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  1. The guy in the video, "WeaselZone" on youtube, is not me. I was just watching his video of the new patch and reported the issue. Thanks, Jeremy, for the answers. I figured it was just a clip model/building mesh that needed addressed but just wanted you guys to be aware of it. Thanks.
  2. He aggro'd the wolf just a bit earlier on his way up to the tower but stopped him with a flare on the ground. Wolf didn't run away though. Wolf just stopped by the flare. Then he continued up on to the top of the mountain with the Radio Tower. Shortly after entering the shack...bAm! lol!
  3. On which difficulty level? I'm playing on Stalker and I think its fine the way it is. Its not like having a rifle and bullets is the only way to play the game. You should start over, reroll your character and play on Stalker and if you see a rifle, leave it where it sits. Also, don't collect ammo. See how long you can survive. I bet you can make 200days without even having a rifle in the game.
  4. I guess we could safely assume that its been changed then. Hmm. Makes sense.
  5. Beautiful screenshot and wow...exciting! Can't wait!
  6. Sounds like you answered your own question then. Its the graphical implementation, or as you originally stated, " I am having some hardware issues." :oops:
  7. If there's nothing behind it/no loot there, why walk there? If you hadn't noticed, none of the furniture moves...
  8. IRL is not RL, TLD is wait, I have that
  9. Maybe the geomagnetic event has prevented the update from being pushed! Troubling times ahead. The new map area is what "Field & Stream" magazine refers to as "Treacherous!" and the new wild life will be classified as "your hunting rifle caliber lacks the stopping power for such large fur baring mammals" Actually as we speak, an ominous blizzard has set in to northern Canada and a dedicated team of TLD players are on a reconnaissance mission to locate and rescue several key players in the TLD dev team! .... News @11!
  10. I get around 50-60 fps running 5916x1200, maxed settings, on a single 780gtx (non Ti version) so the game is not very taxing on hardware really which is nice to see. I attribute that fact along with Maxwell's horsepower and immature drivers to your under utilization issue. Also, I don't know if the TLD team is working with either Nvidia or AMD but I'd guess neither since the game is still in Alpha, so neither are going to have optimized drivers for the game. I'd say until the game is out of Beta which is probably at least a year away, performance is going to be a total crapshoot for everyone so I wouldn't worry about it till then.
  11. It doesn't look hard at all but its still early yet. Still it seems pretty fun exploration wise. Check out one of our own forum goers (not me) as he plays and commentates. He makes great videos and he's easy to listen to and not annoying. He's also got an excellent Stalker mode playthrough for TLD.
  12. If this were to happen (which I guess you know, northern areas like Alaska do have 6mo. of darkness, 6mo. of light) there would be a number of things needed to be done to the game first, so as not to be unrealistically/dumb difficulty. #1 Player needs to be able to light anything they want on fire to create light. #2 Player needs to be able to siphon fuel from fuel tanks to craft torches #3 Nighttime in the game is insanely dark already. The reflected light off the moon alone, when the ground is covered in reflective white snow, lights up everything actually incredibly well at night time (in RL). Also with the fact that there is reflected light, your eyes adjust to the provided light (even when its cloudy/overcast as hell) making the dark not nearly as dark as it is in-game. (blizzards at night are a different story but they're not "all the time") Fix those three things and it would be doable and viable. In the current state, for the most part, you may as well just blind the player when you're outdoors at night. It wouldn't be difficult, it would be dumb. Obviously just my opinion. With that being said, if the game went completely dark I would probably.... not play and wait for a hotfix .
  13. Or you could take a prism and 2 lens' and make a device to burn out wolf retinas with! YEAH! Like sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their foreheads!
  14. Haha. Actually you wouldn't have "artificially made things more difficult". What you actually did was, "artificially made things more easy". Its interesting the distinction you make though. I have to agree with this statement though. Would be cool too if there was the auto-map kind of feature that filled in as you explored and then finding a map in a glove compartment/locked trunk or the like, would auto-fill in a chunk of unknown area. That would be nice and rewarding for finding such an item.
  15. Because the Harvesting screen comes up the same regardless of what you choose to do the harvesting with and its a separate screen so what good would a screenshot showing the knife do besides indicate the obvious? It would not indicate what tool you chose. Also, I love typing.