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  1. Travelling from the camp office to Forlorn forge to make some arrow heads. I fell thru the ice so my health was in the red. I got to the forge and started to build a fire. A wolf was poking it head thru two planks in the back walI, just to the right of the forge. It looked like it was stuck. I drew my bow, moved in a wee bit closer... and the wolf attacked me thru the frickin wall. I died. All I had to do was light the fire and jump in the bed up in the loft but noooooooo.
  2. Is it possible to find marked birch trees but no moose? I'm at the Milton Basin (which is a nice spot to camp for a few days actually). I've found 4 marked trees just to the right of the rope but no moose. No tracks, no sound, nothing. There are a lot of high unreachable rocks within the boundary of the trees. Could it spawn up on a rock, out of sight?
  3. This build produced a hole in the floor of the Milton gas station bathroom. You fall into the void and start back at the front door. You can avoid it by hugging the right side as you enter the bathroom. Not a game-breaker but it is a bug! Steam on Linux
  4. I was wondering about this. I started noticing a freeze when saving a 150+ day sandbox. After I enter a cabin, the interior renders but the screen freezes. And it seems to be about the same 3 seconds you're experiencing. The "saving" icon appears in the lower right corner. But, I notice a difference if I start a new sandbox. No freeze. So maybe it has to do with the amount of state that has to be saved. The longer the game, the more state you change. If you kill a rabbit, another will spawn in its place. If you craft clothes, that's more state change. Chop a plank, catch a fish, wound a wolf, reload, etc. A can you placed on a stove 3 months ago will still be there when you revisit the stove.
  5. I'm in the bow camp now. I have 3 rifles and probably 4 or 5 pistols scattered about. Once I figured out how to forge arrow heads I left them behind. I found out a bear can be taken down with one shot. I was on a rock above and behind a bear passing by. One shot.
  6. I found the decoy! Or... a frozen stiff wolf. Almost like a static asset. No sound or movement. At least I got my arrow back :)
  7. Puttering around Coastal Highway at 82 days (my longest yet), I came across my first moose. I put an arrow in him and he ran. I waited and up the road came a bear. I put an arrow in him and he ran. I sat there and waited. They both come back up the road. I took the screen capture and waited. The moose is just to the upper right of the bear. The bear went around the building to my left. The moose moved toward my right, much slower than the bear. I crept around the right side of the building. The moose was out of range. Saw the bear going up the hill so I turned my attention back to the moose. I crept up behind a car, then a stack of pallets in front of the car. Stood up and fired just as he started to charge. I ran for the car and BAM! Moose stomped. Haha! So now I'm hobbled for 120 hours. And... I got food poisoning that evening. Thanks for an awesome game guys! Ok, the game actually sucked until I stopped freezing to death, starving to death, falling off cliffs, falling through ice, getting decimated by wolves, bears, etc. etc.