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  1. I'm having this same problem, coming back to this game after a long time, in the middle of Episode 3. All three survivors are placed on the mats, I cannot move/interact with any of them, and the game says I still need one more. I even went all the way up to the spot indicated on the map and of course no one is there because I already rescued them. Help?? I don't have an old save to re-load.
  2. They are avail in regular games, I just thought I'd be clever and find more in Pilgrim mode.... NOPE!
  3. There are not extra syrups (or chips) in pilgrim mode, sadly. I thought I would be all clever and hunt for them in pilgrim mode because there is a ridiculous amount of loot..... but nope. Not a single one in the trapper's cabin, the upper dam, lake cabins/huts, prepper cache, or camp office. pilgrim mode is boring so I'll see if I have better luck in stalker! I also got about 4-5 in the 25 day challenge run.
  4. I just got the badge, so it must be 25 game days not playing thru one game the entire event. I also got cabin fever FWIW, so it is present in the event. Fun event Hinterland! Now I'm off to find more syrup and ketchup chips.....
  5. I thought it was 25 game days too, not real-life days. How long each day do we need to play our savegame to get the badge?
  6. I would have liked to start earlier on Day 1 as well, the time zone difference wasn't in my favor for this event. The days are mostly over by the time I can play this year. Found the rifle, lots of revolver ammo but also no revolver here.
  7. I might get one badge this year.... just haven't had much time over the last few days to play. The real-time 2 hour timer isn't accurate, it runs more slowly. Only found one pumpkin and it didn't give off any heat (this is a bug for sure), no pies this year (so sad!), and it is 102 degrees in the camp office. As long as you have enough wood and food (I do) Day 4 is a matter of waiting. I love this event and I wish there were more.
  8. Make sure you have water in your inventory. I did find a hatchet but I forgot where. I think it was after bringing Gwen back though.
  9. Please tell me fish are coming back on day 3.... otherwise my fishing hut base is a terrible idea just as I suspected. I know there is no wildlife at all on day 1, wolves and nothing else on day 2... but what about days 3 and 4? I forgot from last year, just remember hiding in my comfy cave.
  10. So, this year we won't all freak out and speculate about the Camp Office burning down..... I'm working on stocking up a fishing hut this time.
  11. stapeliad

    EP3 review

    yet Astrid turns out to be very useful after all!
  12. stapeliad

    EP3 review

    I'm not done yet, I'm starting to collect other survivors..... I REALLY disliked carrying Gwen. Let's say Gwen is average size and weighs 145lb/67 kilos. My pack (yes over-encumbered lol) weighed 89lbs/40 kg. So I'm a small woman in a blizzard with prowling timber wolves carrying 234lbs/106 kilos over rough terrain for quite a long distance. Nope. Big nope. No way. A craftable sled-thing from the bits around the crash would have been much more realistic. It's so far beyond physically feasible and I know what it is like to schlep heavy stuff around...... If our pack gets to 120lbs we literally cannot walk. Gwen probably weighs more than that, PLUS the pack.... I felt so unpleasant doing that, immersion points a plus I guess, jeez I really don't want to do that three more times. AND Gwen stayed alive while I died from exposure looking for that last ID...I thought the fires in the plane parts would keep me warm but they did not. Anyone who has kids will tell you that when they reach a certain weight- usually around three years old- you just can't really carry them around the same anymore. Maybe I'm too practical. I don't know. The insulin bugged me too because I was gone a couple of days getting Gwen and our diabetic friend would have been dead. Also one sharp for insulin...which would have been frozen- idk, maybe I'm just no fun. A good story- even fiction- even while playing around with normal reality- needs to be believable. This just isn't. Medication of some type ok, but insulin is too unbelievable. We find out that Astrid is a doctor, but a research doctor- not sees patients kind of doctor- but she's taking on the role of medical doctor so I'm a little confused by that. Also when I got back to the community center the first thing I tried to do was talk to our Father friend, but he ignored me! So I placed Gwen and he still wouldn't even acknowledge me until after I distributed IDs....... I do LOVE the map changes though.
  13. I had the same problem, it took me FOREVER, I died from exposure while Gwen stayed alive (??) but they are all there. Eventually after too much time retracing my steps I found the last one.
  14. Well, we can say we have now all had the experience of being in the middle of urgent business interrupted with a random phone call from a messed up lady saying she wanted her husband to die and he did.