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  1. Similar problem here. I've lost my Darkwalker feat. Instead I have badges for all chellenges, expect When the dead sleep and the 2 DW badges. But the badges I've earned were the 4 x 4DON, 2xWE and 2xDW-badges. Is there anyway to return it to the way it was before?
  2. Finally had the time for another try to get both batches. I started in DP, like a lot of people adviced, then to CH, PV and on to ML. The Darkwalker almost got me as I left the Carter Dam. He actually cornered me in the fenced area. I still do not know how I was able to escape him, but I did. With about 5% health I literally stumbled to the green fire in ML, where I was able to sleep an hour. Then I've put a lure gluph there. Next stop was the tunnel to FM, here I've sprayed ward and slept 3 hour. From there on it was almost a walk in the park to the 6th fire in BR. Once again, the sounds are
  3. I have to say this event creates a very sick athmosphere. Fits the halloween theme 100% 😱 I have my first playthrough in now. Lasted 49 mins and found 2 pages. My short journey started in BR down the cliff from the llodge. I spotted the green fire in the direction of the maintenence yard, still I decided to pay a visit to the lodge. Found some food there as far as I remember and mucklucks and a revolver if I remember correctly. There was also a rope but next to the climbing spot there was also another rope. Back down I wasn't able to see tha green fire anymore, but I remembered the
  4. Well, this depends on the mode you play and your current clothing. I'm playing it on Pilgrim and had already most of the island looted before I had the heart to pay a visit to TWM. So I never had a problem with temperature there. BI was much colder, but there you have more options to hide...
  5. I would put BRR, FM and BI before TWM and HRV. The last two are really challenging big maps, with only two manmade structures (Mountaineer's Hut and Plane Wreck in TWM), a couple of caves and even cave systems. There are no roads or train tracks to help you orientate yourself. And a lot of climbing is waiting for you there too. 🙂
  6. Hey, the first things I've learned in this game is not to be outside at night or unsecure weather 😀 Now after hundreds of hours in pilgrim, I see I have learned some skills that help me to stay alive in this mode. However, the really tough points for a pilgrim player are the cold inside buildings and also the need to consume about 2500 kcal per day. You have to reevaluate your needs. Most important is to get good clothing as soon as possible and get it repaired. So you need to move on constantly. Normal pilgrim, as I am usually, would stay at first or second shelter for some in game days
  7. Wolf to the left, bear to the right... tough decision for a regular pilgrim player in Winter's Embrace... I can't believe I'm still outside, -60°C, almost no vision at all... I know at the end of this power cable there is a shelter.
  8. Damn, harvesting a rabbit inside trapper's got me to fade into the long dark... I felt I secure and was just too slow to react...
  9. As funny as this sounds, but I guess that could be it, indeed. The Long Dark is very often available on sale (right now again just for 6,24 EUR, 75% down). Some people, who are probably interested in survival games in general, buy it because it's on sale for this ridiculous price. But in the end they have actually no time to play it... Happens to me too. After work, sleep and family time theres not much time left for gaming anymore 🤣 I've not found this option on steam. Googled it and only found that it is not possible... But it's actually just a very small icon that pops u
  10. Some shots from my latest tour through HRV... Mhh, I guess I stay in today... Sunrise in HRV Mr Elk between me and mysterious fire (as I initially thought)...
  11. My favourite memory is surviving 😀 Breaking through ice in FM, suddenly incoming storm, barely made it to the tunnel to ML, starting a fire there, warming up and making it back to camp office. And the sunrise at Spence's in FM was sooo wonderful, I never thought it would become such a tight journey back to camp office...
  12. Just stumbled over this one on Steam: The global gameplay stats say that only 51% got "first of many" which is to survive 1 day in survival mode, just 20,2% survived 10 days, only 6,3% survived 50 days and only 2,9% did 100 days. On the other hand in story mode only 50,3% escaped the ravine after the crash and only 37,2% made it to Milton. How do you interprete these stats? 50% of the people buy this wonderful game and give up before making it through the first in game day? Seems pretty weird to me...
  13. Today I finally made it (on pilgrim)! It's still the most rare achivement of Long Dark (0,6% of steam users). Thanks to the latest update I was able to see what I missed on all maps - I have not mapped some of the entrances of the regions. HRV was the last region to be mapped. I think I've spent at least the last 2 weeks there. It is really a wonderful map. No man made structures, but a lot of caves, a lot of climbing spots. I will go back now to the lake cave at Monolith Lake and spend some more days there 😃