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  1. I shot a deer with my bow at Deer Clearing and it ran away. At the end of the day, as I sought shelter in the cave there, I conveniently found the deer I had shot earlier!
  2. I guess I meant, you don't have to pick up everything.
  3. First and foremost, I'd like to thank HL for putting out this type of content for us. They're not obligated to, which makes me appreciate it that much more. I'll link my other post on some feedback I gave.
  4. hozz1235


    An abundance of cat-tails!!
  5. I have a 1500+ day run and have yet to see any matches "spoil".
  6. Hello HL @Admin, Any ETA on the fix for the longer save times introduced with: ?
  7. They do not decay but do dercay. 😜
  8. Gotta do what you need to do to survive (Donner Party).
  9. Good Point! Who's to say I didn't strip the body of meat as well? 😋
  10. Once we loot a dead body (that is being circled by crows), please have the crows no longer circle the body. I believe this already works for animal carcasses.
  11. This is right about where I'm guessing the flashing was coming from. Nothing here but snow and ice.
  12. Yes, but the washed out trailers are more to the left, hidden by the hill on the left side of the bridge. This vid was taken from the lighthouse.
  13. Hey @Admin, there was an update some time ago that elongated save game times to offset some save game issues. Any idea when our 'save game times' will be reduced back down to previous levels?
  14. I was enjoying a night at one of my favorite spots when I stepped outside to enjoy the magnificence of the Aurora. Off in the distance, by what should be the Delta (where there is nothing), there was a flashing light. Guesses? TheLongDark 2020-07-22 19-49-43.mp4
  15. 5 shots, 5 kills! TheLongDark 2020-07-19 17-57-08.mp4
  16. I'm male. I prefer a female character. Why? I'd rather hear the grunting sounds (such as when climbing) of a female vs a male. 'nuff said.
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    Necrophile? 😉
  18. I've found that having a "Shelter" icon would be really helpful. This could denote an unmarked cave/enclosure or a snow shelter.
  19. "I like me badges!" 🤪 For me, they're like quests from other games - gives me something to achieve and a sense of accomplishment.
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    Hmmm...do I want top or bottom bunk?🤔
  21. Okay, here's a placement I haven't seen before.