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  1. Awesome to see HDR support and optimizations for X and Pro. How many new trophies/achievements are included with episode 3?
  2. Nobody ( or nobody should ) is after the team for not doing amazing work, as they have clearly done lots of work on the steadfast ranger update. Buuuuut we are nearing the end of the current console generation, you have to remember some of your users do not play The Long Dark on PC, but on consoles. With next generation of consoles approaching fast, that will move focus from current gen games to next gen games. As I mentioned in my post, luckily we have backward compatibility, but still next gen games will have a lot more focus and attention. Also when moving from current gen to next gen, their will be an performance and quality improvement going to next gen, it can sometimes be hard to go back to "older" games because of these things. I know your stance on not giving a date, but to be frank it's getting a bit hard to recommend your game to friends, when you have no idea when the next episode is out, and history has shown it's impossible to predict it. I tried, but when people hear the story is not even half done and with no idea when the next episode lands, it turns people away from it. I'm not saying give an exact date, but maybe just a year That's my take on it, whatever you do or don't do, keep up the good work and thanks for replying.
  3. I agree, I think it's high time for some sort of update on Episode 3. I'm glad the next generation of consoles has backward compatibility,, because I could see the last episode releasing after they released :)
  4. Certificate still not fixed on :( I know lots don't care about this, but FYI search engines like Google punish sites which doesn't run secure http. You should really fix that certificate, you can get free certificates from Lets Encrypt and most hosts have Lets Encrypt integration. When fixed, then setup a redirect from the HTTP to the HTTP site.
  5. Would that finally be fixing the incorrect certificate setup at ? :)
  6. Erroneus

    Episode 3?

    Understandable, but could you maybe get closer to a season, or first half the year, second half of the year, something like that
  7. I'm pretty sure this one is bugged on PS4 now. I've been twice through Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway now, and it will not pop. I've even found the hatch/bunker in ML to make sure that wasn't the problem.
  8. Would like some news on this, specially the game goes retail soon.
  9. Any update on when PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support is going to land? It wasn't mentioned in the VIGILANT FLAME Update.
  10. Any chance we are going to see PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support ?
  11. Lack of PS4 Pro support, is what's holding me back from buying the game for PS4. Are you planning on adding it, are you working on it right now? Also what about HDR? A game like The Long Dark seems perfect for HDR.