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  1. Did Nvidia really advertise TLD on their service without knowledge and consent of Hinterland? And you do not see that it's wrong? The other thing is that the owner of the intellectual property has the right to decide in which way he wants his property to be distributed. Especially when they haven't been asked. Is it that so difficult to understand?
  2. atomic

    No Ammo

    Isn't it possible to repair the weapons on the milling machine inside the cannery in BI? But I think you need to wait for an aurora to do it.
  3. Hello Raphael, I have short question: shortcut inside BI Cannery - was it all a misunderstanding?
  4. Moonrise over Bleak Inlet, shot from the cave on the little island near the cannery
  5. You'll find it here:
  6. This week I also really hoped for a short replay from the studio if this was all a misunderstanding. I still hope it wasn't and there is a short cut, a place to mount a rope to... I saw a couple of interesting spots, these haven't been mentioned yet - I think... next to the last building before the cannery (my favourite): behind the cannery:
  7. 717d 18d 28m days on pilgrim right now. Still so many things i want to do with my survivor. Currently he's exploring BI. Learning to make bullets. He's still not brave enough to visit HRV. My previous survivor made it to day 45 or so. It was the very first time I was in the SE CH area. He broke into ice in CH trying to get to the south eastern part of Misanthropes Home Island. He made it back to the road and the Waterfront Cottages, but I decided he should cut some wood before getting into a cabin to have something for a fire to get dry... not a good idea in wet clothes.
  8. Do you see the matches in this pic? It's next to the cabin WSW from the Lower Raven Falls. (Pilgrim mode)
  9. I'm probably not up to date, but was the Deadman Challenge a speed run of a kind or was it about surviving as long as possible? I'd thought it was the second one. If I am right, then speedrunning this challenge is contradicting what the Deadman Challenge was all about. Maybe someone should try and survive 100 (or more) days until completing this challenge by visiting the last grave? Maybe that's why the longest time is being recorded in this challenge? PS-I'd love to see the vids of the speedruns as soon as I find some time. I've already started yesterday. There is so much to learn from it. So thanks for posting them!
  10. If you want to hide a text use [.spoiler] xxx [/.spoiler], remove .
  11. atomic

    Bleak Inlet

    I'm on Pilgrim, so no hassle with the wolfs. But I've seen them near the lookout and the pier. I do not think you can aviod them when going to visit Bleak Inlet. Aurora seems to occure quite often on Pilgrim. Didn't have to wait long to get the door opened. The illumination of the workshop is quite impressing to me. Disco time at the workshop: Spoiler!
  12. atomic

    Bleak Inlet

    I'm really enjoying the new region. It's a bit cold here when it's clear and windy sometimes (-30°C)... Sunset at the radio tower:
  13. Just saw the videoclip. I am absolutely excited! Have a nice Christmas & New Year Break!
  14. atomic

    4DON Too Easy?

    Interesting ideas indeed, Enigma. But on day 4 you have around -60°C at some point and you can't see past 10 meters. You can't compare the situation to day 1.
  15. For me it was -60°C outside feel. So it had to be a big fire^^ It's warmer inside, so the fire you need there doesn't need to be that big. They said be near a fire, they didn't say how big it has to be 😎
  16. With no fear on day 1 I really enjoyed this event. Last year I was too afraid of whatever on day 1 and had a bit panic before day 4 started. You maybe remember the speculations about what was going to happen because of the blizzard striking on Great Bear Island. After I got the 4 day batch, I went on a walk through the blizzard. Starting in Quonset, tried to catch some fish but they seem to be gone. At least I've found a pumkin pie! Slept a bit at sort log. Then went on to Jackrabbit Island, where my char found redemption. This one is seconds before he faded into the long dark... .
  17. I've just managed to sleep a couple of hours outside near the log sort. Had to do a 11 hrs fire to keep me warm^ ^
  18. atomic

    4DON Too Easy?

    Why should the game do it for you? Im playing 90% sandbox mode, I make up my own stories and quests at the time that I decide. So is 4DON. You can decide whatever you like to do. Loot all 4 regions on day 1? Go out on day 2 & 3 to have fun with the wolfes? Travel through the blizzard at -60°C? Please do not complain when you decide to stay in, you've had the option to do something else
  19. Put some more wood into the fire maybe? Each reclaimed wood gives +3°C
  20. Is this intended? Wolf is not able to get game anymore. Tried it in TWM and ML. Once they run vs. rocks they keep dancing around in circles.. . Nothing happens... I can even dance with them 😂
  21. Tried it again in Mystery Lake: the wolf never gets the game, finally they end up dancing together in circles... 😁 and they keep dancing and dancing...
  22. Just visited Misty Falls Cave, nice surprise indeed. Thanks for the tip!😀 By the way I have noticed that I can't run game into wolf anymore, at least not in front of Mountaneer's hut in TWM Wolf keeps running after the game throughout the frozen lake and then they finally dissapear after running up the rocky hill on the right side of the second screenshot...Yesterday the wolf also was not able to get the game, they've run up the slope right of the rocky hill and run and run without getting anywhere. I had to help out with the revolver... anyone had similar experience?
  23. Couldn't resist. Rural crossroads is called Thompson Crossing now. Houses on the other side of the bridge are destroyed or not accessible now.
  24. I decided to visit PV with my long time survivor and see what's happened. Going down from TWM I checked my supplies at the bunker and saw the lost and found crate which contained some of my stuff which I have probably left on the floor. Thanks for that! However I see the meat I had stored on the floor was lost, but o.k. I'm in pilgrim mode so it's not that bad. Then I went in the direction of PV Farmstead. A plane went down at Skeeter's Ridge, the whole area has been a bit remodeled. Found a revolver in the basement there. Do not know if I missed it before. Once I have found the way to the crash site, there were a lot bodies and even more suitcases with clothing. Also a lot nice vegetarian food from board catering. Went on to PV Farmstead and saw what I already feared, all my hoarded meat was gone, but whatever I have new furiture to break down^° Vegetarian food: New mysterious plant 😉: The case was empty for me: Crash site: Tomorrow I'm going to try visit the rural crossroads and signal hill.
  25. Yes, they respawn. I can't confirm how many days it takes, but they respawn.