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  1. In my current game i'm having trouble locating the prepper cache bumker in the new map of pleasant valley. Before i go and cbeck out all possible spawn location ( again) i woukd like to ask if perhaps something has changed after the update Has anybody aftervthevupdate found the bunker? I think the new crashed plane on the ledge covers one the nine possible spawn locations. Is there a new spawn location somewhere else now?
  2. It does seem that this lighting issue affects some people but not all. For the players not affected it can be hard to understand this issue. It may also be that this "bug" hurts even more because as far as I know there was no real reason for Hinterland to change the lighting at all, it was fine. Thus a case of "if it ain't broken don't fix it". To return to the questions that started this topic: as I play the game through Steam I can benefit from the option Hinterland gives to play the game in earlier versions. This is called the "time capsule", it has a separate section in the forum. Thus for those affected by the lighting issue in such a way that the game becomes unplayable would advice to return to the version of the game (steadfast ranger) before the most recent update. At least that worked for me.
  3. I acted the same. It worries me a bit. It was yesterday, and in pv, thus mayby the recent launch of epidode 3 changed among others hidding places? If so we might have to ckeck those visors again to. And the fuel tanks, etc. etc.
  4. Today i found some dogfood in the doghouse near the farm in pleasant valley. Forgot to make a screenshot but made me wonder: do even the dogs have hidden caches of food in the long dark....
  5. First time I encountered this body. It is in the plane at the summit, end of the plane. Has anybody else seen this or it is a new spawn?
  6. Lately I have been realizing the power of tea. Up until then I basically never used the stuff much. But now I see the benefits: - Tea is a super way to save carrying capacity of water. One liter of water basically weights 1 kg. For almost the same amount of thirst lessing I need about 4 cups of tea. They weigh only 0,4 kg. Thus instead of carrying several liters of plain water I now carry about 10 cups of tea. - Tea also benefits hunger. Only 100 calories, but when I use about 6-8 cups of tea a day I still end up with considerable less calories I need from other (heavier) sources. When I would play with the starving mechanism (only eat small amount and just before sleeping) I could probably survive on tea alone (anyone tried this?). - Tea (and also coffee) comes in containers weighing 0,04 kg. These provide for 5 cups of tea and 500 calories. This is a better calorie/kg ratio then almost all other food items. - Finally tea/coffee has additional benefits depending on the kind of beverage. From extra heating to healing or extra energie. Conclusion: it is best to make as much tea/coffee beverages as possible (also benefiting cooking skill) as soon as possible and replace the heavier drink/food sources.
  7. So let me see if i understand. Difficulty determines how much of a certain resource, say coal, is present. Is this a number for a region or for a seperate location in a region (cave)? say if a regions total coal is 20, and i gather 10, then 10 more will spawn after 10 days. But do they spawn in fixed numbers in a locatio? Or does each location has a change to spawn the resource until the total for the region is reached? I have also noticed coal can be found outside a location. For instance along rail tracks. Does picking these up then affact respawning?
  8. We all know certain items in the long dark respawn. For instance wood and coal. However I wonders if anybody can explain what triggers the respawn. For instance, say a cave contains 5 coal. What triggers this coal to respawn? I would assume that when I never visit the cave the coal does not respawn. When I visit the cave but do not gather the coal it does not respawn. When I gather all coal does it respawn one at a time untill again 5 pieces? Or all 5 at once? Or can the cave contain (randomly) either more or less than 5 pieces? And say I do not gather all 5 pieces but just 3 ( leave 2 behind in the cave). How does this affect the respawning of the coal? And am I right in assumming the mechanism for respawning is equal for all resources or are there differences? Any clarifications from the experienced players would be appriciated.
