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  1. I think new since the update: in desolation point, hiberia factory inside. It is now possible to walk inside a steel tube upwards an reach a shelf with boats on it. Do not think that was possible earlier….
  2. solide

    Easy save

    Just noticed the game saves when i get the change of internal parasites ( eating cooked wolf or bear meat). This provides a simple and fast way of saving a game when other ways (sleeping, passing time, etc.) are not available.
  3. Just noticed it is possible to heat food, in my case a can of beans and meat, by placing it next to my campfire (so not on the two cooking stones). I had water boiling on the two stones and more or less by accident opened a can i put near the fire. Played for years without knowing this was possible…...
  4. Can confirm it now, the prepper cache or bunker in the new pleasant valley map is no longer random.
  5. It is also possible to find an already complete can of gunpowder. I just found one in desolation point.
  6. By change i had to hunt in the dark in my current game. It seemed to me i Was able to get much closer to deer and rabbits before they noticed me. Does anybody know if the detection range of animals is different at night? Or possibly affected by weather conditions like fog etc?
  7. I was wondering if a wolf can attack a player in a snowshelter. Has anybody ever been attacked inside? If not, perhaps it is feasable to quickly build and occopy a snowsheler to defend against a wolf that has detected a player?
  8. Last three playthroughs each time the bunker spawned at the new place at burned ridge in pleasant valley. Is the bunker spawn no longer random after the update? Can anybody confirm a bunker spawning at another location in pv after the recent changes?
  9. In my current game i'm having trouble locating the prepper cache bumker in the new map of pleasant valley. Before i go and cbeck out all possible spawn location ( again) i woukd like to ask if perhaps something has changed after the update Has anybody aftervthevupdate found the bunker? I think the new crashed plane on the ledge covers one the nine possible spawn locations. Is there a new spawn location somewhere else now?
  10. It does seem that this lighting issue affects some people but not all. For the players not affected it can be hard to understand this issue. It may also be that this "bug" hurts even more because as far as I know there was no real reason for Hinterland to change the lighting at all, it was fine. Thus a case of "if it ain't broken don't fix it". To return to the questions that started this topic: as I play the game through Steam I can benefit from the option Hinterland gives to play the game in earlier versions. This is called the "time capsule", it has a separate section in the forum. Thus for those affected by the lighting issue in such a way that the game becomes unplayable would advice to return to the version of the game (steadfast ranger) before the most recent update. At least that worked for me.
  11. I acted the same. It worries me a bit. It was yesterday, and in pv, thus mayby the recent launch of epidode 3 changed among others hidding places? If so we might have to ckeck those visors again to. And the fuel tanks, etc. etc.
  12. Today i found some dogfood in the doghouse near the farm in pleasant valley. Forgot to make a screenshot but made me wonder: do even the dogs have hidden caches of food in the long dark....
  13. First time I encountered this body. It is in the plane at the summit, end of the plane. Has anybody else seen this or it is a new spawn?
  14. Lately I have been realizing the power of tea. Up until then I basically never used the stuff much. But now I see the benefits: - Tea is a super way to save carrying capacity of water. One liter of water basically weights 1 kg. For almost the same amount of thirst lessing I need about 4 cups of tea. They weigh only 0,4 kg. Thus instead of carrying several liters of plain water I now carry about 10 cups of tea. - Tea also benefits hunger. Only 100 calories, but when I use about 6-8 cups of tea a day I still end up with considerable less calories I need from other (heavier) sources. When I would play with the starving mechanism (only eat small amount and just before sleeping) I could probably survive on tea alone (anyone tried this?). - Tea (and also coffee) comes in containers weighing 0,04 kg. These provide for 5 cups of tea and 500 calories. This is a better calorie/kg ratio then almost all other food items. - Finally tea/coffee has additional benefits depending on the kind of beverage. From extra heating to healing or extra energie. Conclusion: it is best to make as much tea/coffee beverages as possible (also benefiting cooking skill) as soon as possible and replace the heavier drink/food sources.
  15. So let me see if i understand. Difficulty determines how much of a certain resource, say coal, is present. Is this a number for a region or for a seperate location in a region (cave)? say if a regions total coal is 20, and i gather 10, then 10 more will spawn after 10 days. But do they spawn in fixed numbers in a locatio? Or does each location has a change to spawn the resource until the total for the region is reached? I have also noticed coal can be found outside a location. For instance along rail tracks. Does picking these up then affact respawning?