,you opened a path to competely new genre of games.You made a game with completely new meaning.This is not just another game.It is place for relaxing mind.It is a school.School of life.It is a place,where we get known much more about ourselves.Where we can learn,what really matters.I cannot express enough praise for you.I am honoured,that i can be a part of audience,to which is given chance to experience your vision,your work.Thank you for this game!!!
  7. You know...whille i was in Abandoned mine,I ran into coal,laying on the floor,for the first time.Imediately it ran trough my head thought,what would that coal be used for? I know it is not put in game just as campfire and stove fuel.Pls,DO NOT( !!) tell me its purpose. I want to discover that by my own. Well,other thing ran trough my head as well,whille thinking,why coal is added to game.I realised soon,that coal will only represent another balast,more weight added to our,already overloaded backpack.And then I about to add in game also small cart on skies? No need to be something large,capacity would be 10-20 kg( I don`t know,how much is that in lbs).In that cart we would load coal and wood,of course it could be used for other stuff to load.But,as it would be open,clothing would not be wise to load in,coz they would get wet and frozen.Of course,this cart would still represent additional weight and movement would be slowed down(but not punished with too heavy raise of fatique).That way we could transport wood and coal much more comfortable and save space in backpack for tools and other resources and items. And with this add of ski cart,it would be great,that we could unequip our backpack.And sometimes choose to use onl ski cart or only backpack,depends on task,we want to do.Come on,just think abit logical. Since TLD was introduced,we are stick with backpack all the time.We have it on,whille we travel,we have it on,whille we are indoors,doing indoor tasks.We even sleep in bed with backpack on. I never before thought about that,but now,more I think about that,more weird it seems to me,that backpack is all the time stick to us,like glued.At least whille we are indoors and sleeping,it could be unequipped.While using cart,we could all neccessarry basics stuf simply add to cart(of course,that would make less space for coal and wood). I hope you,team guys,will take this into consider,and that this idea is not reall that bad.Well,probably simmilar suggestions were oredi made in this way,I am sure.I just made this idea more wide open.
  8. Thank you,guys,for such kind and frendly words of yours. I really like this community alot,not onl bcoz game is amazing,but for people,like you are.Scyzara,Chill,Majales,Hotzn,Best_Leopard...your kind words only confirms my words. You know, absence from game changed me and changed m point of wiew on game.I am taking it from completely different point of wiew,like I took it before.TLD for me is not just another game.I play it and I enjoy in it every moment.I absorb ever detail,that it can offer.For me is TLD another school of life.I learn here about life,about awareness...even about myself. I know you guys like challen ges and are making competitions. But for me...I will just enjoy in exploring and discovering game.Taking it slowly. It will probably take me a month of real life time to get to new regions yet.Maybe after I will become familiar with maps,I can join some competitions.Who knows.
  9. :?: Hmmm... a Christmass gift? Dang...this intrigues me so hard. :lol: Till now I found only birch samplings,or how they are called,yet.And must stock myself with basic supplies first,before i can go in exploring of PV.I really forgot many things of this game. Well,I guess i will have to get that bow and see,what gift was brought into game,lol.Atm I have no clue and many things,what that gift could be,are running trough my head.But best present for me it would be,if that reticle would be given back to game,but I noticed it still highlightens only when I am near object. It would be awesome getting back on my famous bow hunting skills,but ok...I can live without it. I hope you are enjoying in game,Scy.And that you became master of survival,lol.You will be my teacher,when hard times comes for me. :lol:
