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  1. For switch players... (Btw I’m not a gamer or tech savvy so I didn’t know this) I have had a hard time hunting with my joycons because of it swaying while aiming, despite trying to keep still with my lil joystick. Even though I was on level 5 for archery and rifle. I just now figured out that you can disable the motion aiming in the options/controls. So you can just aim by toggling the joystick and not worry about moving the joycon. It is much easier for me now, I just stoned my first rabbit ( couldn’t before because of the motion aiming). Can’t wait to try my bow.
  2. Hey guys 😀 So, how many possible bear spawns in ML? I have 1 spawned on the lake by the lone cabin and fishing hut. I know there are spawns by unnamed pond, by trappers cabin, and by the clear cut. Is there any more that I’m missing? If not, means I only have one spawn on this map, when I’m used to having 2 or 3. No bones in any of the mentioned caves above except for mystery lake den.
  3. Hey all I have been taking screenshots on my switch of TLD, and when I finally went to look at them, some of them were short videos. Some were 30s and some were 12 and 9 and then some were just screenshots. Can anyone explain why this is happening? I’ve done the same thing every time ( just pressed the screenshot button). I like the short vids it’s basically the walk up to me taking the screenshot, but I’m wondering why it randomly happens. sidenote... I’m def not a gaming person or anyone who knows anything about this stuff, lol.
  4. It does take a toll on the bedroll tho so make sure u have supplies to repair it!
  5. I got my blizzard badge by making camp in a cave and making a fire on the “outside” line of the cave and sleeping. Also I slept next to fire barrels in blizzards too. ( Hibernia or the barrel in mountain town trailer or signal hill)
  6. I’m wondering what’s the point of rabbit snare badge? When I’m not using it I catch plenty of rabbits. This pilgrim 100 day challenge run I’ve been playing I’m using it. I just made 3 snares and set them at about 6 pm. Went out the next morning ( no overnight blizzard) and 1 of them was ruined already, and only caught 1 bunny. And I make sure to always set my snares next to a rock or tree in case wind ruins them. Seems like a kinda useless badge 🤔
  7. Well hides can be cured there so inside I’m guessing
  8. I was thinking today as I was playing, about the studio time the voice actors put into this... imagine going into work one day and being told, you have to huff and puff for a few hours!! 😝😝
  9. If you let a raw fish get ruined, does it produce less lantern fuel than a fresh fish?
  10. Might have already been mentioned in this thread, but, I just learned that you can look in overhead compartments at the plane in PV. So obvious, but I never thought to check in those!
  11. Thanks guys. I do have wolves turned off for this run so I can get used to the weather and lack of loot lol and I’m glad I did. I got attacked by a glitchy bear ( appeared out of nowhere in front of me already ready to charge) he took all my clothes except for thermal undies lol. Then I realized that I had no old man ( dumb mistake) and came really close to death. But here I am in day 10 in a bra and thermals running around the world trying to find clothes lol. I did make a hat and had some ratty gloves in my pack though. I am using a lot of torches, I’m wondering if bears run away i
  12. Hey all. I’m jumping from pilgrim to loper ( been playing awhile so I know game mechanics). But I’d like some tips please. I made my first loper run a bit easier. I turned off cabin fever , and no wolves, just to get used to everything else. ( I have all badges so making a custom game isn’t hindering any progress) im wondering about the starvation trick ppl talk about. So, I eat 750 cals before bed... but do I eat anything at all when I wake up? What if my condition isn’t fully restored when I wake up?
  13. I usually play Astrid because, yes, Will complains way too much. And his huffing and puffing!!! Can’t stand it lol
  14. Yes, they said they were aware of the problem when I contacted them last time 😀