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  1. I always keep on the move in the game, rarely camping anywhere for more than say a week except in very early game. Then I just kill critters as I come across them. After a while you have so many hides and guts stacked up it doesn't matter if you see a moose or not.
  2. I've put a ton of hours into the game and I wouldn't say it got boring, just predictable. But I guess that could be one definition of boring. Some actual randomness would be welcome. No, you're not going to find matches in the farm basement, they'll be in a random glove box instead or... they did not spawn at all! Random critter territory would keep it more interesting too. They're always at the same place. One thing that would absolutely give the game a huge boost would be an active mod community fully endorsed by the devs.
  3. The patch of woods on the Mystery Lake side of The Ravine. No aggressive critters just bunnies and deer, a cave, and plenty of birch bark. It's a nice little reprieve.
  4. Also, a moose can despawn after you put a few arrows in it, taking the arrows with it. I had that happen once when my condition was so bad I had to retreat, warm up and sleep. Came back and... gone!
  5. So AC must take 10 minutes to load. Haha! That's the first thing I noticed on my PC when AC came out. It's a big, complex map though.
  6. I found the best base for venturing to/from AC is the Deer Clearing cave in TWM. Plenty of resources right there, even on Interloper.
  7. I've yet to successfully off myself by flinging an arrow straight up. But not for lack of trying! Have you fell off a rope yet? Got lost in a cave with no light source? I've found small ledges where I could not get back up and had not other choice but to try goating down with varying success depending on my condition.
  8. I've wondered what TLD would be like with more realistic graphics. Although sometimes, the game as is provides a bit of serenity
  9. I think that might just be a glitch as mentioned. I've had random stuff disappear in the game. I lost a bunch of arrow heads once. They just magically went poof from my inventory. I could be wrong but from my observations, bagged meat degrades much faster than when harvested (raw) meat.
  10. That's my favorite ambient sounds in the game. My least favorite being those banging windows at the Pleasant Valley farm during a blizzard.
  11. I think a lot of items are simply there for beginners or intermediate players like the pcoat, ski boots, etc. Basically any item you will never/rarely find on Interloper. I know as a beginner I got in many more scuffles with critters than I do now, and depending on the skill level, the bottles are everywhere. Now it's just too easy to craft what I need. One thing I noticed is OMB is lighter if left un-crafted. So generally I don't craft until I need it, which is rare.
  12. Wait till you get up to Interloper! Haha. The bow is all you have, no guns allowed, and I've never "found" a bow on interloper. But I think I found a couple arrow heads in Ash Canyon. The most success I've had (single shot kill) is when the critter is looking directly at me. Probably due to a head shot. The least success is when hitting them from behind. Can't recall ever killing anything on the first shot that way. In either case, the distance didn't seem to matter. The best advise you'll get is to just practice, practice, practice
  13. This is the only way you'll progress at any level, die, die, die... die! Haha. The thing about interloper is it's /much/ more difficult than the other levels. Putting the fire issue aside, everything decays more quickly, your meters drop more quickly, you have no real weapon until you craft one, and that can take a while, or find the heavy hammer. You generally have to craft hand/head gear to prevent frostbite because you may not find gloves or a hat for a while. You need a sewing kit and cloth for that. There are fixed locations where matches will be found every single run. You just have
  14. I just hit 100% for the first time with 270 locations discovered. Again, this is a default interloper game, no customization.
  15. I was under Spruce Falls Bridge in Milton once. I came in the back way from the trailer and started up the hill towards the bear cave. Along the way a couple of rabbits got in front of me and ran up the hill ahead. The went around the the big rock on the right and SQWEEEEEEEEE!. The bear apparently killed one of them. I didn't actually see the bear attack the rabbit but it was the exact sound a rabbit makes when a wolf kills one. That's the only time I've seen (heard) a bear be aggressive towards anything besides me.