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    May be worth a shot to add this to the Wishlist forum.
  2. Same here. I did try Stalker and Loper but they weren't enjoyable for me. Been playing custom runs since it came out.
  3. Any wolves in your area? Might enhance the effect 😉
  4. There is another thread somewhere on here with what people have found. One example I can think of off-hand is Old Spence, crate upstairs next to the bed.
  5. I don't play loper, but I think I can still answer your question: There are a "few" constant items (appear in same spot in all difficulties). Most items should be out in the open or in containers. There are also a few locations that you need to break something down to get what is inside/under it, but this is rare. If I were you, I'd grab the easy pickin's first, then go back to find the more elusive items later.
  6. I've been grateful for every change! Hard to go back and play when it was so...."cludgy". Was fun to recollect, but tbh, I don't see me spending much time in capsules. Just makes me want to jump back to current.
  7. I often hear sounds which sound like other sounds. Perfect example from last night and it kept me on edge: while wandering around Milton, I thought I kept hearing the sound wolves make when feasting on a carcass. Think it was the combination of the wind and creaking wood.
  8. Feminine Astrid hands? I know I've seen many Wishlists for candles - they are in one picture...we can hope we get them in-game. Cigarette? Must be very valuable!
  9. I'm replaying also and will update the wiki once I do find 3 & 4.
  10. Heck, I use 'em every chance I get! I earned them, might as well use them!
  11. According to HL, there shouldn't be. I backed up my current saves just in case.
  12. Be warned, if you intend to switch between some of the older versions and current, the download can be big (up to 4gb) going back to current.
  13. You can back up your save games yourself - they are just files on your c:\ drive. I do this periodically on my longer runs in the event of bug-related deaths.
  14. I actually took the time to plot out the route I would take to hit all locations. I would take small detours to hit loot-heavy areas, but for the most part, stayed on course. I would avoid all wildlife. No reason to gather to craft anything. You should find enough along the way to survive until challenge complete.
  15. One more reason I love this game - The leader's vision for his studio and outlook on life.
  16. Sounds like he couldn't see the arrow potruding so was it just buried under the carcass (which has happened countless time with me) or sticking out where he couldn't see it?
  17. I used to do that more often than not, so annoying as the rabbit ran away.
  18. I....sorry, I just can't get over the Title of this! 🤣 If I respond the way my mind is working, I may be banned! 🤐
  19. There are many maps available to you. I'd suggest a quick web search to find the ones that suit you.
  20. My strategy is to put myself in their line, crouch and let them walk right up to me and hit 'em at close range.
  21. Reminds me of the maintenance shed or area around Quonset sometimes.
  22. I'm also to this point, but when they first came out..heck ya I was scared! Just hunt (and kill) a few and you'll get over it.