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  1. There are many unrealistic aspects about this game. It can take weeks to heal from a sprained ankle in real life, not just immediately after you apply a cloth bandage in-game. One deer should feed you for weeks in real life, but can only feed you 3 days max on Interloper if you're maintaining Well Fed buff. If you're using starvation technique (750 calories per night's sleep), you can stretch a deer to over a week which actually makes more sense to me to be honest. Games are meant to be fun, and will lose some of the fun if they were made to be too realistic. I think the current mechanics are fine as they are. You get Well Fed buff as an incentive if you don't starve, and for those who use starvation technique to save resources, they have to trade it off by managing their inventory more often to not get encumbered.
  2. I'm not sure what difficulty you're playing on but I feel that condition recovery from sleep is pretty balanced on Interloper since you can only recover 32% condition max from one night's sleep (10 hours). On Interloper, even with animal clothing, weather is still very cold and you're expected to take freezing damage during travelling which drains 20% condition per in-game hour. You take alot more damage from wolf struggles and you can be one-shotted by a wolf in early game with poor clothing. Also, you hardly ever need to hibernate except in early game Interloper. Although Well Fed buff is nice, I find it a luxury and waste of time in early game Interloper where you have to loot regions fast during the first few days when the weather is still forgiving so I do use the hibernation technique. Not too sure if I'll like micro-managing calories.
  3. Good point about the thermal underwear, I'm happy with either fixed or possible spawn at the summit. Plus, they do decay pretty fast so that'll motivate players to summit early in the run. I was hoping to get my second pair at the summit honestly but I had no idea whether it can actually spawn there since I wasn't looking at loot tables. Didn't find them at the summit but I wasn't too disheartened either since I'll be able to find it somewhere as long as I sweep through regions fast. Managed to find the second pair in Milton on Day 62 in the end, although they were already at 8%. BR can be pretty disappointing with the loot, even more so if you already find summit loot disappointing since the place is a bottleneck region infested with wolves. Just looted HRV today, found goodies like ear wrap, combat pants, mackinaw and one revolver round (most probably bugged?) but again, I already have all the clothing I wanted so just dropped them at the Stairsteps Lake cave. Still a good place to sweep for saplings IMO, harvested about 10 birch and 8 maple but I'm pretty sure I missed a few since the weather is pretty bad.
  4. There's a two layer cave just opposite of Hermit's Cabin. Walk up the slope in front of the cave and map on top of the slope, you should be able to trigger it.
  5. Like I said, my main concern was about adding arrowheads, bear and moose hides at the summit. You can add all the other rare clothing spawns for all I care. In the end, I only need one Mackinaw, one Combat Pants, two Thermals etc. and any extras I find are going to be scrapped into cloth anyway. If you're the kind of player who likes to min max everything and speed run the first 50 days and start a new save all over again, then sure maybe summit loot is not good enough for you. But I don't. I only intend to play one Interloper run and aim to explore the whole world without looking up loot tables and survive as long as I can. I may have left TWM after looting the cargo containers, but I'm definitely coming back again to map/get all saplings etc. So the current summit loot for me is more than enough. To each his own, I guess.
  6. If you actually read my first reply, I did say it won't be a bad idea to add a chance of Mackinaw if that makes you happier. I don't have a issue with the current loot but honestly don't find adding chances of rare clothing spawns on the summit too overpowered. The reason I seem to be nitpicky to you is that you claim Interloper is easy for you yet suggest things like ready made arrowhead, moose and bear hides which is just going to make Interloper even easier for you. Some stuff you say just don't click and at this point, I'm even starting to doubt your claim about Interloper being easy for you.
