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  1. How did that happen to you? Once open the door with the keypad stayed open forever in my game. In fact, since the first aurora I have been in and out of the workshop a dozen times during the daytime, lugging materials back and forth. You should report a bug.
  2. Even if I didn't have a rope on me at the time "making you go back to get a rope" is decidedly not the same as a "two-stage environmental puzzle forcing you to enter the region from two different points". Not complaining! Just saying it isn't what I was expecting from what was communicated. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop the whole time. So basically, what @ajb1978 was suggesting ^^
  3. Thanks for the answer! I'm mystified. How is that a two-part environmental puzzle? Under this definition half of Timberwolf mountain would be an environmental puzzle. I have to admit I was expecting something more intricate, not least because they made it a point to announce it in the Dev Diary and say it was the "first region to feature" something like this. When things were unfolding while traveling through the first half of the region I thought "I bet they make me come once from this direction to get the code, and once from the other side to open a gate or remove an obstacle of sorts, so that I can travel around freely in the future." Set myself up for a feeling of anticlimax I guess 😅
  4. I've been exploring (and LOVING!) the Bleak Inlet and from what I can see I've been through the whole region without encountering the environmental puzzle that was announced in the Dev diary: " This will be our first region to feature a two-part environmental puzzle of sorts — in order to unlock the region’s full potential, you’ll need to access it from two different locations. " I feel like the "full potential" bit means for me to get into the Workshop to use the ammo workbench - which I've done without ever going through the Forlorn Muskeg entrance. Now, either I've missed something major or the environmental puzzle was actually only "bring/have a mountaineering rope", which seems too easy. Can anyone share some insight?
  5. Parts of it are flooded already, no?
  6. @kristaok I have played Episode 3 three times now and not once did I ever have to step into water even for a second. There is no situation in which you need to take out any fuse to get somewhere without getting zapped. There are always paths around or other tunnels you could take or boards you can walk on. Don't get cold feet for nothing gurl. 😊 The bolt cutters are just tucked into a little corner that your eye wont necessarily go to immediately, next to a corpse. I also searched for them at length for one simple reason: I thought the little antechamber with the locked gate was a dead end. I simply did not realize that another tunnel was going out of that chamber. Once I found and followed it, you couldn't miss those darn cutters.
  7. Thanks you guys! I'll get right on it. Now to find a bearbro 😅 @Hawk were you the one that mentioned this scenario a couple of weeks ago in another thread or was that yet another person on the forum?
  8. I recently submitted a bug report concerning bear behaviour. When I spook a bear in Pilgrim mode and it runs away it also starts making that heartbreaking crying noise as usual. When it's gotten far enough away from me it stops running and resumes its usual patrol route, but for some reason it won't stop crying. So I have to listen to this mournful wailing when I already feel bad that i scared my bearbro. Customer support got back to me saying they couldn't replicate the issue on a numer of maps and asked me if I could make a video of this behaviour. 1. Does anyone else have this issue? I faintly remember someone mentioning it in another thread somewhere. 2. I am not tech savvy by any means and have no clue about how to make this video. Are there programs or tools that I can use? I really don't want to resort to taking a potato quality video of my monitor (dust, finger smudges and all included) with my cheap ass phone cam. Thanks for any comments!
