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  1. I agree about being differently dangerous. The circling and dashing in can get quite deadly in short order; in my playthrough, Astrid had multiple instances of blood loss from timber wolf attacks.
  2. that's actually one of the things I love most about the game, and keeps pulling me back. Once you get over that initial survival hump, it's usually your own mistakes that kill you.
  3. I have also experienced this; I submitted it as a bug to support. If you leave a building and then return to it, you can often reposition objects close together again. It's like the hit box gets reset. This is the image I gave support. The orange cans placed normally; the other ones did not. But after leaving and coming back in (this is Trapper's Cabin), I was able to move the cans close together (see the two grapes at the back of the shelf)
  4. Had a really good start on Day 1; ransacked CH, ML and MT. Never managed to find the rifle, but had a ridiculous amount of candy bars, a couple hatchets, a knife, two flashlights and both a moose cloak and satchel. Ridiculously warm with top flight gear (2 cowichan sweaters, gauntlets, 2 wool longjohns, climbing socks, the whole nine yards). Spent most of day 2 exploring PV looking for pumpkins and that elusive rifle, but only found 1 cache and no luck. Went into the transition cave ready to move back to ML for Day 3, which turns out to have been my mistake. I had forgotten how nasty electrical burns can be (haven't needed to care since the last time I played story more pre-Redux), and died trying to cross the lower dam. Started a new run, sprinting like mad to collect gear before the wolves showed up; ironically found the rifle right off, but never found good clothing, and no protection from wolves. Died to a wolf struggle without enough time left on the clock to try again. Had fun though.
  5. going through PV in 4DON, thinks "oh hey, community hall." *goes inside, explores with lantern, turns lantern off to save fuel* *sees glowing deer head on wall* "cool cool, coolcoolcool" *leaves, never comes back*
  6. I distinctly got the impression that the crashed plane in this episode is meant to be the missing "front" from the plane on top of TWM.
  7. Was the Episode 3 update scheduled for the morning after the Federal election on purpose?
  8. I've always liked the extreme wear because it is essentially just a compression factor. Everything decays 'too fast' and so forth - but it stays balanced so that your choices are maintained - repair this jacket and watch my cloth dwindle, or have supplies for another day, and risk going out with poor condition clothing? It's the same kinds of choices you'd get in a real post-apoc survival setting, just on a scale of weeks/months instead of years. The only real thing I've struggled with is that broken window in the Carter Dam control room, and it's mostly a factor of when I first encountered it. I picked up the game after Chapters 1 & 2 were released, so I started in Story mode (and let me tell you, as a new player, that gauntlet from the crash to Milton was *brutal*). So I'd learned in the ravine part that I can clamber up walls just with the help of a couple vines. Then when I got to the dam and was supposed to follow the plot and do the whole elevator thing, I was sitting there in the control room, looking at the broken windows and thinking "really? I can climb out of a ravine two days after a plane crash, but I can't hop this table and get into the other room?" It doesn't really bother me any more, and I later learned that the climbing thing was a new mechanic for that release, so it made sense that some of the older environment designs didn't really line up with the new mechanic.
  9. Yes, I recognize that you presented a complex situation. What I was trying to convey (and failing, it seems) is that hunger should have been resolved long before you were in those circumstances. If you have food (and are trying to maintain well fed), why would you ever leave safe shelter without being full? Why would you let yourself stagger through? You have food, and a flare, and the things to make a fire with. Crouch in the bind if your clothing if a wind break is enough to stop freezing, or go shelter in Alan's Cave and build a fire. And while you're recovering from those other issues, deal with hunger and thirst. I 100% get that in the situation you posited, hunger and keeping well-fed are the last thing on your mind. But hunger is (if you have food) just about the easiest thing in TLD to minimize the risk from. Now, if you don't have enough food, that's a completely different situation, but that's not the example you gave.
  10. Why (if you have food) would you be in the habit of letting your hunger meter drop that low? If you are trying to maintain well-fed, why risk getting near starvation when there is no good reason to? Once I'm past the initial "oh crap, no food no clothes" hump, I will pretty much always eat and drink to stay 'full', because if I eat/drink it, then I don't have to carry it, and I'm not adding any risk factors. There is pretty much zero downside to staying fed if you have food.
  11. I have been seeing something similar. Once a week (or so) I will open the site, and not be logged in. If I try to login right away, it tells me my account is locked after too many attempts. If I close the browser and come back a couple hours later, I can log in without any issues. This started cropping up in June. (nothing has changed on my end, in terms of browser or suchlike)
  12. (the nested quotes from Raph didn't show; this erm/double erm is about both Jennifer Hale and Mark Meer voicing Commander Shepard in Mass Effect) In Mass Effect, you could choose to play the main character as either male or female, so they had two voice actors for the same character.
  13. I really really (really) want the ability to take a cured hide and some scrap metal and stick a frakking patch over that hole.
  14. I feel like I am seeing less sprains since the update, and my current run is just over 60 days, with 9 wrist sprains and 10 ankle sprains. I am absolutely certain that at least half of those are from wolf struggles (28). ~10 days in Desolation point, the rest about equally divided between Coastal Highway and Timberwolf Mountain, so there has been a *lot* of going up and down risky terrain. Playing on Voyageur.
  15. In the Voyageur sandbox I started with Steadfast Ranger, I've had a couple dozen wolf encounters so far, most with the revolver. Previously with the rifle, I would start to aim when the wolf growled, and move backwards, lining it up and firing, with easily a 90% kill rate. Using the same technique with the revolver, I have only killed one, although I have hit nearly all of them (blood spatter on the ground where the wolf was shot). However, the resulting struggle is over *much* faster, as the wolf is already wounded. I am waiting on the fix for the aiming issue to come out to see if that changes my effectiveness with the revolver.