What's your favorite Custom Mode playthrough/settings?

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Recently, I've been delving into custom mode, and have read and adjusted the many settings you can change that'll impact your survival playthrough. Though I have started many survival playthroughs with different challenges and unique variables, there are always two that I fall back on that actually make it past 20 days. 

Super-Pilgrim: Default Pilgrim settings, with the exception of all wildlife being set to max spawns, and fastest respawns, with their player detection set to its minimum. I primarily use this to work on the "Faithful Cartographer" achievement, but also have been doing it along side the "living off the land" achievement as well, to mix things up. I set the animal detection to very low, as I always find it a pain to hunt on default pilgrim, due to deer spotting me from two miles away. I quite enjoy how alive the world feels when there are so many animals living in the world, and makes everything feels less desolate as I wonder from POI to POI (point of interest). 

Collector's-Interloper: Since the release of the DLC, I've always wanted to collect all of the unique items, but since default interloper disables firearms as well as cleaning kits, this has been my go-to to still find neat loot, whilst still having the harshness of Interloper. Simply put, its Interloper with medium loot, and firearms turned on. Simple as that, but I quite like having the goal of searching for the unique weapons and thermoses. 

If I had more patience, I'd probably play on the Endless night settings more, but the constant dread of using up all of my lantern fuel, and not being able to use a workbench usually ends the playthrough early.

Curious on what settings everyone else typically runs with on custom, and what unique playthroughs have been created! Hope everyone has a good day!

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i play a custom settings that keep interloper harsh conditions while retaining Stalker items quantities/spawning and lowering a bit items deterioration ratios (similar to voyager)

After so many years of playing what keeps me moving around is to find a couple of cans of food (i use 3 food itms mods) and place them in my base ... I like to return base and place some other food on the scaffolds... a new can of coffee... some ingredients for cooking. Thats gives me the vibes of "surviving"+"nice cozy home", two things that for me are necessary.

challenges like surviving 30 days hopping on one leg doesnt interest me much.

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My main runs are custom pilgrim,settings are max wolves,no fear, close detection range or I'll never see any, wind variability on low because I love silent blizzards...   Turning the fear off makes the chances of attack more likely,even though that seems to affect the bear a lot more than wolves for some reason.. 

My current side run is mostly stalker with loper weather but on passive,again with low wind and no fear..  I'm testing various settings before my next main run to see what I like and don't like..  

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main runs are :

  • few bears and wolves, more moose, more dear, more rabbit, more fish,
  • more injuries from woldlife, tipically for clothes,
  • very harsh climate but deteriorate slowly,
  • very few item outside, normal inside

and some mods, but consistent with the game.

I play only custom mode since years to fit the game with what I like to play :).

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I couldn't get the game to a point I could enjoy. The best one I had was(from what I recall):

Lowest possible animal population(still too high)
Worst possible weather(fine)
Lowest possible thirst/hunger meters(still too high)
Lowest possible health regen(still too high)
Lowest possible item decay rates(still too high)
A cold housing mod(not an actual challenge based off how the game works)
Disabled sprains and parasites(awful mechanics that make no sense)

I would disable scurvy too as that's another nonsense mechanic that isn't even solved in a way that makes sense.

Essentially I wanted more long term impact in my game. I wanted to know I might starve to death in a couple weeks, I wanted a wolf attack to be a serious recovery, I wanted the threat of freezing to death. The sandbox just isn't made for people like me. Oh well, I purchased the game for the story mode so it's not a big deal that the stuff that comes with it isn't to my liking.

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Interloper difficulty with guns enabled, and cabin fever turned off

Although I find there is too many firearms and ammo.

I'd really like a custom setting for the collectibles only on interloper difficulty and an option to have one hatchet and one knife spawn in the entire world as well.

Unless they add a special/collectable knife and hatchet .

Then i could just play with these special/collectable items enabled.

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