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  1. The research books have authors' names on them: who are they? :)
  2. Would you ever make it so water freezes, or d'you think that'd piss people off too much? 😉
  3. Hey Raph, thanks for taking the time again to answer a bunch of our questions. I think this is my first non-TLD-specific question, so here goes: What did you make of No Man's Sky? Broadly speaking, I mean, in terms of how it is as a game, its pre-release hype and post-release backlash, how the team have slowly but surely "delivered on what they promised" etc. I think I'm asking you because, although they're obviously very different games (albeit both in the survival/exploration mould), NMS and TLD deliver a similar feeling to me: a kind of ethereal, awe-inspiring sense of freedom and wonder, as well as being proud of delivering something different, rather than necessarily bowing to the perceived limitations of what a game can (or should) be. If I were to get a little more specific, I guess I'd ask... did you feel some sympathy for Hello Games given that a lot of people were angry and disappointed regarding the game's initial state? They were a tiny team at the time, making a game on a quite literally galactic scale with only ten people. Sure, they had the marketing power of Sony behind them, but that came later; they didn't start development as some kind of AAA studio. Don't worry, I'm not asking in the hope that you're gonna say it sucked or anything haha Thanks again, and keep up good work!
  4. Have you ever thought about adding, er... "toilet" mechanics?
  5. Hey Raph, couple of console questions, the second of which is much briefer than the first: I've asked before if you thought the console versions of TLD would ever have markedly improved framerates compared to the 30ish they're at now, to which you said no (or at least that it was unlikely) - are you able to expand on that a little? In other words: if not, why not? Are the consoles simply too old now? Is it the engine? Would you have to sacrifice too much re: visuals for it to run/"feel" smoother? I realise it's probably some combination of those (and other) things; I was just wondering if there was one reason that stood out above the others. Secondly, with PS5/Nextbox "coming soon" - well, probably in the next 18-24 months - do you see yourselves releasing and supporting TLD on the next generation of consoles, or do you think Hinterland will be focused on a new title by then?
  6. They're working on it Well, at least the bow, but presumably other things too :)
  7. What's more annoying? People calling you "Ralph", or people asking you to implement a tameable wolf? For my less tongue-in-cheek question(s): What are your thoughts on the "loot tables" people like (the excellent) Atheenon have curated over the years? Would you ever randomise some of these elements to provide more of a challenge and/or mystery (and dare I say a bit of a "screw you, smartasses!") to the more seasoned players that know exactly where X is going to be because they found item Y in location Z? I guess the same goes for things like guaranteed match spawns etc, for example the ones that are ALWAYS on a shelf in the basement of the Farmstead - would you ever remove those?
  8. What's the thinking/logic behind outdoor fires "lasting longer"? Way back when, I thought it was a bug, but it's survived numerous updates to the game. Is it to do with increased oxygenation outside, or...?
  9. Hey Raph (and team!), I love the game so much I bought it twice, but do you think the framerate on console will ever be improved upon? Thanks, and much love from Scotland ❤