  10. Well...hello,my dear Hinterlad team and my dear old good The Long Dark frends!! It has been really loooong time since I played game and visited these forums.I think it was on september my last time I was here.I had to take a break coz of real life matters and coz I really needed to get away from game for a whille.You know that if you play any game continuously,you get to a point,when you get either bored or you lose interest,starting asking yourself questions: "Why I should play game? What I will get,if I play it?"...etc. But,as I said,I am back now! And I must admit,that game hooked me competely again,as soon I started to play it. I am really,really happy,that I took a break from game.Which I would seriously reccomend to everyone.Just take few months break,when you feel kind of bored or not that hooked anymore, and then return back to game.Now is for me everything so new and I feel like I never played game before.With all updates and improvements,which were added to game,whille I was away from it,I am discovering game again,from scratch.I forgot many things,which I learned before and knew them,but I am glad I did.I started my first stalker mode,of course. I was so full of selfconfidience and I started in old good Mystery Lake.And...what happened? I was dead on third day,lol.Death of wolf attack,of course. :lol: I underestimated game so much and my first lesson was like cold shower over my full of pride head. I didn`t read,what are contains of new regions added,in fact I readed and watched as less i could.Sadly,I oredi know there is a plane wreckage in Timber Wolf Mountain. I accidentaly read one of my frend Scyzara posts,where that was revealed.Oh,how amazing discovery that would be for me!! So,please,guys...if you make comment under my post here,don`t tell me anything.I deleted all my maps of regions I had saved,I don`t watch videos,anything.I really want to discover all regions by myself and have that great pleasure of disc overies. Ok,so,now I am on my second run,and I started in Pleasant Valley this time.I am currently on day 23 and slowly gathering material for wolf coat,deerskin boots and rabbitskin mittens.And,first of all i must have my hat off(again!) to Mr.Dave Chan and his team for creating stunning and really beatuyfull sound effects and audio sounds.You know,that in TLD I am really in love with audio and every time I play game,I am impressed with discoveries of new sounds and their role in game.I love that bird sound in PV,which sound like an owl,but is not.I oredi learned,that bird is giving out voices in certain intervals.And I use it to find,if any of predator is in my vicinity.If i am infront of area,which is covered to my wiew with slopes or obstacles,I just wait for bird sound.If her voice stops then I know wildlife predators are quite near. I also love crows announcing bad weather is comming and wind sounds,which indicates change of weather.I love also all sounds of sorroundings and yearning of trees.I love those metalic sounds,which tells me,that I am near building or man made objects,which helps especially during fog and blizzard. One thing is only kind of weird to me and that is sound,when character is walking.It is like he has metal plates arround shoes and pants and like he is wearing bunch of empty tin cans,like car with just married cupple. Then there is most important part of have only one sentence for you here,dear Hinterland team: You exceeded yourselves! Again! I cannot describe,how good graphics are in game.Everything is so real and so beautyfull! I have no words to describe my feelings,whille absorbing all those graphic effects. Oh...I just realised,that there is too much I want to say. :lol: So I) will make other feedbacks,where I will touch certain things and events in game.When I will play longer,I will make feedback about wolves,regions,etc.So,for first time,this is my feedback.I don`t want post to be too long and boring to read. But I can assure you,that I am full of impressions and can`t wait for my next discoveries.I think Sandbox is now so big,that it ensures playing for months.I will slowly discover old maps and new ones and enjoy in every moment of playing. So...thank you,dear Hinterland team,to share with us this vision of yours and creativity of yours.Once again I feel so proud to belong to one such great and valuable community,where i can be a part of audience,present at evolving of this masterpiece,called The Long Dark. Once again I say hello again to old frends of mine! ChillPlayer,Scyzara,Bill Tarling and others...I hope you still enjoy in this beauty of game. Respect to the Mother Nature!
  11. Raphael van Lierop wrote under last announcement of next update:" Thanks for your patience. We'll be teasing out a few more details in the coming weeks. Until then, enjoy! - Raphael Some guy at Hinterland Studio." Since that post I didn`t see any teaser,nor info about update...and middle of the month is arround the corner...
  12. Ok...I was just watching Scyzara stream,as we wanted to test near death vision at her case.She let bear maul her and then drop condition to 6%,as it was in my case.And in her case,vision was way,way much clearer,than in my case. Now,there is a question...was that a bug in my case,which caused such unrecognisable blur,or has that something to do with my weak graphical card.I would really want to find out,why in my case screen was so nonrecognisable.
