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  1. I generally agree with this. To be fair, there's a recent transition where you don't pass through a cave, and that is the 'upper entry' to Bleak Inlet from the Ravine. But your point stands. I like those three transition zones because they're cool mini-regions that sometimes feel like an opportunity to pause and rest. More than once finding refuge in the basement of the abandoned Harris home in Crumbling Highway has meant saving my survivor from certain hypothermia.
  2. Three moments from a long, cross-region trip. 1. Some late night talk radio in the Orca Gas Station. 2. Making the Old Spence Family Homestead a bit cosier. 3. Minimalist view from a cave in Bleak Inlet, the morning after I survived a blizzard.
  3. I actually think that there aren't enough coastal regions if we consider that the game world is supposed to be an island. In a recent sandbox, I started in Hushed River Valley, then went to Mountain Town, then to Forlorn Muskeg, then to Broken Railroad, then back to Muskeg, then to Mystery Lake, and am now in Pleasant Valley. I swear I haven't avoided the coastal regions on purpose, but it felt strange to cover all that land without even seeing the ocean… As for the rest, I too would like to see a more urban setting (as I wrote in my post). I agree, the wildlife aspect could be an issue,
  4. I would love to explore a coastal region with a proper harbour and adjacent town. I mean, we have regions like Hushed River Valley, Timberwolf Mountain, and Ash Canyon, where there are little to no man-made structures, and I think it's time for a change. I don't know if Great Bear Island is supposed to be scarcely populated, but if you count how many regular houses you encounter in the game (therefore excluding industrial buildings, churches, stores, garages, etc.), you would probably think that fewer than 50 families used to live there. It's not that I want a new area with a lot of hous
  5. For me it's the Old Spence Family Homestead in Forlorn Muskeg. Reasons: No one has mentioned it yet, and I like to be original. It's a very airy and ventilated structure. Returning home in inclement weather is always an exciting experience. Forlorn Muskeg is now a cool region because it's one of the most connected. We have Mountain Town to the North, Broken Railroad to the West, Mystery Lake to the East, and Bleak Inlet to the South. Plenty of communication opportunities (lots of shortwave towers in Forlorn Muskeg!) All kinds of wildlife around you can
  6. An airport and a freight harbour? I'm definitely… on board with it.
  7. That moment when, after hours of zero visibility, sunlight manages to pierce through the fog.
  8. Hailing from Spain. Happy Festivities, everyone!
  9. I was walking in this twisting path between two mountains, and this unexpected light effect made me genuinely utter "Ooh!" out loud.
  10. After dying like an idiot in Ash Canyon thanks to one of these bridges… [puts sunglasses on, looks up] I'm back, bitches.
  11. Yesterday I lost my 75-day well-fed well-equipped (crampons, technical backpack, etc.) survivor in a very similar manner, but with an added flavour of stupidity and poor judgment on my part, because as I was crossing the bridge, I was trying to look at the mountain behind me to see whether there was another passage or way around, and I thought that looking at it from the vantage point of the bridge was a good idea. It was not. I definitely have underestimated these suspended bridges. The good thing is that not everything is lost, as I managed to restore a previous savegame from a Time Mac
  12. In Ash Canyon, good weather has been such a rare sighting for me, that when it happened I had to capture it! Also, waterfalls are amazing!
  13. Raphael van Lierop said on Twitter that no, you currently can't repair the crampons. See short thread here.
  14. After a long hiatus from both the game and the forums due to a serious increase of work, I had to get back to play in the new region. I had one of my survivors located in Timberwolf Mountain — a very well-fed, well-equipped Pilgrim, so I figured he was the best candidate to go on a mission. I found the entrance (or one of the entrances) to Ash Canyon pretty soon. At first the new region gave me a bit of a Hushed River Valley vibe, and I'm sorry but I really dislike Hushed River Valley, and after one in-game day in Ash Canyon I was already weary of exploring fairly empty areas in constant
  15. Imagine returning to The Long Dark after months being terribly busy with work, and discovering there's a summer event called Winter's Embrace (heh). And that such event ends in basically three days. Not having enough time to take this challenge seriously, I opted for a random spawn. Broken Railroad! Just the perfect place for cold weather, wolves, poor loot, etc. I never seem to remember they changed the map a bit in the Landslide area at the beginning, so I always waste time getting back on (railway) track. And of course as I spawn and start walking, a blizzard is already mounting. I'll cut t