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  1. With the .303, you should also be able to keep looking at your target while chambering another round. I would have this as a level 5 ability.
  2. I think some achievements should have a form of formal acknowledgment. A Steam achievement is a start for this albeit maybe not quite enough (cough-coffeecupHoody-cough). It also raises the interesting idea that your character could grow old! To risk getting esoteric, I will just put the idea out to Hinterland that the final great achievement might be to perish of old age!
  3. Hi Raphael, Hinterland, There is currently a player that has surpassed ten years of survival on what seems to be vanilla Interloper, no . Steam posting: Osman. I think it would be most appropriate to create an honourary award for Ten Year survival in Interloper. Might I even be so insolent as to suggest Osman receive a little swag of some sort? The general consensus seems to be that the achievement should be called 'The Osman'. Or perhaps 'The Oleg' (his real name) Thanks for all the fun hours of ga
  4. I was out hunting in the interior of British Columbia... Long Dark Vid.mp4
  5. As an off, off topic - Assassins Creed -Black Flag has un-pc whaling with blood pouring into the ocean... ... good times!
  6. I have tanned deer hide in RL. I tried a moose hide once, the fresh hide must have weighed 70 kgs. Very hard to work with.
  7. Maybe three moose hides could make a tent or a teepee.
  8. Hinterland has always made a point of not having additions that are simply gratuitous. So the moose will likely be unique in both its interaction and in what might be crafted from its parts. My speculations: - It will be aggressive/ lethal - Hard to kill - 100 kg meat - The hide will be strong for making clothing with a high armour stat/ lower warmth stat then bear or wolf. - it might fight with the wolves and kill some of them leaving scavenging possibilities. I would like to see moose antler incorporated into the crafting menu as w
  9. You discover a case of 18 year old single malt whisky under the floorboards at Trappers. You raise a glass to The Trapper who had such exquisite taste. After some sampling you note the following effects: You are more frightening to the wolves In a pinch - it's an antiseptic - but a bit of a waste You seem to gain a Berserker melee buff after about three drams Your recollection of old sentimental songs and the amazing quality of your singing voice increases exponentially with each glass
  10. Find the de-extinction laboratory, free the baby cloned mammoth. He is now your friend forever. Trappers Cabin gets a resident cat that likes to sleep on the shelf above the workbench. He incessantly wants in or out and will occasionally bring you a rabbit, particularly if you provide the odd fish. A new skill emerges - The Crow Whisperer - it has no evident purpose whatsoever, but they ride around on your shoulder and generally follow you around. You find an entire case of Hot-Shot chemical warmers and spend the next two weeks toasty as you please. A new craftable
  11. The old .303 was successful again this last week putting venison in the freezer. image of dressed out deer in cold room:
  12. Put a little 100% organic meat in the freezer. Leveled my RL marksmanship and butchering...LOL.
  13. Heading out for a couple weeks into the British Columbia to go hunting. Doing The Long Dark for real...LOL The ONLY difference is I have a working truck, fine single malt whisky and reasonably appropriate clothing. For the record, I will be using a .303 just as in the game. I may post the gory results - viewer discretion advised... Happy gaming to all! P.S. For the uninitiated into Canadian culture I will leave you with this video
  14. Thanks Raph, for the State of the Union address. I had a good time playing Story Mode even though I am basically a 1000 hour Sandbox addict. I hope the team is chilling with a few Stacey's sodas. As a relatively early early access purchaser, I loved witnessing the evolution. I also loved your aspirational road map. I understand your reasons for not making it public going forward, but I always thought it was fun and never looked at it like it was a politician's pre-election platform. I will submit my vote here for survival mode development. Congratulations on a great milest