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  1. I'm definitely not a hunter despite the many hours and survival sandboxes I've played in the past year or so, but I have to say that almost every major kill I managed to carry out has had its weird or lucky flair. A few examples off the top of my head: While trying to stone a rabbit in Mountain Town, I managed to hit a wolf that was on the other side of a small hill. When the wolf appeared, I was startled, so I drew my rifle and shot in its general direction, without really aiming; instant kill. I was coming down Misanthrope's Homestead's island headed toward the cottages on the mainland; there was some light fog, and suddenly I made out the shape of the resident bear; I fired two rifle shots in its direction, but I really just wanted to scare it away (I was on Pilgrim, and in my early runs, so I didn't know about wildlife not attacking you unless provoked). The bear made a sound and started running away. I lost sight of it, and started exploring the cottages. Hours later I came out of the biggest house in this area and heard crows from an unusual spot. Went to investigate, and found the bear, dead by the side of the road just behind the house. There was a time where I set base in the Hunting Logde in Broken Railroad (don't ask). One morning I went out and saw a moose near the frozen pond. This was one of the rare times when I really, really wanted the kill (it was before the Well Fed buff, and I wanted to craft a satchel). I started walking towards the moose, rifle drawn, and began shooting at it as I approached. One, two, three shots. Nothing. Four, five, six shots. Nothing. The moose would run off a bit, but quickly return to its spot. Seven, eight, nine shots. Now I got this seemingly bulletproof moose angry and it starts charging. I realise I'm out of ammo, so I switch to the bow. I only have one arrow. I barely have time to aim and shoot. It drops dead in front of me. Finally, lol! This is recent. I find the revolver in the Radio Control Hut. First time I find it since the Steadfast Ranger update. I'm curious to hear what sound it makes when fired, so I go out and take a stroll downhill towards the main road. I fire the revolver twice without aiming. Nice sound! Soon after I realise I've also killed a rabbit! 🙂
  2. I voted Coastal Highway as my favourite region because I think it's one of the most varied and balanced regions of the game world. There are all kinds of buildings — fishing huts, cabins, houses, the garage, the lookout, the trailer... The landscape offers steep paths and places as well as flat areas of frozen water and man-made roads. And you have more interesting islands than, say, Desolation Point. Same goes for the fauna and available resources. I've played for almost 350 hours at this point and I still find Coastal Highway to be one of the least 'boring' regions. I voted the Ravine as my favourite transitional region because of its uniqueness. Exploring the ravine itself to get to the flare gun and crossing that railway bridge still thrills me whenever I go there. Now that I see the poll's results, I'm a bit surprised by the lack of love for Broken Railroad. While I'll admit I used to like it more before the changes introduced with the Wintermute Redux update (if I remember well) — now the whole entrance area has become unnecessarily more user-hostile and difficult to navigate, in my opinion — Broken Railroad has the Maintenance Shed, which is among my favourite buildings in the whole game. And the Hunting Lodge has a sort of cinematic flair, too. If The Long Dark were an action movie like one from the Jason Bourne or James Bond franchise, I always think the Hunting Lodge would be the perfect place for the decisive shoot-out, haha. 😀
  3. Morrick


    I voted "Start in a random area every time" because it's probably the closest to what I do. I actually don't let the game choose an area for me randomly, but I'll say "Hmmm, I want to start in Pleasant Valley this time" — and though I am a guy, I won't always choose the male survivor character either. Then, once I start a new playthrough, I don't always follow the same looting routes. I try to keep things interesting... Sometimes I even take the 'scenic route' from a place to another, and not necessarily the most effective way to go from point A to point B. I think it helps me to avoid playing on auto-pilot, so to speak. 🙂
  4. Sixth day… you guessed it… blizzard! And on the seventh day, I reached Forlorn Muskeg. After a short break in the weather, another blizzard is coming. I don't know if I'll manage to get to Old Spence, but I gathered enough materials to build a snow shelter. I have to shake this 'Hypothermia Risk' before it becomes full-blown hypothermia. Very little food left. I may be in for some record here. I've found better weather in Timberwolf Mountain on Interloper.
  5. The trek from Signal Hill to the Carter Hydro Dam was slow and hard, awful weather and a bear encounter that could have gone much worse hadn't I had my revolver with me. I finally reached the Dam under heavy snow in the late afternoon... Killed a rabbit, avoided a wolf, and up the Dam I went... I was exhausted and encumbered, so I decided to sleep on my bedroll as soon as I entered the facility from the window. It was still night outside when I got up, and saw this: Yep… aurora in the Carter Hydro Dam. Which means, watch your step and careful where you go. Not downstairs, for example. So I returned to the relative safety of the office, I turned my head and — WHOA… POLTERGEIST! That computer monitor… That computer monitor... Isn't connected to anything... *shudder*
  6. ♪ ♫ I'm walking on blizzards, yeah yeah… ♪ ♫
  7. All you need is a wolf leash and you have a free flashlight! 🙂
  8. I enjoyed it a lot. The bear attack was very nicely edited, in my opinion. Overall, I found your montage to communicate The Long Dark's atmosphere pretty well. Cheers!
