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  1. I prefer to play Survival Mode on Interloper Difficulty. Will I find this game mode challenging at all? I'm only 1 hour into my game so far and I've got tons of good loot and I already got to the point where I'm warmer in this mode than my interloper games. Is the temperature going to plummet pretty soon or is this going to a cake-walk for an experienced play like myself?
  2. Well I've gotten myself into another crappy situation. I came across a moose in the area above Milton and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and hunt with only 4 arrows in my inventory (all brand new arrows). I took advantage of the rocky terrain to run away from the angry moose and one by one I managed to plant all 4 arrows in that mighty beast. I used up all of my painkillers and rose hips because I managed to sprain my wrist/ankle on 4 occasions while clambering over the rocks. I also used up all of my daylight so I decided to head to the trailer to spend the night, hoping that
  3. At day 80 I have finally found myself at risk of cabin fever. This was after spending many days inside at the crafting table and harvesting bags of bear-meat. So cabin-fever is confirmed but I feel like it should have come a lot sooner. It's still 50% of time indoor/outdoors right? I suspect that in custom mode it will default to the Voyageur setting and won't come into effect until day 50 or so.
  4. So I did manage to find all three arrows in the end. The second arrow was on the Northern bridge to Milton, not too far from where I shot the wolf but a fair distance from the actual corpse. The third arrow was on the Eastern bridge to Milton which is quite far from the wolf corpse and where I shot him. Sometimes the wolves go on mighty adventures when they're bleeding out, like they just remembered some really important thing on their bucket list. Too bad they have a habit of dropping the arrow half-way through their journey. In previous games I've found arrows in really obscure locatio
  5. I do aim for the head but I usually end up hitting them in the torso. In other news I have found one of the arrows! Unfortunately, the mostly-buried state that I found it in doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that I will find the others...
  6. I’ve been playing this game for many years and this is one issue that has brought lots of boredom and frustration to my previous survival games. I’m about 60 days into my cutom-interloper playthrough and I’m being reminded why I got bored and quit my previous stalker playthrough. After a while the challenges of not starving and not being eaten alive by wolves becomes more manageable but it gives way to another challenge: trying to figure out where those bloody wolves took my arrows. It is the final act of spite by the dying bastards that once I plant an arrow in them they will run off int
  7. In previous versions of the game the Old Man's Beard was meant to be combined with a bandage, like you are suggesting. This was simpler in some ways but the problem was that if you applied a plain bandage to your bleeding wound you would still be at risk for infection, and if you wanted to use the Old Man's Beard you would have to combine it with another bandage to be used. I prefer the current system.
  8. I've been playing a Custom-Interloper survival game and I'm just over 50 days in. Most of the settings are on Interloper but I turned to wolf population, and item decay down to Stalker levels. After searching almost all of Milton, Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway, Desolation point and all the regions in between I have FINALLY found my first bedroll on day 51. Playing the game without a bedroll has been quite restrictive and I have no idea how I managed to avoid getting cabin fever up until now. I do spend as much time outdoors as I can but because it's Interloper I can only spend about 30 se
  9. I think it would reduce the struggle time dramatically or avoid it altogether. It would not kill the wolf in the short term, but I think a burnt face would put the wolf into "sulk mode" where it would be unable to hunt. It may recover from this period or it may die.
  10. It's logical to a certain extent but it's not like trees only fall apart during storms. Heavy snowfall can cause limbs to fall off just by the sheer weight of all the snow. And quite often a tree will get damaged during a storm but not fall apart until a few days later.
  11. I’ve been playing TLD since the very early days of early-access and I’ve seen the dynamics of torch self-defence change quite a bit. A lit torch used to discourage wolf attacks pretty well by itself, then you had to throw the torch to properly scare the wolves, then they replaced that with the brandish function, then they went back to torch throwing (please correct me if my memory is wrong). I recently tried playing stalker mode and I discovered that a held torch won’t deter a wolf attack and a thrown torch *might* make the wolf hesitate for a split second before resuming his quest to eat my f
  12. Pharose

    Toggle walk

    I've literally been asking for this for years now and I haven't heard any dev feedback. I'm not sure if Hinterland is being stubborn or negligent on this one.
  13. Pharose

    Spear Maybe?

    Yep, they've been talking about the bear spear for a while. That looks like a pretty heavy duty spear in the picture and it's not what I was hoping for but any type of spear is appreciated. All I wanted was the ability to make a simple fire-hardened spear. All you need is a straight peice of wood (usually a sapling) a sharp object to whittle the end into a point and a fire to make the point hard and brittle. It's one of the most basic survival tools in the history of humanity and yet it's extremely effective against wolves (probably won't kill a bear but will definitely make them look els
  14. True, but I think I had the centurion mixed up with the vexlliarius (totally had to google that lol).