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  1. I just hit 100% for the first time with 270 locations discovered. Again, this is a default interloper game, no customization.
  2. I was under Spruce Falls Bridge in Milton once. I came in the back way from the trailer and started up the hill towards the bear cave. Along the way a couple of rabbits got in front of me and ran up the hill ahead. The went around the the big rock on the right and SQWEEEEEEEEE!. The bear apparently killed one of them. I didn't actually see the bear attack the rabbit but it was the exact sound a rabbit makes when a wolf kills one. That's the only time I've seen (heard) a bear be aggressive towards anything besides me.
  3. Wow, I'm short 30+ locations on interloper? I'll bet more than a few are in Ash Canyon. I haven't searched every nook and cranny there. It is funny how I miss simple things sometimes, like a car trunk I walked passed a dozen times! Haha. I just revisited Desolation Point to make some more tools and found I hadn't visited the church, after 200+ days. Oh and I got the cartographer achievement in a previous run.
  4. I do believe the coldest temps I've experienced yet is up on Skeeter's Ridge in a blizzard. I'm about to head back to that region through Coastal Highway, then maybe on to revisit Ash Canyon. Enjoy the early game experience. You'll miss that new car smell after you learn the maps and there is nothing new to discover!
  5. I've found 266 locations and show 99% of the world covered. How many actual locations are there? Seems as though I looked this up once when I first started playing, but found conflicting answers. Default Interloper start, if that mattters. Tanx!
  6. A bit over 200 days on interloper. I always get bored and jump off a cliff, or run around butt-neked until I freeze. Gonna see how far I can stretch this one out. I've actually started a couple other games to stave off boredom in the 200+ day game.
  7. Nice! Here's to more adventures to com. The fire perk is the one I appreciate the most.
  8. That's awesome. I've always used the console supplied fly-mode in other games (Fallout). It's just cool do get a whole new perspective on the terrain.
  9. Initially, yes. I found the maps on line and used them. Now I've memorized each region (except AC) where a map isn't needed.
  10. Mine are down to 34% but I initially wore them everywhere. I just recently started using them sparingly. Maybe Hinterland will hook us up with a way to repair them some day. As was mentioned, I think the mill in Bleak Inlet would be a great spot for repair. It would give us Interlopers a good reason to go there! I always make that the last region I visit, when I'm well-heeled in skills and gear.
  11. I don't think I've ever really paid attention to bed warmth. If I'm above freezing in doors, meh. I have checked multiple beds in the same room just to see if their warmth varies. I don't think they do much, if any. In Milton house, I'll sleep in a bedroll next to the fireplace. It's just easier than groping around in the dark to find the beds upstairs. I conserve matches and the lantern as much as possible and I've never got into using the bedroll's highlighted outline to find my way around in the dark. As far as wear on the bedroll, I've got so many furs collected all over the game, it's not
  12. Hahaha! That was hilarious... and some good shooting! That's how I always kill wolves with a bow. But, I'm still not 100% with it because sometimes I wait a split second too long. Backing away while drawing them out onto flat ground helps too. They're a lot less likely to zigzag the last few feet. And then... I kill a moose with a single distant bow shot. The game is bizarre sometime.
  13. I think the initial bow skill skews the numbers quite a bit. I'm lousy at first, but at level 5, it's probably 99.5% hits. I wish we could see the numbers per skill level. I guess I could keep track myself, next restart.
  14. You say you can walk around in the pitch dark at home. I can too but that's because my mind remembers how many steps to the coffee table. Same in the game. You memorize interiors over time. But really, after a while you'll always have some sort of lightning. And yes it was frustrating at first but I kept reminding myself, it's called THE LONG DARK
  15. The point is the player that knows where things spawn -- or might spawn -- has an enormous advantage. There's no skill involved there, just memorization.