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  1. Piddy's AirBnB in Great Bear island is the best there is!
  2. Reliable sources tell me that this approach may sometimes work when you're looking for yourself, but certainly not when you're looking for a bear. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
  3. Sure! 15 kilos of meat raining down! You might want to take shelter. Let's see if I can hit that moose from here with some bear meat...
  4. Speaking of bears, look where this fool went to die. Now I have to get its meat before it falls down… (Region: Ash Canyon. Area: the cliff near Foreman's Retreat) At least it was a fat one: almost 40 kilos' worth of meat.
  5. Worth mentioning: Pilgrim and Voyageur difficulty modes don't have Intestinal Parasites risk. At least, that's what I inferred when creating Custom sandboxes with 'Pilgrim' or 'Voyageur' baseline settings.
  6. Count me with those who miss the older UI for the Journal. Now, technically I can't 'miss' it, because when I first purchased The Long Dark on Steam, v.426 "Faithful Cartographer" had just been released, and featured a big UI overhaul. But as I was exploring the Time Capsule on Hinterland's website, I watched the videos introducing the changes in older releases, and when I saw the older Journal UI as it had matured in "Penitent Scholar", my first reaction was that it looked way better than it is now. I always found the Journal part of the UI to be the least attractive and, in fact, it is
  7. I'm very sorry. If it's any consolation, I once shot a moose eleven times at that distance and the only thing I managed was to scare it into despawning (because I never saw it in the same spot afterwards). My survivor then kept having this recurring dream of satchels running away from him…
  8. Region: Forlorn Muskeg Area: Poacher's Camp The revolver may not be a long-range weapon, but… This is a one-shot bear kill, with the revolver, at a distance I would be more comfortable shooting with a rifle (if I had one). I was crouching behind the wagons, saw the bear come down from that little hill, and shot. To my amazement, the bear moaned and fell down right away on the spot (Fig.1). Maybe I was lucky and the RNG gods were (for once) benevolent. In Fig. 2 you can see where I was posted. The subsequent bearbecue at Poacher's Camp was a success. Fig. 1 - No more than a
  9. I think it's probably the real reason why the region is called Desolation Point. 😄 But seriously, the Lonely Lighthouse could use at least a toilet with a shower, and the lack of such facilities at Hibernia Processing is an especially glaring omission. Unless there were bathrooms in the destroyed buildings near the trailers...
  10. I love Balaclava-Man! Balaclava-Man is my new superhero. Back to the original video clip, given the presence of items and actions (turn lights on/off) I've never seen in Survival Mode, I assume this is from Story Mode, right?
  11. Another place I've found a fair amount of coal is the Coal Mine №3 (transition between Old Island Connector and Desolation Point).
  12. I'm enjoying this series and I like your style of commentary while playing. You have inspired me to start a new run with a Custom sandbox, using settings from Voyageur difficulty, but with the option 'Endless Night' enabled. After a Random spawn, I've started in Mountain Town. It could have been worse, but after raiding half the town, I've only found one tin of coffee. So far I've survived one day, but it's trickier than I thought. Since I haven't found a storm lantern yet, and the night has been moonless so far, I need to constantly light matches if I want to explore or see where I'm goi