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  1. Saw that today and I was convinced they did a hotfix to color it for Pride Month, but since you took that shot in January.... well, there goes that theory. I had my desktop on high graphic settings, so... maybe it's meant to represent blue (super hot) flame?
  2. Jeremiah. I have a beard kink.
  3. I forgot to mention that I'm 79.4% sure that some cattails have regenerated, OR, the game has added a few here and there. and I'm 92.6% sure that the game added some saplings here and there. I returned to TWM to look for ammo and in an area I was before, there were chopped AND unchopped saplings as well as locked cargo crates. I'm absolutely sure I would have unlocked the crates and I can't see why I wouldn't take all saplings in the same location.
  4. Has anyone found a revolver or ammo on a corpse? I've seen ammo at least in many places, but nothing found when finding a new/already searched corpse.
  5. On my 500+ day Pilgrim save, I'm traipsing all over the island to find revolver ammo. I've been finding two things: 1) cabinets and other containers are "Searched" but have something inside that I 100% would have taken on my canned food run. 2) cabinets and other containers like cargo crates that were locked when I 100% would have unlocked them already. So it seems that, for some reason, the Steadfast update 'reset' some items, some locations. or, I'm completely wrong and I just forgot that I missed these containers.
  6. woah! did you hang the bag from the branch? or did you find it like that?
  7. very true, I will keep an eye out on other saves should I get to FM.
  8. Was heading toward the forge in FM when I went on my usual path and proceeded to fall into the water. (How many times I fell into the water is irrelevant... cough...) Anyway, as you can see, there's a bright blue patch here where I'm guessing there should be ice? I received no warning (the new red ! which I do receive other times). Is it possible this is a place I fell into the ice previously? this is an old save (500+ days). This is the path I always take to the forge and I don't remember it being an issue.
  9. Heyyyy.... can confirm: new items definitely can appear in places you have already placed something....
  10. Thanks! I just hope stuff I have splayed out on surfaces and stuffed into cabinets don't prevent me from finding bullets etc etc
  11. I know it's rec'd to start a new playthrough, but is it still possible to find the revolver and energy drinks in existing SM saves? I just took a quick look around Camp Office and found nothing.
  12. As I was harvesting meat from moose quarters outside of Trapper's, I started to hear strange noises. Wanting to get on with the harvesting to best preserve the meat, I didn't stop. When I was finished, it was windy as heck, and the sky looked like this...