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  1. I think it is safe to say that most interloper players have seen the situation of oh no! I have no matches and it's foggy I think adding a bow drill(maple sapling and some cured guts) and/or a fire plow(cedar/fir and stick) would be a useful addition for playing longer games.
  2. Huh? I only saw one when I went but then again that was on Voyager.
  3. Speaking of the cannery in bleak Inlet in the room with the cabinets were one is broken there is sometimes some casings behind the broken cabinet door.
  4. I am reasonably sure the lantern degrades over time like most other items but I might be wrong. Edit: I see someone has already beat me to the punch on the fact.
  5. Did you consider prepper cache's? Edit: all of the possible places
  6. I was wondering what storm lantern condition or lamp oil condition does (if anything) to effect burn time etc.
  7. My personal prediction for what will be added is ammo crafting but that is a drill press so maybe a suit of armour?
  8. Think you got enough crackers there buddy!?
  9. It would be awesome if players could switch between all the different menus and music tracks I would sure love it!