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  1. I loaded the game for the first time in at least a month and outside the ML Camp Office was a Lost & Found box. In it were tons of rocks, charcoal, and tinder that I'd previously laid out to create paths for myself. I assume whatever adjustments to the game were made in February affected the ground where I'd made my paths. Initially I was PISSED but hey, it found my arrow that was no doubt the one I'd lost in a wolf I couldn't find after it died. This feels a bit like cheating... I probably should have never found that arrow. That wolf probably dropped at some unscalable height lol. But hey, I'll take it....
  2. THISSSSS. Yes. Fully support Scarves as accessories AND you shouldn't, honestly, be able to wear two ear cuffs at once lol
  3. Does anyone know the details of Blizzard Walker requirements? The result is easier walking in wind, so does that mean it's time spend being battered by wind? Or time spent walking through a blizzard (wind and snow)? Is it JUST really high wind or any wind? Or ANY wind with snow? Can you be outside but sheltered against the wind during a blizzard but still accrue time spent outside during a blizzard? A girl needs to know 😂
  4. Whoever designed the canary was feeling very... acrobatic. 😂 I have to say, even though I'm playing on Pilgrim for now, my several hours in Bleak Inlet so far has been TERRIFYING. I wasn't sure if the Timberwolves would leave me alone like regular wolves, so I was on edge. And add to that what has been VERY harsh weather... I was exploring the canary a litttttle too close to dark and (first mistake) didn't just pack it in inside a trailer. I kept exploring figuring I'd find shelter... welp, I did, but it wasn't sealed from the elements... at all. I still wasn't sure if the timberwolves would get more aggressive, so I made my way up, up, up, thinking there'd be an office or something... I had my storm lantern which was very necessary as the winds in BI are TORRENTIAL!! I thought I'd found a good enough space to stay above freezing but a blizzard set in and I had to move. I found my way to a boat by hopping down, but there's no way inside the boat, and I couldn't find a way OFF it either! So I used it as a windsheld and built a fire long enough to sleep and warm up... The blizzard lasted all night. A few hours before dawn I decided to check again for a way off the boat and found one. And while carrying my lantern in the middle of a blizzard I crossed planks of wood into another building. All the while, there were strange noises below, snuffling and skittering... I found a sort of lofted corner to build a fire (on snow) and sleep too. It was thankfully blocked from the wind on 2 sides if not all. Come dawn, the blizzard stopped, and I realized what those weird noises were... Timberwolves were running around below me, and I couldn't help but think they were just WAITING for me to fall down from my loft.... After more acrobatic plank walks, I made my way down to the roof of a trailer, and to the ground, and inside a trailer where I had to quit the game (after a save) and take a break because PHEW I was certain I was going to bite it after more than 600 days ingame. And I thought TWM's weather was harsh! I'm going to be spending a lot of time in BI, I think. I still haven't found the place where you can manufacture bullets, but I did find the residence and the radio tower. If anyone's wondering, no, the timberwolves never attacked me. I was even able to chase one off a fresh deer kill. On Pilgrim, even regular wolves have a chance to defend their kill by attacking you (or maybe I annoyed that one wolf somehow, I don't recall). But even though I did run into a few packs while walking around, they never approached me. I still find BI and the timberwolves terrifying. I think the weather is in particular one of the reasons I was so panicked. I'd been spoiled for a long time, living the life of a queen in the Camp Office with more food than I could handle. I'd basically been just lazing the days away before this update, so I felt like a noob again. 😫 Lesson re-learned, though. If it's near sunset, sit your butt down inside a shelter.
  5. wow... I'm going to keep my eye out for boxes in unexpected places. so far I've just been looking inside buildings.
  6. Please, for the love of the snowpocalypse, stack items that are placed inside Lost and Found boxes. I'm extremely happy about this feature in principle, but I ended up having over 100 pieces of charcoal in one box because, well, it was in the PV homestead in a pile.... and I just had to click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click---- Please, please please stack items in the Lost and Found boxes. Please. Please. PLEASE. 😂
  7. Thanks for the comments. I've been combing my old haunts and looking through the Lost and Found boxes, and looking for new content. Found a LOT of surprises in PV cuz I didn't read the dev notes in detail....!!!! Still don't have any stump remover and I think I've combed ML and CH really thoroughly. Gotta keep looking. Yes it does make sense IMO to find these objects in industrial places like the dam, but it is what it is...
  8. Every space could potentially have new ITEMS. Sulfur and stump remover etc. People are finding stuff in the Trapper's Cabin so why not the dam?
  9. Has anyone found anything new from the Errant Pilgrim update in Carter Dam? I'm on Pilgrim mode. I've found the Lost & Found boxes and found a few nice things but nothing of the new content. The place is so big though I wanted to make sure I'm not maybe missing something. If anyone's found any of the new content there, please reply and let me know, I'm curious.
  10. unggggggggggg yes I want to make meat caches! but yes I also want to bury the dead...
  11. That's @Admin I did. I just wanted to open up discussion.
  12. I've already submitted a bug for this but opening up discussion here. Ep 3 intro movie plays, then when the game starts and the playable character is walking around with a rifle it crashes just about a minute in, same place every time. Completely crashes the graphics card driver. Steam on Linux. Game playable in sandbox mode without issue.
  13. Saw that today and I was convinced they did a hotfix to color it for Pride Month, but since you took that shot in January.... well, there goes that theory. I had my desktop on high graphic settings, so... maybe it's meant to represent blue (super hot) flame?