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  1. Yes, they definitely count. It's also the last feat I need to get. I'm currently at 56% and this is where I go when I just want to push the % up a bit in my 628 days pilgrim run. My 10-camp-fire-cycle at the Forrest Cave in TWM.
  2. Once I saw a program on tv or yt about Everest and they mentioned that the uncovered parts of corpses of the unfortunate climbers are being picked at by birds who are able to fly that high. There are some crows on Great Bear, so maybe they did the job over the cours of years...
  3. Do not chop larger pieces of wood with wet clothes on! 😬
  4. Hm, yeah it might be ridiculous. But I guess it's meant to be this way. It clears your thoughts a bit of a lot of different questions. Especially when you have just started. You can go on learn the maps, the game machanics and get used to the weather and what it does. Each person has a different approach, but for me pilgrim was the best mode to start with, for sure. In the mean time I've tried Interloper until I finally got the 24 hrs achivement and I have to tell you that it's highly possible that I would have quit this tremendous game if it had only this Interloper difficulty level... 🙂
  5. I had a similar one shot from another spot in the morning. The coast seems to be on fire. By the way, one can see that Great Bear Island seems not to be that far away from the mainland, otherwise the horizon would look different...
  6. So, I came back from MT where I was rushing game into wolfs a bit nearby the farm there. Back in Camp Office I started to craft arrows. It took me 15 arrows to level archery from 1 to 2 and another 25 arrows to get from 2 to 3. Now I have made 50 arrows in total, I guess I need further 30 to get to level 4. However, i have no feathers anymore. It's day 85 of my survivor's mission. I think we both need a break. Once I'm ready to search the world for further feathers I will reactivate him. 😀
  7. Coming back home to Mountaineer's Hut from TWM summit one day...
  8. Good tip, haven't tried that before because I think I've read somewhere that the carcasses dissapears after 3 days or so. After a week of hardcore forging in FM, I went back to Camp Office and took a walk around the lake to visit the 4 corpses there. I was also able to run one of the deer into the wolf who was wandering there. Gave me 9 kg meat, which I really start to need now as my cover of manmade recources becomes thinner and thinner. I haven't used neither the bow nor the shotgun yet. I left hide and guts to see how long the carcass will stay. After harvesting I had additional 4 feat
  9. Yes, that's what I did. I wanted to on go to DP, but realised the point about the feathers. So after getting all saplings to Camp Office I decided to start crafting some bows. I've made two of the 13 possible at this point and can confirm now that this action is not counting to level your archery skill. So next step was to produce arrow shafts. I was able to produce 159 shafts - still no progress on the archery skill. After that I went on a harvesting mission to the Dam where it took me at least a week to harvest about 100 units scrap metal. Now I am about to leave Camp Office a
  10. Each time I go thru this part of the Ravine chills run down my back. Every time I run over these rails I think I'm about to go down. Especially this part is nervewracking... any one fell down here?
  11. I went through 3 regions now (Birch/Maple): ML: 13/6 FM: 12/6 BR:6/2 I'm quite optimistic, because I was so bad at the bow, just about 35 hits. Next destination CH.
  12. Yes, I'm better now than the stats show. Didn't knew about the way to approach game, didn't know about crouching. These are the stats of my first survivor who made it past 50 days in Pilgrim (it's long ago). He's the first one who tried his hand at hunting. This topic inspired me to try to reach Archery to 5 without shooting an arrow or reading a book. So I called up the suvivor who did my Pacifist and Silent Hunter achivments from retirement and he already started to look for saplings, scrap metal and crow feathers. I really wonder if it's possible and how many arrows and bows will be ne
  13. I have 53 rifle hits and I am sure I read some books to increase the skill, still I am far away from level 5. Could it be that the quality of the hit matters too? I mean I'm not a very good shooter, so maybe one shot kill hit gives more advantage than just a hit where the animal is able to run away? I needed far less bow hits to reach 5, because I fabricated a lot arrows and bows. Damn I am really bad at bow Can't wait to confirm that 322x mending to reach 5. Just need 12x more, but I'll wait until my clothes are a bit more "used".
  14. I hope it's not Will on the first pic Looking forward to EP3 & any survival mode updates! Cheers!
  15. I have 328 hrs in now. I've played through WM once before redux and now I'm at 50% of EP1. So I guess it's about 315 hrs survival vs. maybe 13 hrs Wintermute now. For me Wintermute is a nice add on to the game, for sure. What pulled the trigger for me in the end was the setting: you are alone out there in the harsh environment, you have to learn fast, avoid stupid choices and there are no zombies. Youtube videos helped to ingite the fire and Steam offering it for 12,79 EUR (16,78 EUR with the OST) did the rest. I feel almost like I have stolen this game from a shop...
  16. I remember my archery skill was raising when I produced arrows. Might not be an option in more difficult settings of the game, but it worked well for me in pilgrim-mode.
  17. What's a problem for you might not be a problem for the others^^
  18. I understand your point, but you have an option not to eat such meat. It's up to you. Secondly, IRL meat can be stored frozen for a couple of months (beef even 10-12 months deep frozen which should not be a problem in this game). I've never tried it in RL though, but I certainly would try it before starving to death. For my immersion it works, as I consider that I have either kept the meat frozen, dried or smoked it to make it durable.
  19. I guess everyone has a different approach to this question. Some like to get comortable in an area first, and some like to roam around to see as much as possible of the world and take more risks. I stayed in ML a couple of weeks, then went to look for the forge in Forlorn Muskeg. The rail tracks give a good orientation, and it's almost plain, so it's hard to get lost. However it has other challenges From there I went to see Broken Railroad and I think I had a couple of weeks in game (pilgrim) after I decided I am ready to explore Coastal Highway, where I stayed at the coast line for
  20. Wandering around in FM you should know that there are areas where the ice is too thin to carry you. If you get a warning on the screen, go back immediately (S), don't try to run through it, dont't turn back sideways, just press S to step back a.s.a.p. I took a bath in the ice cold water a couple of times before I've finally learned it... and you don't want to run around completly wet in freezing surroundings.
  21. Can't believe I missed that one... I've spent a couple of nervewrecking nights just meters away in the destroyed hut next to the oven hoping for the weather to stay calm.
  22. atomic


    This is probably more for the wishlist than for the Milton Mailbag. However, I'm playing with keyboard and mouse, but I remember I was very thankful to have such an option as I've played WoW.