  13. I still am in shoque. I was at Pleasant Valley Farmstead and was intended to go colect some wood.I did exit trough kitchen double door.When I opened porch door,I first heared steps of bear,then I noticed him.As I have more than enough deer meat,I just wanted to observe him,as I ussually do.Ussually I leave porch door open and move myself deeper inside,so he cannot reach me.Today I decided to provoke him with standing at the edge of the door.Two times bear charged me and stopped,when I moved thick to entrance door.Third time,when I stepped abit outside and when he charged after me,I moved again thick close to second,entrance door.This time bear entered the porch and started to maul me.Ok,I got,what I deserved,playing with him.Here I have one question: Does now bear,after Hotfix v257,enter the porch intentionally or was that a bug? Entrance door are about 1m away from porch door,so bear must step inside,to get me.I feel sorry,that I didn`t record this attack,but since update to Windows 10,Bandicam records only blacked videos and screenshoots.And I don`t know,how to fix that. But,most of all I was shoqued,what happened after attack.Bear left me with 8% condition and when I entered the kitchen,it dropped to 6%.I healed myself and condition stopped dropping down.But,holly crap!!! I was not abble to see anything arround me!! Screen infront of me was so blurred,that none of object`s contures could not be recognised.I pressed W for forward,but nothing on screen showed,that I moved at all.Movement then came after delay of 30 sec,but I could not recognize,where the heck I am! I wanted to get rest,but in this condition,with this much blurred screen,no way that I can find upstairs and bed.So I just went relying on luck and tried to find bedroll in living room.Only thing,I could recognize in this messy bluring scene,was barely seen light from window.I just prayed,that it is window from living room and I moved mouse,in hope that I have it pointed on the floor.I guess I really had enormous luck,coz after three minutes of real time searching,reticle appeared and found bedroll.Then I picked up and tried to place it down.Of course,I was founding only invalid locations,as I could not see anything! And,to make it worse,now in that blured screen,remained also blurred image of picked rolled bedroll,which made things even more messy.I could not see actuall bedroll,neither its changing of colours from red to green,which would indicate,that I found valid place for it.I resigned and just tried with blind clicking to find valid place.I said to myself to try few times more,and if I don`t find it,just close game and give up on this awesome long run. Really,Fortuna had to be strongly on my side,as after alot of time I finaly found somehow valid place.I found out that by sound of placed bedroll.Only with enormous luck I survived this. Now...I really don`t know,if that was a bug or my low graphical settings or what?
  14. I know all that.Just,I was talking about mechanics in game,not happenings in real world.Altough tries to have as much realistic mechanics as can,it is still a game and as such still must work as a playable and enjoyable game.
  15. I don`t know,what is happening,but this combination of new wolf combat mechanics and reticle not visible is causing me heavy troubles in game. I keep trying to use on these changes,but without success.Untill now I could easily adapt to every change,but this really gives me no go,and I try really hard. And fighting mechanics making me every day more confusing and concerned.It happened today,that I missed wolves two times in a row,with bow,so I had to hand fight with them.At first fight I was mashing button with normal speed,and managed to repeal wolf with 72% condition left on me and only sprained ankle.Then I went rest and heal myself.Next day I tried to shoot wolf again and I missed again.And this time I used same mashing speed,when it came to hand fighting.But,strangely,this time fight lasted too long and in worry,that I will die,I speeded up mashing.But even with speeding up,I almost died in this attack.Wolf left me with 12% condition( dropped down from 100% !!!) and many injuries. I really do not understand now.If option of clicking LMB was given,shouldn`t then outcome of fight depend on how fast you`re clicking? If outcome vary at same speed clicking,then this mechanics are nonsense.Most of all,here is present fearfull recognition,that I cannot controll outcome of fight,but I can be only silent and hopeless observer of fight,asking inside myself,does clicking on button has any meaning at all. And without reticle my shooting with bow really sucks.I feel uncomfortable every time I go hunting or encounter wolf.I do really try hard to use aiming without reticle and I do practice all the time,but when it comes to encounter,always end bad.I didn`t die,but still in three days I use so many painkillers and antiseptics as well bandages,which I didn`t use in 300 game days before. I log in game every time with more uncomfortability and I have no fun anymore,mostly just worries. I repeat again: I adapted to every change in game untill now with ease.Nothing has such miserable efffect on my gameplay,as these two changes.If other players consider me as noob,coz I cannot get used to these mechanics,I`m fine with that.But,I just want to enjoy in game,like I used to.Enjoy for my own good and satisfaction.That`s why I appeal on Raph personally,to give at least option to turn reticle on/off at main screen.Who does not want or need to use reticle,may turn it off.Or for recording videos.To me,it is helpfull to have it on.