  9. Wondering if anyone else has encountered this or if I should file a bug report. I'm not sure why this keeps happening, but after every second update or so the way I can place items (where and how close to each other) is changed and it bugs me to no end. There are certain items I like to lay out on tables or on the floor, sometimes this is not even a preference but a necessity because some locations do simply not have enough storage space inside drawers or cabinets. I have found it impossible to rearrange those because suddenly the game will tell me that it encounters "invalid" places to put items down. So for example, I have 4 knives in a row on a counter, all neat and tidy, really close to one another. An update happens and later I find a fifth spare knive to keep in my shelter. I try to put it down next to the others exactly in the same manner as I used before but now suddenly the item won't turn green unless I leave a huge space between the knives. To make sure that it is not simply the exact spot I'm trying for the fifth knife that won't work I put it away, and then try to pick up and reposition the fourth knife in the row - only to find that now the position where it has been lying for month is no longer "valid" and it has to be moved twice the distance over. What gives? This is especially frustrating because literally every single thing I had put down in the ML camp office ended up in the lost and found box. I'm trying to put everything back where it was but again find that the game has once more changed the rules for how to place certain items. I can no longer place all the things I kept on the work bench and other elevated surfaces back because they won't fit there any more due to the ginormous spaces I have to leave between them for no discernible reason. So my only option is to keep half my stuff in piles lying around the floor. I realize that even if this is intentional and not a bug (anyone?) it's a minor detail in how the game works, but with the very limited number of options we have to decorate/rearrange our living spaces it makes me feel frustrated. I prefer my quarters to feel homey and comfortable, and a certain tidiness is part of that.
  10. @ThePancakeLady I completely agree, and well put. I had a similar thought while playing Ep. 3. "Okay, fine, you're the only one on his feet so you don't want to stray too far from the hall in case someone needs you or new people show up. I'll go search for survivors and medicine, whatever. But DANG you couldn't even be bothered to search the nearby houses for stuff to help these people? What have you been doing all this time? Standing there praying?" LOL. The fact that he makes you schlepp around his stupid crucifix so he can be there "in spirit" just made me angrier. I would have used that thing for tinder SO FAST if the game let me 🤣 He's the epitome off the well-meaning, soft hearted, but ultimately completely useless clergyman. And yeah, yeah, he was written that way to make the fetch-quests possible ... still I feel it's a statement by the writers. He didn't break his leg, he's not in a wheelchair. He could have been written like that to make more sense (imho) or at least to not seem like a complete waste of space. He's perfectly capable to go and do helpful stuff. He just decided to stand there and preach. As for the original topic of this post, I think there may actually have been more than one event that downed planes. Cause clearly you have been on Great Bear for something like 5 days, maybe a week, what with making it to Milton and the whole Prisoner scenario playing out and the journey through the tunnel and then recuperating at Molly's and then finally travelling to the hall. And it seems the plane could very well have crash landed when you were already in PV. Remember the scene when you first go to the basement and a BOOM goes off that shakes the ground and makes the hand slip from under the sheet? It idn't feel like the other earthquakes that you experience throughout the Episode. I didn't have that low rumbling quality. It distinctly felt/sounded like something exploded. And that also fits the timeline. I don't know about you guys but it took me a day and half from that point to reach the hall. I went to Molly's barn, slept and warmed up there for a while, walked over to the road, got distracted by the guard and prisoner bleeding all over the place, fought against a head wind to get to the Outhouses barn and spent yet another couple of hours searching the place and warming up before finally attempting the last stretch and getting to the hall. So FT may not be that far off with his ramblings. Maybe we have a LOST style scenario where planes just can't fly over the island (don't quote me on this simile, I gave up on LOST after like 2 seasons). We know of three planes so far that went down, each on different days. Since most travel to and from the island seems to be by boat, maybe the planes all crashing is a recent development and nobody picked up on that yet. Maybe it's only during auroras. And maybe it's aliens. Who can tell? It's intruiging either way.
  11. Let me preface this entry by saying that it is entirely possible to find all the collectibles during the normal course of episode 3, as long as you keep your eyes open and let no house or hut along the regular way go unsearched and unlooted. With the disclaimer out of the way, I still feel this list could assist some people, as I have seen requests for help here and in other forums; I know the feeling of not being able to complete a collection and it blows. Keep in mind that this list will contain spoilers and that this can't be helped, so read at your own discretion.
  12. Sceh

    The Big Bass....

    From what I've read in another thread, you couldn't have killed the deer if you tried. I can't confirm this though, as I also didn't shoot at it to try in the first place. Seemed disrespectful somehow.
