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  1. They could do something similar like the semi-randomised spawns of Polaroids. Have a guaranteed number of boxes (2-3) per major region, but make the spawns randomised. So for example in PV, you could find one in the Farmhouse in this run but in another run, that "same" box might be in a random corpse/container out in the snow.
  2. As of now, there are easily over 300 matches (25 boxes) in an Interloper save file, and almost all of them have guaranteed spawn locations which do not change at all across different runs. Even without relying on Interloper loot tables - which I highly recommend not to look at them if you truly want to challenge yourself by playing Interloper in the first place - it's not that hard to find the first box of matches IMO. Just hit up the main buildings/structures in each region and you'll be guaranteed to find at least one. If they changed the guaranteed match spawns in Interloper to random,
  3. @Holden How is a manual save system going to help in your scenario? You want to wrestle with a bear but not receive the injuries/death afterwards. The game AUTOMATICALLY saves for you after a bear mauling so the only way to escape this "unfortunate" event is by save scumming.
  4. Seems like you just want something like god mode where you simply can't die. Sadly, there's no such thing in this game where death is permanent, and actions have consequences. However, if you're just fooling around trying to "science" something, there's still save scumming which is not hard to do at all. Simply press Alt+F4 when you're in the midst of mauling BEFORE the game automatically saves after an injury. And when you go back into your save file, you'll be back at the previous save point. You do lose some progress this way but if fooling around in a permadeath game is your plea
  5. After getting used to the new shivering effect myself, I'd say draw and release straight-away seems to be the new meta for Interlopers when using the bow while freezing. The dot reticle that appears when holding a bow seems to be there to help you with that. As for the surprise wolf behind a snow drift, you'll have to be more careful when approaching known wolf spawns and make sure there's no meat in your inventory.
  6. Then I guess a simple "Quit to save" feature should suffice? Sounds pretty reasonable to me.
  7. I doubt they'd add this feature to Survival mode as Raph himself is strongly against save scumming in his game (you can do a quick search on his tweets about this). Having said that, nobody can stop you from save scumming even if they want to because it's impossible for games with local saves. Personally, I wouldn't recommend save scumming unless it's really something stupid that's not under your control like getting stuck in the terrain. Save scumming negates risks, and having zero risks in a permadeath game is just not fun IMO. But it's a single-player game after all so to each his own.
  8. I find Miner's Folly quite a viable place in AC to just pass by days safely once you've killed the bear - which is the only wildlife treat in that level. But then, there's not much happening there so staying there would probably bore me to death, in the same way how the Hunting Lodge in BR would. Having said that, I'd prefer to rotate between regions every 10 days or so to keep late-game interesting. And if I have to choose a place to stay in AC for my "vacation" trip, I'd rather choose Homesteader's Respite or Angler's Den. But on first visit to AC, I think Angler's Den might be the best
  9. I also think they deserve their own pelts which could be made into a cowl like the one Jeremiah is wearing in Ep 2:
  10. Back when Mystery Lake was the only region in the game, running out of cloth was indeed one of the issues for long-term survival. So worrying about it actually makes sense back then. But now, I'd say there are way too much loot/resources in the game even on Interloper - more than enough to last before you quit playing that save file out of boredom. Beachcombing is also a thing, so stuff like cloth, leather and scrap metal are technically no longer finite. If you're running out of those, it simply means you aren't looking hard enough.
  11. I played FPS games before TLD, and in those games, L-SHIFT as sprint and R as reload is very common - almost as if they are the standard keys for any FPS games. So that's probably why TLD, a first-person player game, follows the standard key bindings from FPS games.
  12. You can sort of predict when a blizzard is going to happen when you're travelling. They almost always start with the "normal" heavy snow and strong winds - that's when you should start looking for a shelter OR know where's the nearest shelter to hunker down in case of a blizzard. And when it starts to turn foggy while still snowing heavily, that's when you won't have much time before it turns into a full-blown blizzard. IMO, map knowledge (know where nearest shelters are wrt your current position) and the ability to read early signs of blizzard is key to surviving a blizzard. If you can d
  13. Fishing Camp in CH is a very viable base on Interloper. The bear walks past the camp everyday so that's easy food to your doorstep. Outdoor workbench helps to lower cabin fever risk, and freezing is not a problem as long as you have a coal fire nearby. Fishing hut is just a stone's throw away so that's also a plus. There are pallets and sticks everywhere so firewood is not a problem. PV mine is also not too far away to top-up your coal supply. It's also a short walk to Jackrabbit Island where you can go for beachcombing from time to time. It's not really needed unless you plan to liv
  14. Nah, it's not cheating - I consider it as letting the suffering end quicker It's sad to see animals running around aimlessly when they're bleeding out so passing time helps to end it quick. Also helps you too since you'll have an easier time tracking/retrieving arrows/harvesting. Anyway, congrats on the bear hunt! I'm sure you'll discover things that are even more intense during your stay in AC
  15. Yeah, it is a nice addition to the game regardless. Those who like to carry more can now do so even more - I've seen some famous streamers carrying so much crap they don't need that they're still encumbered even with 45kg capacity (no hating though, they're still great streamers). Makes me wonder if Hinterland aims to continue adding even more items/features with carrying bonus in the future