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  1. Yes and I know of that fishing hut. Are there two huts in that area? The one near the short rope climb to the Homesteader's Respite isn't the same as on the menu screen.
  2. It's a bit of a catch-22. Build the shelter first and maybe freeze to death or build the fire first and curse as you try to drop the shelter near the fire. Haha.
  3. Where in the wide wide world of sports is that little broken fishing hut shown in the menu screen? I've been, what seems like, all over the region. Got pretty much all of it mapped. I must be missing some little hidden cove somewhere.
  4. I'm trying to picture where to put a strip. The only place with enough flat ground would probably be Muskeg, but it's basically a semi-frozen swamp. You could probably fudge on the scale for a light aircraft airport and drop it in Milton somewhere, maybe. Always the possibility of a new zone with more amenities; airport, bar, hotel, etc. Not sure if that would really fit the whole bleak motif of the island.
  5. Same for the mag lens. Make it the default if the sun is out an you don't have a torch lit.
  6. So, introduce more entropy into the system by increasing the number of scenarios to randomly select from. That would be ok as long as each set is deterministic. In other words, in a given set, will a hammer ever spawn... anywhere? More scenarios = much more complexity. You end up with a combinatorial explosion.
  7. Well, the whole point is to stay outside as much as possible. I kept two fires by the workbench. One for crafting, both when cooking up meat (e.g. the bear that comes to visit). Yes they get blown out occasionally but overall, it worked out quite well. Coal is a must, but you can collects lots in the caves to PV and DP. Plenty of pallets to chop up at the fish camp too. You can build a coal fire between 2 or 3 stacks and chop them all at once. I use the calm days to craft and the windy days to forage. Also, I did a lot of crafting at night if it was calm. I used to stay at the garage but I'd
  8. I'm just happy for the reduced sprains (one of the most annoying parts of the game, IMO). I've been pushing slope climbing intentionally and haven't gotten a sprain yet.
  9. How big the map is but the load time was a pretty good clue. Also, a lone fire barrel in the middle of nowhere.
  10. My current interloper run I made the fish camp in CH my initial base. Started in TWM. It worked out quite well. The Riken forge is my favorite so I was going through CH anyway. The fish camp has an outside workbench. Pile up wood, coal, meat (all of which are near-by and plentiful), and craft for days without having to deal with cabin fever. When a blizzard blows, there's 3 cabins right there.
  11. No way I'd start AC on interloper without ever visiting the place. That would be an exercise in futility. I got to AC on about day 60 of a new interloper run so I was geared up, forged tools, bow, skin clothing, etc. The only knowledge I had was that you got there thru TWM and there were these new funky bridges to cross, and crampons and a new backpack to be found. The rest was a complete mystery. I've been there about 20 days and mapped 75% (a wild guess) of the region. I've found, I think 3 packs of matches, the hammer, no hacksaw, 2 pairs of combat pants, maybe 1 sewing kit, 2 marine flare
  12. I saw the episodes as a way to learn the basics. I had played sandbox for a while first. The only interesting character I found is the enigmatic weirdo you meet at the campfires. If there was no story mode I'd still be playing it. Any back-story, believable or not, doesn't interest me at all. One thing I've come to terms with is TLD isn't ever going to be the game I'd like it to be because It's not really a game. It's a struggle. The Loooooooong Struggle.
  13. I don't concern myself with hypothermia much. I's a constant in the game on interloper. I just keep an eye on the meter. Exhaustion is the one I loathe. It does actually affect your load. Once you get a lot of crafted clothing on (bear, wolf, deer, rabbit) you aren't going to be running a whole lot. I don't think it was ever the intent of the devs to make TLD realistic. You just play it long enough to intuitively know how far you can push the dials (and still die eventually!). Haha.
  14. One of the dumbest things I still occasionally do is walk into a fire.
  15. I fell off the dam once and didn't die. I got bored and decided to try and put an arrow in the wolf on the ice below. It was a looong fall, cracked everyting, but didn't die. The dam base gradually slopes outward so I guess that's what saved me. I was pleasantly surprised
  16. Yup, I had to visit DP to collect a few things. Don't remember exactly what, but I do remember the trip! :)
  17. There's more little niceties that could be added. For instance, if you have a torch lit and start a fire, select the torch. If the sun is out and you have the mag lens, select it.
  18. So, have you figured out how to keep warm with teas? Grab all the shrooms, berries, birch bark, coffee, and tea you come across. Keep them all cooked up. It only takes a couple sticks to warm them. This will build your cooking skill much faster too. Bonus, If you find all the crackers and coffee at TWM you can stay spun for days and cover a lot of ground.
  19. I, Hatchet Jack, being of sound mind and broke legs, do hereby leaveth my bear rifle to whatever finds it. It is a good rifle, and killt the bear that killt me. Anyway, I am dead. Yours truly, Hatchet Jack
  20. Or in a stand of trees I'll lean left/right trying to spot a critter. If you haven't changed your Field of View setting, maybe give it a try. This can change your perception quite a bit.
  21. I'm not sure how you would notice which repels wolves better. I've put 750+ hours in and haven't noticed any difference. Sometimes a wolf will approach then run off yelping but I haven't associated that behavior with clothing. I just avoid the critters at all cost early game, or use torches to run them off. Once I get my bow skill up, wolves aren't a problem, they're just a nuisance. I'm referring to interloper here.
  22. Same issues here. Wont save key bindings and item selection is wonky (I have to hunt for a good spot to select an item). And this happend after the Halloween update. I found the config file, deleted it and hey! It loaded my old key bindings. But, If I change them again, it writes a new config file and I'm back to square one. Bleh.
  23. Were any of the towers added for the "Signal to Noise" mission in story mode? Or have they always been there...
  24. I think I like HRV because I can't get the whole map in my head at once. I've spent a few weeks visits on interloper and still don't have it all memorized. I think it's due to all the different elevations. There are a ton of elevations between the valley cave (bottom) and the peak cave (top). Sometimes I wish I could turn on fly-mode/no-clip like other games.
  25. Hahaha! I would be happy if I could just get some of my wood back after it's blown out. That seems perfectly sensible, IMO. But, that would mean more code for each burn, keeping track of fuel type and count.