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  1. I'm glad that Raphael and Muecke sorted out the little misunderstanding/situation that happened with the last Milton mailbag. Alas, I'm left feeling that because of it the questions were answered in a slightly different way than how they could have been. Especially the first question got me excited because it is something I have been thinking about a lot myself. So let me try my hand at rephrasing it and submitting it here for a second consideration by Raphael: How has Episode 3 changed with the addition of the new staff and equipment? Has it altered the story and content itself or is it just a different approach now, like how things are staged and presented? Now, purely as an aside: The whole exchange really broke my heart. Even when reading the comment in the Question Thread I thought "Uh-oh, the question is exciting but this could have been worded better. Someone is going to get chewed up." From the user name I assume that Muecke is a fellow German, and we have a tendency to phrase things in a curt, not to say brusque way, when really we mean no harm. I can only imagine what it must be like for Raphael and the team to be under a constant barrage of demands and toxic commentary. Sometimes it feels like every third entry in the forums here and especially(!) elsewhere is a negative comment on how long releases have taken lately. Keeping that in mind the defensive tone of the answer was expected, but heartbreaking nonetheless. I'm glad you guys made up.
  2. Actually, the longer it stays quiet the more hyped I get, because I figure it means a big announcement is coming soon that they are "saving up" for, so to speak. I mean ... it's almost a certainty at this point ^^
  3. I've encountered the issue of clicking on 40 and landing on 39 as well. The tile on the right side of the main page, not the link in the Milton Mailbag category.
  4. Oh and of course thanks @Raphael van Lierop for answering my question. Glad to hear that my solution would work. I super like the idea of the magic container as well though! It would spare me about 6 hours of hassle that would be better spent getting hyped for future Episodes or updates ^^
  5. @Ice Hole you made my friggin day XD I hadn't even seen this before. Brilliant! @Kiom love the way our minds sync up hahaha! I spit coffee all over my keyboard. I don't think I've ever laughed so heartily about anything TLD related. The longer you look the funnier it gets. You guys have a lovely weekend!
  6. Hey Raph, you kindly answered one of my questions in a previous Mailbag: will we have to move all our stuff out of PV when Episode 3 launches to keep it safe, like we had to do with MT, ML etc for Redux. Your answer basically was "we hope to find a way around this but if we can't you'll get a heads-up". After the last dev diary I thought "let's actually prep for worst case" and trecked over to the PV farmhouse where I keep all my goodies from that region, to sort through everything and plan for a couple of lenghty hauling sessions. Then standing in the middle of my buttload of loot it hit me: wouldn't it be enough if I just picked everything up and had it on my person? I'd be severely over-encumbered, but with a little planning I could make it so that I wouldn't have to move from the spot until after the update. Is that a feasible alternative to schlepping everything out into the mine tunnels? Now, I do realise that it would look hilarious, this hulking bearded man just standong there with about a tonne of equipment strapped to him every which way, but I think I would prefer that to spending countless hours puffing and wheezing my way back and forth through that insane expanse that is PV risking sprains and whatnot.
  7. I'm so sorry you guys, you are so kind to reply to my question and I keep not making it clear what the question was I did update today. I don't even mind that I sprained my ankle. I don't mind that the warning sign was flashing. My question is: is the door step of a fishing hut considered now/has it always been considered (without us being able to see it prior to v 1.48) a slope where one could sprain an ankle? If so, why?
  8. No, 26 of 40 kg, fully rested. This is also not the issue. It's "why is the door of a fishing hut considered a slope?" There was a flashing red warning sign ^^
  9. I'm still curious why I sprained my ankle stepping out of a fishing hut. There was a slope indicator just as you go through the door. Is this an intended feature? Is the 3cm drop between fishing hut floor and ice considered a slope?
  10. Loved the update so far, currently combing over every part of every map looking for ammo and drinks (already found a revolver in PV). Strange thing I witnessed though: I sprained my ankle stepping out of the fishing hut in TWM (21 of 40 kg, well rested, full health). As I could't explain this I went back a couple of steps to see where the supposed slope was, looking for the warning to flash. Turns out it's right when you pass through the door of the hut. Is this working as intended? Is the thought behind this that the surface changes from wood to ice? If so, will you be implementing the same mechanic for stepping from stone to snow or similar?
  11. Let's see the clip and we'll know more. I have never encountered the sound you describe. Have you posted this before or am I having deja-vu?
  12. Yes, more podcasts please! @Raphael van Lierop thanks for liking my theory. Man, you could give master classes in "answering questions while not actually answering them at all". Have a nice weekend everyone!
  13. After Redux and its many exciting additions to the story I have been walking around survival mode with my eyes trained a little bit more towards story clues. Donning my P.I. hat in Milton has recently brought the following factoid to my attention: of the headstones in the cemetery, the three with both name and dates visible seem to mark the graves of young women, including Grey Mother's daughter. Now of course my brain went into overdrive, making up stories, going as far as imagining an ancient virgin-sacrificing cult on Great Bear. Care to comment? If you want to avoid spoilers (please do) then maybe at least you could say if the reasons are story related or something out of the real world.
  14. Good to have you back!! First the forums stay offline for A THOUSAND YEARS, then Hadrian drops off the face of the earth .... I thought I had broken the internet. Btw where is that guy gone to? Has anyone seen or heard from him?
  15. You are welcome! I hope you got to feel amazing when you finally found it. Great point! Keep this in mind for longer runs. I tend to forget it, shove the "ruined" food in a drawer somewhere and then of course it disappears ... so many calories wasted. To get your cooking skill up faster, try to cook every item of food possible before eating it, and be very diligent with making teas. Harvest meat in small pieces so you get more out of it as well (assuming every instance of cooking counts vs. the weight of the item or some other system).