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  1. Hi all, I'm a ~400hr Long Dark fan, 40yo father from Melbourne In Australia. I would love to meet up with another Long Dark fan and just trade stories and views. It's such an incredible game - thought provoking, introspective, and brutally beautiful. Most mornings I venture out into Great Bear while my family still sleeps. Anyway, let me know if you live in Melbourne, and let's have a chat! S
  2. Hey thanks for replying. I discovered something! I don't think it's location-based - it seems to be linked to the tree quality settings (maybe the 'Tree Billboard' distance?). The reason I only noticed this recently was that I'd turned down my quality settings to Low while experimenting with a larger monitor, and then left the game for some months. When I turned the quality settings back up to High, the problem was solved! Trees look normal again! Well, almost. I can still notice the effect, but it happens with trees that are much further away now. So it's definitely less noticeable. I'm going to go log this as a bug and see if it's something they can fix. I realise it's related to improving performance - but like I say, it just seems like the coefficients for rotation etc are off somehow.
  3. Hi there, Long-time TLD-lover here. Just had an experience that really, really threw me though. Want to know if anyone else has noticed this. WARNING: Once you've seen it, you can't un-see it... The perspective shift is really, REALLY borked when you rotate your view up & down. I was looking around outside Trapper's Cabin, and suddenly noticed it. After over 300 hours in the game, I never noticed this! Crazy. I feel slightly sick. The images attached don't do it justice, but they do clearly illustrate how wrong the perspective shift is. Take the example in the first image ("see up the tree"): The left-hand pane shows me looking straight ahead. Then I look up slightly - and in the right-hand pane, I can suddenly see well up the 'skirts' of a distant tree's foliage. Wait, what?? Now the second example: The left-hand pane shows me looking straight ahead. I look up slightly, and distant trees have dramatically bent inwards towards the centre of the view. Waaaaay beyond what looks 'normal'. Like I say, the images don't do it justice - the overall effect is that the trees are all overly-dramatically bowing down when you look down, and then they all bend over backwards when you look up. It's nuts. Things didn't improve when I changed FOV settings either. Tried both extremes, and in the middle (where I usually play, on 80). Just as borked in all cases. Try it for yourself! Or... don't. So... help? It's kind of shattered my immersion in the game. I'm hoping I can dive back in and... just not look up so much, and forget about it?
  4. @manolitodeespana You can instantly bring up the fire interface by pressing left on the d-pad of a controller - at least that's what I do, using a PS4 controller, playing on PC. I'd be surprised if it wasn't the same controls on consoles. Do you know about this? The other arrows on the D-pad are useful shortcuts too - probably the same as what @JAFO said the 1-4 keys so on a keyboard.
  5. Yes I noticed this - and combined with the graffiti of a pipe spewing water with the word 'future' under it, I felt sure that the controls (wheels and levers) on the overhead walkway near the main gate would activate it, during an aurora. No luck though. Then I wondered about that suspicious fuse box during an aurora, maybe enabling the controls - also no luck. But then I wondered - what if I'd had scrap metal in my inventory at the time...?
  6. In response to the OP - while I agree the route to the Cannery Workshop is convoluted and not entirely 'natural', overall I think it's a good inclusion, for two reasons: 1. It was interesting and exciting - especially given that for my first journey, I had 5 or 6 vicious Timberwolves barking at me, just waiting for a false step. It was deliciously tense, and for me a landmark experience within Bleak Inlet. There's a saying 'never let the truth get in the way of a good story', and I think that applies here. But also - (see 2 below) 2. It's not entirely unnatural/contrived, given the note explaining that the workers had jerry-rigged the route through the cannery rafters specifically to avoid the Timberwolves. The part that does feel contrived to me is how rickety the route is, in several places, and the fact it's one-way. However I'm prepared to forgive this because of point 1 above! But - the thing I definitely don't enjoy, is having to traverse the same route over and over again. @RossBondReturns, you've provided some great info indicating there apparently is a shortcut, but so far nobody on the forums seems to have found it. I've created a separate thread dedicated to sharing the learnings about this famed shortcut (given this thread is really about the convoluted route, and what people think of it). If you find out anything more, please post at the other thread!
  7. I also wandered around beneath the Cannery Workshop, looking up for any hidden hatches. No luck.
  8. Maybe one of the young people with the Twitter could try sending another tweet mail to Mr Van Lierop. Unless the Twitter post has shut down for the holidays.
  9. Thanks for a great reply! I'm pretty sure Raph has indicated the shortcut is to the Cannery Workshop, because it was in response to a tweet when someone talked about having to do all the beam-walking. If I recall correctly. I'll try to find the Twitter exchange, but it was in another post on these forums, by "Ross Bond Returns".
  10. Thanks Raph and the team, for continuing to exceed expectations of just how good a developer can be. Hope you all enjoy a well earned rest over the holiday season, and I will indeed be spending a good amount of time within your masterwork. ūüėĄ Bleak Inlet and Errant Pilgrim have been a superb addition in my opinion, upping the risk-reward stakes for players who dare, and adding significant character to the game world in the process. Great vision, great delivery. You got it.
  11. I've seen mention in a couple of other threads that Raph has confirmed there is an unlockable shortcut to the cannery workshop. Apparently there is a hint in the Errant Pilgrim launch video. Anyone find it yet? I've tried walking around with rope to find a tie point, but no luck. I've tried the levers and wheels above the main cannery gate during an aurora, no luck. I noticed some graffiti that shows water coming out a pipe, and underneath the word 'future', and wondered if that's a clue. To me it feels a bit contrived that finding the shortcut is so hard, when it should be trivial to tie some rope off the end of the pier. Hope they signpost it better in future.
  12. I'm was sure I'd shot and killed wolves and bears through the open windows on the PV kitchen porch, until I read this, and now I'm doubting! I've definitely shot a bear through the open window of a little guard house, near Hibernia processing.