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  1. This is really exciting news about story mode and progressive saves. But, I too hope that the Sandbox stays much as it is... I like to make up my own scenarios and challenges.
  2. I'm glad it ended the way it did. I hope the second-place guy got enough money to make it worth his while, he certainly deserved it.
  3. I saw one once, but didn't know what it was. The first times I played, my character died of thirst several times. I was too busy looking for water, didn't know you needed fire to get water, and walked right past a bunker hatch. :? A wheel on a hunk of metal looked liked trash, so I never gave it another thought until people started posting videos of finding hatches. Haven't seen another one since.
  4. That sounds encouraging If this is a new method of placing them, that's a change for the better.
  5. I lived in Vermont for five years, burned firewood exclusively for all heat and cooking, and collected it all by hand or with an axe. If I was so incompetent that it took me ten minutes to break a stick in half, I wouldn't have lasted through the first summer, let alone five winters. I also wouldn't have considered that (10 minutes for 2 sticks) a worthwhile use of spare time. Do you know why? Because right over there there's a branch I can break in a few seconds. I think that's a false dichotomy. Another alternative is to not waste time on small branches, and look for large branches and sticks instead. Like you, I've been watching Alone, and not one of those players has been dumb enough to spend ten minutes breaking a stick. There are far more worthwhile things for them to do. I don't think the game is balanced yet, and that's basically why we disagree. You may see clothing shredded by bad weather and 10-minute sticks as balanced fairness, but I see them as poorly contrived. I think the developers can come up with more ingenious ways to increase difficulty than this.
  6. In real life, you need tools to break "a big piece of wood" into cedar or fir firewood. You don't need a tool to break a smaller branch into two sticks. You can hold one end in your hand, set the other end on the ground, and stomp in the middle with your foot. Takes a few seconds and you get two sticks. In the game, these sticks burn for only seven minutes, and they don't raise the temperature much, so a ten minute investment of time out in the cold, isn't very well balanced. If anything, these branches only exist in order to tempt players into making poor decisions.
  7. And it took him 30 seconds to get four pieces, not twenty minutes.
  8. In New England, when it's bitterly cold, snowflakes fall individually, so they're quite tiny in a blizzard. When the weather is warmer, snowflakes clump together, and you see snow like in TDL. The snow effect is pretty in TLD, but it makes it look like it's barely freezing out, possibly even warmer.
  9. Ahhh, that explains it. I've been using a programmable mouse with 12 side buttons purchased just for TDL, fewer key bindings is a step backward.
  10. True, but only if that's all you do, and provided that you have good enough clothing not to freeze. I found that in the early game, you can't collect enough wood to harvest a little venison, cook it, and boil water all in the same day, because you'll freeze if you stay outdoors that long. And if it's true that fir logs are rare, that's ridiculous.
  11. Foxfire books teach old methods of tanning hides, identifying plants, preserving food, dressing out livestock, and even how to hunt a bear. It's not inconceivable that you might find one at Trapper's or some other cabin.
  12. Personal experience tells me the Lake Cabins shouldn't be as dark as the interior of the dam at mid-day. Having the lighting set this way detracts from immersion rather than adding to it. My first reaction to seeing deep darkness just a few feet from a window is "Oh, the game is trying to force [whatever]" because my brain is unwilling to suspend what it's learned about the laws of physics. That being said, I imagine it's ridiculously difficult to get light to diffuse realistically in a computer game. I've seen far larger development teams than Hinterland's take a very long time to get it right and/or modders have stepped in to fix it. Since we're just in alpha testing, there's still hope that interior lighting will improve.
  13. The new environment is beautifully done and it has a completely different feel to it. The sound is amazing with speakers set several feet apart. I like the new walk/ sprint mechanic, it's more realistic, as is foraging for wood. Haven't tried breaking down furniture yet, but it's a terrific idea. So far, this looks like the best update ever. However, there isn't much cedar firewood around, and no hardwood at all that I could find, and that doesn't make sense in such a thick forest. The first three days in Mystery Lake were pretty much a grind of searching for firewood and lighting a fire to avoid freezing to death because of how long it took to collect wood. I hope this is just a bad seed or a matter of tuning, since Ralph said the resource would be abundant.