  9. After playing TLD for several months now I think I have most of the mechanisms in my head. There are however stil several questions I did not yet find an answer to, even after searching the forum. So I would like to pose them here, in the hopes (and anticipation) that more experienced players will have an answer. 1) Repairing fails. When I repair something I use up an repair kit / fishing hook, material, and time. Say I want to repair an item of clothing that cost 2 cloth and one hour to repair. When I stat to repair a timer starts. Now I wonder what is te effect if the repair fails. I know I lose the repair kit / fishing hook condition. But do I also lose (part of) the materials? and part of the time needed for the repair? 2) Respawn wood. I read wood is an infinite resource. But I think this is only sticks? Do the larger branches (cedar/fir) also respawn? If not then I will probably want to limit the amount of fit I use for fires because these can be better used to repair the heavy hammer? 3) On a map I draw several resources appear. Think of rosehip, large branches, etc. Am I right to assume the resources you see on the drawn map are the ones not respawning? And if so, does a drawn map change if I harvest (delete) that resource of does the map stay the same regardless? 4) Wolves. Am I right to assume wolves do not attack bears/moose (and likewise). Do wolves sleep? Eat? Or do they only attack if a rabbid/deer (or me) by accident crosses their path? 5) Wolves. Does a game on a certain level of difficulty always have a fixed number of wolves? Or can I leave a region and re-enter some time later to find a different number of wolves of in a different position? 6) Wolves (yes I know, I have an unhealthy interest in them). I know they have a range in which they can detect a player. Is this a perfect circle around the wolf (smells)? Or is the range of detection larger in front of the wolf and smaller behind a wolf? 7) Wolves. I seem to notice the areas a wolf spawns/patrols are usually in the center of the map or along paths often used. Is this correct? Is the safest area the edges of the map? Do wolves always stay in the place they spawn in or patrol a fixed route? If so I can possibly better just leave them alone since I know where they are instead of killing them and getting them to respawn later somewhere unknown (usually just behind me)? Are the routes wolves patrol known? Would be cool to ad them to a regions map with some red lines saying "beware". (8) Arrows. I know fired arrows can be retrieved. So if I fire an arrow an hit a deer. And the deer runs and bleeds out. And I find the carcass. When I'm lucky I will find my arrow in the deer, or somewhere near. But say I do not find the carcass. The deer still bleeds out. After a certain number of days (anybody knows ho long?) the carcass will disappear. Is my arrow still there to be found? Can I walk pass an area and suddenly find my arrow fired weeks earlier and know this was the spot the animal died? Thanks in advance for any insight in these mechanics.
  10. If items (clothing) does not start to decay from the start this will change the way i play a lot. At the moment I, and i think a lot of other players, start a new game. Then i visit pretty much every region and clear out the most important location. This gives me some decent clothing however all clothing i do not repair loses condition. If the idea items only start to decay after they spawn (when entering a region?) It would make more sense to leave some region untouched until i realy need more/better gear.
  11. Does anybody know if items (cloth/food) decay when they are still in closed cargo containers? I'm thinking about the summit. If these items do not decay untill you open the containers (as seems reasonable since they are in closed metal containers) then summit serves as a beautifull second change to replenish supplies mid- to end game. It would become a strategic decision to go to timberwolf region and open those treasure chests. If they do decay a similar rates as other items in the world then what's the point of timberwolf region? A thorough search of the other regions will have given the player most of the desired high-level gear needed, and plenty of tools that can be repaired or crafted. When arricing at summit the food and clothing is ruined, and the guns/tools are obsolete since you already have them (and probably they are too heavy to carry anyway) then the only reason to go would be the change of some ammuniotion and possible matches (obsolete if you alreay have found another way of making fire on a Sunny day). So can anybody tell me if the stuff in the airplane cargo containers does decay? Has anybody been there late game and found the food/clothing at 0%? And possibly the same applies to other closed (green) crates in other locations?
  12. Just to add: ik found some items (leather pieces) below an empty cardbox. Could not see it, did not show by using mouse. Just when I destroyed the empty box I found these items.
  13. Reminds me, what about those cardboard boxes that are folded and next to the wall or on the ground? Has anyone ever found anything concealed behind those? And I suppose the same goes for pallets to the wall?
  14. Long dark often surprises me when I find items on unexpected places. I have for instance found items in boxes and crates I demolished. I have also found items in drawers that were already open (no option "search") in a filing cabinet containing more drawers. However, I can not look in all boxes and crates high up on a shelf. Or in open or closed boxes on top of a locker. In fact, I can not even look in the open top drawer in a filing cabinet (and I can not jump). So I wonder if I am missing out on some hiding places? I could theoretically get to items hidden there if I would destroy the whole iron cabinet (cut up with saw) or destroy every box and crate on a high shelf I can not look into. But is it worth it? Has anyone done this and found items on these high places?
  15. Don't know if this is new to anyone but just in case I thought I just share. I certain places there are rusty brown airconditioning (or heating). See picture below left corner. The grid on the airco/heater can in fact be searched. However to make it more confusing, not always. I think I have seen these in the dam (not searchable) and in the prepper caches (always searchable). I have found on one occasion a hunting knife in one of these places.