  7. No where in my post says getting to the summit for the distress pistol is the only way to get 2 speedy bear coats, it's all about the starting spawns. If I happen to spawn in TWM and manage to find a hacksaw quickly, obviously I would go for the distress pistol at the summit instead of the one in Ravine, that's just common sense. Not sure why you keep emphasising on the effort and time needed to summit when it's not even a big deal. Even if you take your time and walk from point to point, it only takes 1.5 days max from Mountaineer's Hut to the Summit. 1.5 days of travel for a guaranteed distress pistol w/ 8 shells, firestriker, ear wrap and matches sounds like a pretty damn good deal for me. Besides, wouldn't you be able to summit even faster since you claim Inteloper is too easy for you? Also sewing kits and whetstones are everywhere lol, how is a few extra of them at the Summit going to make a difference to you anyway?
  8. To me, it's still spoon feeding. The "difficulty" in harvesting a pre-spawned moose carcass pales in comparison to having to craft a bow and arrows or get a distress pistol so that you can finally hunt one (that is if you even manage have to find one in the first place). I don't even bother with the wolf pelts so I couldn't care less if there's a wolf carcass at the summit. There are hardcore people who already find Interloper too easy so they summit TWM on Day 2 for the distress pistol and kill 2 bears the next day to speed craft the bearskin coat. This just proves that the summit loot doesn't need a buff, it's perfectly fine as it is and definitely worth it to get there for some people.
  9. Trust me, I had the same perception until I became serious about getting into Loper recently. It's a different game in the first 50 days, can be abit too linear for those who like ready made tools and weapons. Well, you still get most of the tools, just have to forge the knife and hatchet which is in fact not a difficult task once you find a hammer. Now I don't think I can handle the huge amount of loot in lower difficulties anymore. Never been so happy to find the second pair of thermal underwear on Loper in all my hours of TLD.
  10. I highly doubt matches decay at all since my matches stay at the same condition even after past 600 days. But the reason why they spawn in varying conditions still remains as a mystery to me.
  11. There are people who play this game with passive wildlife/wolves turned off because they have a specific health condition e.g. anxiety disorder. Honestly, I don't even play custom games but I don't think it's fair for such people to be penalised for playing with custom settings. It also seems counterproductive for people to grind feats in official modes first just so that they can use them in their custom games. Also, given how this is a single player game with no leaderboards or anything, the difficulty in which an individual completes feats does not harm or should not bother anyone unless that specific someone has an inferiority complex. Just my 2 cents.
  12. A good page with alot of useful information about decay. Note that the values shown are based on Stalker difficulty so calculate based on your current difficulty mode you're playing. As far as I know, world decay starts from Day 1 so say if you want to loot the best clothing possible, best bet is to keep moving before they get ruined especially on Loper. Food decay rates depend on whether you store inside or outside. Never store your food into containers as they will vanish once they reach 0% condition. I normally just throw piles of raw meat onto the snow and cook only when I need since cooking ruined meat restores back to 50%. But once you reach L5 Cooking, raw or cooked meat doesn't matter since you'll never get food poisoning from ruined food (still can get FP from raw meat of course).
  13. Best time to eat salty crackers is when you're completely dehydrated so probably when you just wake up from a 10-12 hours of sleep. Cattails, salty crackers and sodas are good for stashing as emergency food at bases if you tend to lead a nomadic lifestyle. Cattails and crackers don't decay at all and don't give you food poisoning. Sodas decay pretty quick even if you store inside but you get 0% chance of food poisoning even when it's ruined so I like to keep them at bases. Or you could just drink them on the go to lighten your weight if you have too many. I'm very skeptical about eating chocolate bars, granola bars, peanut butter, sardines in the morning/during the day if they're below 75% condition since they have a small chance of giving you food poisoning which could pretty much ruin your whole day. I usually eat them at night, right when I'm about to sleep so even if I get food poisoning I just take antibiotics and sleep the 10 hours away. Eventually if you live long enough, you won't have to worry about food poisoning and you'll end up with stockpiles of meat at your bases so you can just stuff your face before going on your trip.
  14. I use the warmer part of the cave to sleep through the night without a fire. But if you want to cook in a cave, the colder part works better as outdoor fires last longer with colder temperatures.