  13. Thanks for clarifying. I guess I was being impatient. The flare burns out fairly quickly and the rather small shielding distance was anxiety-inducing for me. Throwing it did nothing (the one time I tried that they just ignored it and came straight for me). I preferred going the aggressive route. Btw, I LOVE the design and AI of the Timberwolf packs. You outdid yourselves, they're really awesome, clever and beautiful creatures. Made my heart bleed a little every time I had to fight them, as it should. So exciting and fun! Great addition to the wildlife of the island.
  14. There's no need to step into the water at all! Just take a good look around. Did you find the Bolt Cutters yet? Also double check all the seemingly dead ends, sometimes you need to crouch or squeeze around a corner to get to the next portion of the tunnel. Ii took my forever as well, I must have spent 5 flares and two full refuel loads on my lantern to get my bearings and search all the tunnels. I quite enjoyed it, it felt real and slightly claustrophobic. Great atmosphere!
  15. Take your time, and do the side quests first. The rewards are B-E-A-utiful. No need to rush the main quest line at all. I found the marine flares to do squatola, so I usually concentrated on getting a good Revolver or Rifle shot in. Once you hit or possibly even kill one of them they scamper off quickly. Helps to conserve bullets!
  16. I've seen the same thing happen. I was walking through the field in the middle of PV where you can see really far on a clear day. From all the way at the big gate near the Barn almost to the little hay storages on the other end, near the river, a Timberwolf was chasing a deer at full speed and didn't catch it. I lost sight of them and was kinda busy carrying ... stuff, so I didn't investigate. It stuck with me though because it was such an unusual sight.
  17. Also, the game actually rewards you for doing the side quests early on before tackling too much of the main story line, because some of the loot you get as a bonus is AMAZEBALLS and helps out tremendously later in the episode, what with the wolves and the weather etc.
  18. So I've played the episode all the way to the end today and I can confirm that every collectible and every side quest trigger can be found along the way of the main and side quests as long as you keep your eyes open. The only letter that was not super-obvious and easy to find was This time around I thought the hunt for them was also better designed than in Ep 1 and 2 because you never had to backtrack through 3 friggin' regions because you forgot something somewhere. Everything was kind of "along the way", really well done Hinterland! The game will warn you twice (once in the quest discription and once with a pop up message) when you have reached the point of no return. Good hunting!
  19. Found two more items of interest
  20. Let's pool our knowledge about those collectibles ...
  21. The help suggested so far is exactly right in my opinion - pay attention to the music, it gives you an early warning, stay calm, take a quick look around if you can use the terrain to your advantage, draw your weapon, (crouch), aim and shoot. Another point that may be important here is that their AI seems to be fairly intelligent and they apply pack hunting techniques - one of them will distract you by yapping and running around in zigzags in front of you, while another sprints up and takes a bite out of your behind. Ever since I became aware of that they have not been successful in attacking me, as it is usually pretty obvious which one is the distraction and which one will run straight up to attack you (even if that's from two different directions sometimes). Good hunting!
  22. I actually misremembered. The hut is between the bridge and the Point of Disagreement, just a couple of steps down the road from either.
  23. Well, there's the new town where the Rural Crossroads used to be, as can be seen from the Ep. 3 trailers. Following the roundabout road further north from there, going past The End of the Road and the Derelict Cabins, about halfway to the bridge that would eventually lead you to the Point of Disagreement, there is a new little hut that might hold some loot. Skeeters Ridge, as mentioned above and the Farmhouse basement ... I'd actually give the whole region a thorough sweep over if I were you, it has been altered slightly almost in every corner. The effect is very nice as there is always something new and unexpected to find. I assume there's some goodies to be looted, especially natural resources seem to be reset/altered in some spots. It's probably my imagination, but the region seems smaller somehow. Roads are somehow shorter. Which is great, because it was just too damn vast to begin with. Might be my imagination though, so don't take my word for it ^^
  24. I'm so friggin' hyped for the new episode! I'm on GMT+2 so your 6am is my afternoon ... I've taken the next day off work so I can play through the night Planning on taking it slow and doing every single side quest (assuming there are some). Stocked up on snacks and rose hip tea! SO. FRIGGIN'. HYPED.