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  1. Did I also miss an announcement that there will be no more Milton Mailbags as well? There hasn't been one in ages. Overall it's been eerily silent. Makes you wonder what they're brewing ^^
  2. Well, yeah, and that would also be valid imho. But there's people on these forums claiming to have gotten the info from @Raphael van Lierop himself that the shortcut is actually somewhere on the cannery grounds and specifically that it is meant to circumvent the parcour bit to get into the workshop. And that is just straight up BS afaik, dozens of people (including me) have searched the place top to bottom and with every conceivable combination of environmental or character factors and nada. That's why I'm saying there was some mess-up in the communication at the very least, worst case we have all been epically trolled and sent on a merry chase. Come to think of it, I'm still not over the "two-part environmental puzzle" that was announced and then nowhere to be found, so it might just as well be that we've all just been blind to something incredibly obvious.
  3. No, I haven't bothered looking again, mainly because nobody has been able to confirm with HL or Raphael wether or not this has all been a huge misunderstanding or a hoax. My money is on misunderstanding, aka there simply IS no shortcut and he meant something different (like "going back out from the workshop you can jump down somewhere closeby"). I am convinced we'll have to do that parcour route for all eternity. I hope to be proven wrong.
  4. So, the holiday break at HL seems to be over and they should be back to their normal response times ... has anyone been able to confirm anything new with either HL or Raph himself? Maybe someone of the Twitter kids could feel obliged? My money is still on "this was all a massive misunderstanding" or "we've been epically trolled". Dwindling chances for "we simply haven't found the shortcut yet" and "it exists but is bugged/will be available at a later time". I really, reallllllly don't feel like making 30 more rounds of the Cannery checking every nook and cranny in vain, it's just plain frustrating.
  5. @XLWatercube I liked this question so I did some research on the topic. It seems you are the first person to ask this, so I couldn't find any solid data. I dug up some circumstantial evidence though that might help shed some light. On a number of occasions groups of people have pondered adjacent questions, like "is a torch or a lamp more effective in burn time?" (so into which should you invest your lamp oil?). Apart from coming up with the obvious answers of weight vs resource availability, storms and high winds as a factor and things like wild life deterrent potential, all contributors to these threads and experiments reported the same burn time respectively for the lamp across the particular game version they were playing. Since we can assume that the oil that went into fuelling those lamps and the lamps themselves were of varying conditional degree, it does not seem to factor into burn time. Hope that helped ^^
  6. @peteloud I think that might have been me in the "BI - what am I missing" entry. Anyway, here's the way to the secret area: Good hunting!
  7. Another thing that actually made me go "Oooooh" out loud was the sudden realisation that the otherworldly chiming sound the Aurora makes is not just a song in the soundtrack but actual in-game sound. So unlike all the other songs it's not only me that can hear it, but the character as well. It just sounds so much like music, I never questioned that. I think I never understood that because when you transition from outside to closed buildings the sound just stops, like any regular game music in TLD. Recently I was on the plateau in Bleak Inlet during an Aurora event, stepped inside the Overlook and closed the door behind me - only to realize the sound was still there, but muted, exactly like it happens for other environmental sounds like howling wind etc., when you step inside of those locations like overlooks and the cabin on TWM that aren't truly "inside". I had to step back outside and just stood on the little walkway of the Overlook taking it all in, even though I was exhausted and freezing my butt off. The realization that the character can actually HEAR the music of the Aurora just blew my mind so I had to give him a couple of minutes to take it in. Imagine living in a silent world where there's nothing but wind and snow and animals ... and THAT. Wow.
  8. I've been in there searching following the same logic ("There must be something here, it's got a workshop and the guards must have had weapons in the days before it was abandoned" etc) and found nothing. Not a sinlge shell casing.
  9. @Ice Hole I think I have 🤔 Do you mean I found some food at the one obvious end point and then searched every nook and cranny on my way back, because this map is really, really good at hiding little corners behind completely innocent little snow drifts that then suddenly open out into lovely spots with loot and a view.
  10. Yeah @Ice Hole it was the first thing I noticed - and also a reason why I was SURE that the code had to be part of the "two-part environmental puzzle" and that it would have to be used at some other point (for example to get into another building nearer FM, in order to get the actual code for the cannery). Still not over that one. I know I set myself up for disappointment when I was expecting something complex and challenging, but I can't help it.
  11. How did that happen to you? Once open the door with the keypad stayed open forever in my game. In fact, since the first aurora I have been in and out of the workshop a dozen times during the daytime, lugging materials back and forth. You should report a bug.
  12. Even if I didn't have a rope on me at the time "making you go back to get a rope" is decidedly not the same as a "two-stage environmental puzzle forcing you to enter the region from two different points". Not complaining! Just saying it isn't what I was expecting from what was communicated. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop the whole time. So basically, what @ajb1978 was suggesting ^^
  13. Thanks for the answer! I'm mystified. How is that a two-part environmental puzzle? Under this definition half of Timberwolf mountain would be an environmental puzzle. I have to admit I was expecting something more intricate, not least because they made it a point to announce it in the Dev Diary and say it was the "first region to feature" something like this. When things were unfolding while traveling through the first half of the region I thought "I bet they make me come once from this direction to get the code, and once from the other side to open a gate or remove an obstacle of sorts, so that I can travel around freely in the future." Set myself up for a feeling of anticlimax I guess 😅
  14. I've been exploring (and LOVING!) the Bleak Inlet and from what I can see I've been through the whole region without encountering the environmental puzzle that was announced in the Dev diary: " This will be our first region to feature a two-part environmental puzzle of sorts — in order to unlock the region’s full potential, you’ll need to access it from two different locations. " I feel like the "full potential" bit means for me to get into the Workshop to use the ammo workbench - which I've done without ever going through the Forlorn Muskeg entrance. Now, either I've missed something major or the environmental puzzle was actually only "bring/have a mountaineering rope", which seems too easy. Can anyone share some insight?
  15. Parts of it are flooded already, no?