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  1. Same issues here. Wont save key bindings and item selection is wonky (I have to hunt for a good spot to select an item). And this happend after the Halloween update. I found the config file, deleted it and hey! It loaded my old key bindings. But, If I change them again, it writes a new config file and I'm back to square one. Bleh.
  2. Were any of the towers added for the "Signal to Noise" mission in story mode? Or have they always been there...
  3. I think I like HRV because I can't get the whole map in my head at once. I've spent a few weeks visits on interloper and still don't have it all memorized. I think it's due to all the different elevations. There are a ton of elevations between the valley cave (bottom) and the peak cave (top). Sometimes I wish I could turn on fly-mode/no-clip like other games.
  4. Hahaha! I would be happy if I could just get some of my wood back after it's blown out. That seems perfectly sensible, IMO. But, that would mean more code for each burn, keeping track of fuel type and count.
  5. Haha. Yup. I did a double take. Did that really just happen?
  6. Apparently, you can whack a moose with one shot. Didn't think that was possible. Day 65 on interloper with level 4 archery. I would say it's due to my archery skill, but my first shot missed completely! The first shot was from just outside the aggro radius, the second was just inside, so they were both distance shots. I've find it very strange that I have much greater success hitting the target if they are facing me. I don't mean a kill, I mean just hitting the critter. That was the case here. The first missed shot was broadside. The second, head on. Both were only a step or two difference in distance. The moose wasn't moving in either shot.
  7. I hear in a couple of months, we'll see a fat guy in a sleigh passing overhead. He might even drop a present with just the thing you need at that moment. Maybe a brand new toque!
  8. BR is actually where stalker got boring for me. I was at about 155 days in the hunter's lodge and just killed another moose at the pond. I think it's a well made map though. I like the multi-level layout. Oh, and there's a grave to be visited there at the shed in one of the challenges (As the dead sleep).
  9. Yes! Should have said it's a nice place to hang out ... for a while Well that's good to know. I wont be too disappointed when it goes poof one day.
  10. Third time it stuck. It was starting back over at about 88% every time. I got the idea to spend a whole day torch-lighting a few camp fires with a single stick each. By the time I lit the last one, the first one went out. Round and around. Bumped the meter up real quick
  11. In my opinion, HRV is one of the better interloper starts. Plenty of stalks to eat, matches, and shelter in the caves. There might also be some key loot to be found, but you have to know the region. I never stay long, but if the RNG gods are kind I can exit to Milton with a good head start. From there, work your way to the FM forge through ML or the basin.
  12. This probably isn't anything new but I found the perfect spot to fight off cabin fever at the garage. The left fire seems to be wind-proof where it's at. I've had blizzards blow from every direction and it stays lit. The right one, not so much. Sleep, craft, and read in the truck.
  13. Get all the bitey stompy things bagged and skinned and the garage is actually a nice place to hang out. I didn't think that was going to be possible on interloper but with enough persistence...
  14. The game has informed me twice that I reached Fire Master. But, when I start a new sandbox, the feature is still locked. Any one else experience this? I searched for "fire master" on the forum and found nothing related.
  15. Thanks for all the constructive replies folks. Hope I didn't come off as an ass. I'm really not bitter. Just some personal observations. Maybe a little ranting. I've put about 550 hours into the game working my way up to interloper. Stalker got boring. I think I've given it a fair shake. Definitely got my money's worth. Oh, and I too think the goofy cartoon graphics are great. I've got more than one screenshot saved.