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  1. 750 calories (or 5 cattails) is the bare minimum for a full 10-hour sleep on Interloper but you can definitely eat more than that if things permit. For example, when you wake up to a blizzard or it's too early and cold to travel, you can eat a bit more and then get a couple of hours into a skill book. The main thing here as a newcomer to Interloper is to know how to ration your food during early game, at least before you can craft the bow and arrow. Well Fed from Day 1 is certainly possible but there's no point trying to keep eating during the day if you can't even gather enough food to m
  2. I believe you were in a blizzard when you took that picture, correct? Well, I wouldn't really sleep out in the snow without a fire because that's just suicidal on Interloper. Even more so if there's a raging blizzard. The least I'd do is get to the nearest two-layer cave so that I can be warm at the back without having to start a fire. Most of the time, I trust that my kit is warm enough to sleep at the back of a cave without a fire, even during blizzards. I've done many full 10-hour sleeps in HRV this way and never get frozen to death, at least not yet. But some blizzards tend to be
  3. Never used a bearskin bedroll before except for that one time for the Wrapped in Furs achievement, and probably would never craft one in the future too. I wear a 22/23C warmth kit and use the normal bedroll in my late game Interloper run, which is warm enough to sleep at the back of caves without a fire. Only on very rare occasions you get -28/29C ambient temp during a late night/early morning blizzard in colder regions like BI, which is probably the only time when the bearskin bedroll would be of use. Other than that, the thing is just too heavy and tedious to maintain. And on lower
  4. Nah, the real number is about 300+ matches in a single Interloper save file. I found 31 boxes in total in my current playthrough which is 372 matches. And there might still be a box or two that I've missed somewhere, to be honest. But that number is still ridiculously a lot as long as mag lens exist. If your mag lens fire game is strong, a single box of 12 matches can easily outlast a full in-game year.
  5. I'm using Cold Fusion and Blizzard Walker in my Interloper playthrough. I like Cold Fusion because it's like a free weightless Wool Toque but I'm not very impressed with Blizzard Walker so far. Should've probably picked Snow Walker but I guess it doesn't really matter at this point of my playthrough.
  6. I enjoy long playthroughs too, in fact, I only play two save files - a 700-day Voyager save where I pretty much learnt about the whole game from scratch, and then an Interloper save that just turned Day 500 not too long ago. I've seen some streamers with thousands of days on their Interloper saves but really, if you got the game mechanics right and can keep motivating yourself to find new things to do, you could pretty much survive "forever" on Interloper.
  7. Fishing is already way too OP as a food source on anything below Interloper and maybe even on Interloper itself, especially when you get to L4 onwards. Being able to do other stuff while getting tons of food at literally zero risk might make it too broken IMO. Though I'd like to have a 30-minute option for reading skill books.
  8. Matches are not that scarce on Interloper - you can find more than 300 of them in a single Interloper playthrough if you explore the whole world. But honestly, only the first box of matches kinda matters in a run, which can be found easily if you just visit the main buildings/locations of each region. So it clearly helps if you already have some prior knowledge about the region that you're in (from playing easier difficulties or repeated attempts).
  9. No worries, Whiteberry's maps may not be 100% accurate but I think they're pretty reliable for those that want to use them. Anyway, I went to check the spot that OP mentioned since my Interloper survivor just happens to be in Ash Canyon. From the looks of it, it's a pretty steep drop (as in TWM-level) but it does seem goatable with some caution. Didn't try it though, since I didn't really want to risk my run on it.
  10. You can indeed go back to the rail tracks from the river - the slope is just to your left when you reach the dead end of the river. It looks abit steep but definitely traversable as I've always been using that route when I leave CH for the Ravine.
  11. The number of discoverable locations differ across various official difficulties - for example, Interloper has fewer locations than Voyager because it has more burnt down houses. Here are the numbers I've got from my Voyager and Interloper runs (after AC update): Now, from what I know, even these numbers can differ across different saves of the same difficulty so YMMV. But generally, you should be able to hit 100% World Explored after you meet a certain threshold number.
  12. They could do something similar like the semi-randomised spawns of Polaroids. Have a guaranteed number of boxes (2-3) per major region, but make the spawns randomised. So for example in PV, you could find one in the Farmhouse in this run but in another run, that "same" box might be in a random corpse/container out in the snow.
  13. As of now, there are easily over 300 matches (25 boxes) in an Interloper save file, and almost all of them have guaranteed spawn locations which do not change at all across different runs. Even without relying on Interloper loot tables - which I highly recommend not to look at them if you truly want to challenge yourself by playing Interloper in the first place - it's not that hard to find the first box of matches IMO. Just hit up the main buildings/structures in each region and you'll be guaranteed to find at least one. If they changed the guaranteed match spawns in Interloper to random,
  14. @Holden How is a manual save system going to help in your scenario? You want to wrestle with a bear but not receive the injuries/death afterwards. The game AUTOMATICALLY saves for you after a bear mauling so the only way to escape this "unfortunate" event is by save scumming.
  15. Seems like you just want something like god mode where you simply can't die. Sadly, there's no such thing in this game where death is permanent, and actions have consequences. However, if you're just fooling around trying to "science" something, there's still save scumming which is not hard to do at all. Simply press Alt+F4 when you're in the midst of mauling BEFORE the game automatically saves after an injury. And when you go back into your save file, you'll be back at the previous save point. You do lose some progress this way but if fooling around in a permadeath game is your plea