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  1. I really love this feature, but it's true you have too few uses per can. Yesterday I needed 3 cans to mark my thin ice secure way from Poacher's Camp to Old Spence's. On the other hand, after running this way about 5 times back and forth while marking it, I think I should have kept the cans and better mark ways through transition caves instead...
  2. Just found a polaroid in the Rocky Refuge next to the backpack by the fireplace. This is a rocky hill in Milton Basin.
  3. Yes, I've also found one in the Quonset Garage behind the counter. On my "main" pre-existing save.
  4. There's a helpful thread pinned to this part of the forum:
  5. I used to jam a creditcard-sized metal bottle opener between the keys "2", "3" and "W" while I kept "W" pressed for a second. 😎 This is a very valuable tip! By default you have to press Z (autowalk) or S (backwards) to cancel autowalk, but rushing to put down your drink to avoid autojumping off a cliff may have negative effects on your keyboard and other surroundings 😁 It almost happened to me while walking up the hill towards the transition mine from PV to CH. After that I've decided to change the keybind to the mouse.
  6. I really like this update, great job! Autowalk - I've really been waiting for this, but it's strange now after >400 hrs playing without it^^ Spray markings - this is a great idea, especially because you can see most of them on the map. I can imagine how important it is for new players. I had plans to finally explore HRV anyway, so I'm really looking forward to test this feature. But it's true, it's kinda weird that you can summon a spray can without having one in your inventory, even if you are not able to spray on anything then. Mapping - I like the way this is working now. It really makes sense. What's great is that you can see how the fog of war dissapears. Map & Journal improvements - this is so nice! In the past days I was about to start to work on the faithful cartographer achivement. You have really saved me a lot of work to find out what I have missed! Funny to see that I have quite often forgot to take out the charcoal right before or right after I left / entered a new map ("to Ravine", "to coastal highway" missing). Rock caches - another great idea, which really fits the environment of the Long Dark to me. It will be definitely of use during my exploration of HRV. Now I ask myself whether I sould bring the 50 stones with me or whether I will find them there. I've already noticed there are much more stones laying around now. I've found my first polaroid here:
  7. atomic

    episode 4 & 5 ?

    The Dev Diary - May 2020 contains some info you might find helpful...
  8. The admin wrote a short comment about the uncertain future of Milton Mailbag some time ago:
  9. Did Nvidia really advertise TLD on their service without knowledge and consent of Hinterland? And you do not see that it's wrong? The other thing is that the owner of the intellectual property has the right to decide in which way he wants his property to be distributed. Especially when they haven't been asked. Is it that so difficult to understand?
  10. atomic

    No Ammo

    Isn't it possible to repair the weapons on the milling machine inside the cannery in BI? But I think you need to wait for an aurora to do it.
  11. Hello Raphael, I have short question: shortcut inside BI Cannery - was it all a misunderstanding?
  12. Moonrise over Bleak Inlet, shot from the cave on the little island near the cannery
  13. You'll find it here:
  14. This week I also really hoped for a short replay from the studio if this was all a misunderstanding. I still hope it wasn't and there is a short cut, a place to mount a rope to... I saw a couple of interesting spots, these haven't been mentioned yet - I think... next to the last building before the cannery (my favourite): behind the cannery: