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  1. As far as I see I have taken the shots from further away this time. You have to consider that there is always a split second between both screenshots and the rifle & sights are moving. In addition to that I was hungry and overloaded. I was also more windy. However, I feel it's much better now than it was before the fix. PS - Both shootings were made by a char with no shooting expirence at all (my pacifist 😀). So movement of rifle & sights is quite a chellange.
  2. Actually this has been fixed some months ago. Now it looks better. Consider the new aiming mechanics.
  3. voted Hushed River Valley - but only because I was not brave enough to visit it with my "main" char to learn the map yet. The places I do not like are transition caves. However, I found a way to deal with them and placed signs made of sticks to avoid getting lost. As long as you get lantern fuel from cooking fish everything is fine!
  4. Die Karten von Whiteberry sind zwar alt, aber man kann damit trotzdem ganz gut navigieren. Es gibt hier und da kleine Abweichungen, die wichtigen Landmarks sind aber fast alle da. Von den in der Karte für ML (Mystery Lake) eingezeichneten Bunkern spawnt nur einer pro Spiel. Es gibt im Spiel einen Bunker der immer da ist. Es ist der Bunker in Pleasant Valley am Zugang zu Timber Wolf Mountain. Hier paar Screenshots: Blick von oben am Abgang zu PV. Mittig rechts am umgefallenen Baum liegt der Zugang zu diesem Bunker. Hier der Zugang aus der Nähe:
  5. Whoa, that's surprisingly difficult to answer. I know the places I hate: the mines and tunnels, that's for sure. 🤬 Hm, my favourite place must be the hut at the bottom of Timberwolf Mountain. A bed, actually two, a nice fireplace, a nice 40 kg container, work bench. Fishing hut in close range. A wolf and 2-3 dear on the lake plus some rabbits. Endless stick supply. It's a paradise in pilgrim. Better than any place in Mystery Lake. 😀
  6. "Glad" to see there are more people out there with this problem, I already thought I forgot how to aim...
  7. Everybody who played WoW back in the days knows: "never play on patch day" 😀 It wasn't that bad in TLD! Just a few sprains which could be slept off and couple of rounds wasted due to the strange aiming system (I do not mean the thing which were implemented, they are cool, it just seems that the aiming itself is different than it was before).
  8. Hey, I've found the first revolver book 😀 (Derailment inside train wagon)
  9. Read the idea of shooting at a sign to see where to aim and did it by myself. It's long ago that I have handled RL weapons, but aiming as in the first screenshot I'd expect to hit the crossbar of the "A", correct? This is where the shot went...
  10. No need to fear a "ban hammer". Admin wrote last year that "we are fine with people discussing their desire for mods". What they don't like is links to sites with mods. And he made clear, at least to me, why. I'm fine with mods, don't get me wrong. But if it has been made clear several times before that its support is not #1 topic now, then you should not be worried that some possibilities have been closed down now. To me it's like my landlord would tell me all the time not to use his garden to grow chili. One day he will pave the garden and then my chili plants are gone...
  11. Do not be afraid 😀, Admin wrote on Sep, 4th, 2018: "As stated we are fine with people discussing their desire for mods. We, however, do not want people directing others to existing mods, or recommending existing mods. For this reason, we've edited your post removing references to where you can find them. The main reason for this is that the use of unauthorized mods can have adverse effects on the game performance, even when not using a mod or after removing it. This creates additional work for our support team who are expected to find solutions for people whose games a result of using a mod. When they're focused on this they're not able to focus on helping to address other issues. Again we're fine with your discussing a desire for mods to come, but recommending or referencing any that might exist now will result in a suspension of posting privileges as it's against the forum guidelines. Thank you." For me it makes sense, doesn't it?
  12. Is this a necessary discussion? How many times do you want to hear that mods are not the priority right now. In a post dd. Dec, 25th 2018 Admin wrote " Mod Support is something that we have planned for the future but is not currently in The Long Dark. Unapproved mods tend to adversely affect the game’s performance and cause additional work for our Support Team " This is one of the comments I have found in regards of mods. I've read more like these and all of them were pretty clear to understand. So why bring it up again and again?
  13. That's actually not new. Just put a cup of coffee next to a fire and warm it up...
  14. Yes, they definitely count. It's also the last feat I need to get. I'm currently at 56% and this is where I go when I just want to push the % up a bit in my 628 days pilgrim run. My 10-camp-fire-cycle at the Forrest Cave in TWM.