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  1. Somewhat annoyed that I"ll have to search basically everywhere to get cans in my current long-game save. oh well. have jerky will travel...
  2. I've been wanting this forever. I've been actually wanting snow caches, but I just pretend meat on the snow is in a snow cache. In reality animals would steal that meat, but snow caches can be sealed with a layer of ice (and broken open with an axe). Rock caches are good enough, for now.
  3. THANK YOU for this! I've been leaving trails of charcoal and rocks and LBR that's extremely unrealistic. I pretend they're blizzard lines that I laid down. Now, I don't have to do any of that. \o/
  4. Wintermute? someone on twitter suggested it symbolizes thin ice. I dunno, but I'm aboard the hype train lol
  5. my take: circle-arrow: way/way out triangle-dot: shelter flame: place to make a fire W/M: cave? teeth? bear trap? (a single line I'd see as a "water" but not this)
  6. yeahhhhhh this happened to me and turned me off of HRV for a long, long time lol.
  7. This may not be the best place to discuss this but... I know there's a save editor. I have used it when I destroyed something I didn't mean to, stuff like that. I'm pretty sure the saves can be edited as json files... so, with that information, should there be, in theory, a way to add things into your save at a specific location? Say, replacing that gun rack you destroyed in the trapper's lodge? Just gotta know the object info, and one can always trial-and-error the XYZ coords.... Thoughts? eta: I know this tool exists but the save files contain player data only, not environments.
  8. I've never really explored HRV until today. There's a moose that spawns on a lake right by a cave. And I mean, right outside the cave. It *is* on the very opposite end of where you enter HRV from Milton, but what this means is, if you can make it to that cave and the moose is there, you've got yourself an excellent base with heaps of meat from which to branch out. Not to mention there are caches here and there, and the loot at the signal fire. HRV *is* like a maze, but it honestly isn't nearly as bad as TWM.
  9. As a hoarder who also organizes collections with a game that I've survived years in, no, I don't want my treasures to vanish. I'd much rather them poof into a Lost & Found box, because that means 1) I still have my treasures and 2) I get to organize them again. Reorganizing is, after all, all there is to do when you're flush with moose meat.
  10. yes! I use AMD on my linux desktop. steam-to-proton works great, or just needs a simple workaround.
  11. Having recently upgraded from an older laptop to a 4k OLED screen I can def say that, even on a non-gaming laptop, TLD looks really, really nice. And the smoke coming out of chimneys is no longer just jagged grey lines. The shadows/light balance is more realistic, forcing me to use my lanterns more. I wouldn't say the difference is monumental, but just overall better, even on medium-high settings.
  12. I loaded the game for the first time in at least a month and outside the ML Camp Office was a Lost & Found box. In it were tons of rocks, charcoal, and tinder that I'd previously laid out to create paths for myself. I assume whatever adjustments to the game were made in February affected the ground where I'd made my paths. Initially I was PISSED but hey, it found my arrow that was no doubt the one I'd lost in a wolf I couldn't find after it died. This feels a bit like cheating... I probably should have never found that arrow. That wolf probably dropped at some unscalable height lol. But hey, I'll take it....
  13. THISSSSS. Yes. Fully support Scarves as accessories AND you shouldn't, honestly, be able to wear two ear cuffs at once lol