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  1. I absolute LOVE the new map. Really had so many WOW moments already and I have not seen 30% of it I think. Really did not expect anything that amazing O.O I am just a beginner at TLD but I adore every pixel! My thoughts: Possible spoiler alert! I did find a half eaten wolf in the cave with the robe. And multiple hints (blue and red flares) that Timberwolves are/been there. What else eats a wolf? Tho I did not heard anyone running into, other then normal, wolfs so i wonder what you all think about this? Will they silently introduce the Timbers at a later moment? (Sneaky Hinterla
  2. I'm a female and choose the female. Not for any special reason.
  3. I am a player of The Long Dark since 1.5 months and share my runs on my YouTube channel. Without (voice) Commentary, but might in the future. Have a series about a Pilgrim run and just started a new Voyageur run series. The first one I did not die in the first hour. lol. You can find my channel here: 😁
  4. Ok, this must be a huge noob question, but how do you (seen others do it in vids) walk forwards and look behind you or sideways without changing walk direction as well? I play on PC with my mouse and use W and A, D and such to walk, and mouse for looking around and automatic walk that way too. 🤨
  5. Hey all, Just started this amazing game after watching GrayStillPlays videos on YouTube. Normally not a fan of surviving genre but this game is so much more then just that. The art and everything are very amazing. I'm a 42 year old female from The Netherlands, not very long into gaming at all, only been playing Audiosurf for many years and also running a YouTube Channel about it where I "ride" Trance songs. Only a short while ago I started another Channel for my other gaming vids (Including The Long Dark). Also I am creating music videos for Trance artists and labels but still need to le
  6. Maybe already named but I think would be amazing to have the option to try building a relationship with the left over Timberwolf that now is scared and alone. Maybe by gently offering meat or something, it should be made very difficult I think and a long taking effort where allot of patience of the player is needed. Moving to soon leading to bites and needing to start over or something. If succeeded and the bond is made, it will follow you and possible have a slight effect on other attacking packs protecting wise. Or only against normal wolfs, or something.