  9. The fifth day started quietly, but after 'having breakfast' (a jar of peanut butter, the last high-calorie food in stock), I went out and the blizzard was mounting up again. The screenshot was taken just before the wind and snow intensified. Before returning inside the Hunting Lodge, I managed to snatch a dead rabbit, recently killed by a wolf. At least I still have a little bit of food.
  10. Hey folks, it's been a while since my Pilgrim-tries-Interloper tales. Work has increased in the past months, so I've had less and less time to play The Long Dark. Two days ago I wanted to try something new, instead of continuing from one of my saves. I started a new game on Voyageur and told the game to choose a random location to start. I spawn in Broken Railroad, inside the Maintenance Shed, mid-afternoon. Eh, could be worse — I thought. I didn't know I was in for a surprise. I start exploring the shed and find the usual useful items: some food, a few articles of clothing in decent shape, a prybar, some accelerant. I wear all the heavier clothes, but they're not enough to keep me warm. Indoor temperature is -3°C. There's a blizzard outside. I eat, I drink, I break crates to have some reclaimed wood. I keep warm thanks to the forge. I explore all the shed's nooks and crannies. With the night, comes an aurora. Suddenly I have to take care where I put my feet, as cables on the ground start to light up and fizzle. Exhausted, I go to bed. Next day: blizzard. I pass some time, I expertly manage my food and beverages so that I can survive another day inside the shed. But the clothing situation is not ideal. I mean, it's not as bad as on Interloper, but every time I venture outside the shed, the indicator reaches 'Cold' and 'Numb' pretty quickly. A brief trip to the gatehouse gives me Hypothermia Risk at 11% on my way back to the shed. Hours pass. The blizzard stays. I manage to reach the end of the second day without burning through all the resources I have collected so far. But I can't stay here another day. As I go to bed, I hope things will improve tomorrow. They don't. As I wake up and hear the sound of wind outside, I'm hoping it's just wind, but then I go to the outer office and look outside. Yep, blizzard. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I have inadvertently selected some new challenge. Oh well. Blizzard or no blizzard, it's time to get out of here and head for the Hunting Lodge. At least I won't have to worry about predators on my way there. Obviously, for 80% of my trip to the Lodge, I have to walk against the wind, so my trek is painfully slow, and cold. When I reach the Hunting Lodge, I have hypothermia. I collect some stuff, but while I'm happy to find a good amount of food and drinks, and even a revolver and ammo, the only useful piece of clothing I find is an earwrap. Oh, and impractical ski boots. The heaviest jacket I'm wearing is a down vest at 73% condition. I light a fire and spend most of the day recovering from hypothermia and mending all the clothes I can, as to maximise their warmth and protection. I go to bed. Fourth day: blizzard. I'm low on resources now. I'm starting to think it's time I take a few cups of coffee and wait for the night, see if the blizzard calms down. If I try heading for the exit and to Forlorn Muskeg with this blizzard, I don't know if I'll survive. This Voyageur run has a really Interloper vibe to it I didn't expect. And this is the shittiest weather I've found in 350 hours of playing The Long Dark.
  11. My worst jumpscare has to be that time I was exploring the houses at the Rural Crossroads in Pleasant Valley. I've always been cautious when exploring an area, exactly to avoid been surprised by a wolf or a bear. There was no suspicious movement around the houses. The weather was fine, so I had perfect visibility. After searching the last house, the one nearest to the see-saw and the fire barrel outside, I exited, picked up charcoal from the barrel, turned to get back on the road — and I was face to face with a bear! I hadn't heard it, I hadn't seen it… the feeling was that he just materialised out of thin air. But it was no ghost, as it mauled me pretty well!
  12. Weather was getting worse. There was a strong, gusty wind as I was making my way to the Forestry Lookout with a sprained ankle, tried and encumbered. But despite its impractical location, I always end up spending some time in a lookout. I love to be able to see outside — the changes in light and weather. 🙂
  13. This is the coolest screenshot I've seen since discovering these forums. Sincere compliments.
  14. I think so, yes. I too was surprised the first time I saw it. Like: "Has it always been here and I was too caught up in the game to notice, or…" That kind of doubt, you know. 🙂
  15. Thank goodness the Quonset is open tonight, I was running out of petrol.