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  1. Has got me back into playing Witcher 3 - sorry TLD!
  2. Isn't there a fire barrel down there? (just behind the elevator)
  3. I didn't think that was a bear-spawn point. I know a wolf wanders there periodically.
  4. If you're in the right mine, the lift takes you to a lower level.
  5. The pack did follow me to the pier. After I was done, I picked them off from the safety of the pier. If the shortcut was located in the cannery proper, you would still need to deal with the TWs to reach the fabled shortcut, no?
  6. Sometimes the RNG can be cruel.
  7. That doesn't sound right. I would report it.
  8. From what I've read, it appears that all aggressive wildlife can now enter blinds (despite size).
  9. I think we may be taking his quote and reading into a bit too far. I also am leaning towards no "secret shortcut" at the cannery itself. I mean, it takes maybe a minute to run the walkway. I can't imagine HL making a shortcut for a 1-minute trip.
  10. hozz1235

    Easy save

    True, but unfortunately, you cannot force this condition (well, I suppose you could if you gorged yourself to get to 100% chance).
  11. Nicely done! I still like mine though 😉
  12. Hey, don't worry about it - play the game the YOU want to not how other's think you should!
  13. I echo other's sentiment in thanking your for all your hard work and hope you enjoy your holiday break!
  14. No, you're saying that his slow connection and being inconvenienced are all burdens he needs to bear alone. Let him say his piece without you having to defend.
  15. I found that one too. No others so far and I've pretty much looted the whole zone.
  16. Yup, I've seen that happen in the Milton bank vault.
  17. He has a right to ask the question. Let him ask it.
  18. You misunderstood my comment as an attack on HL - it was not. It was a general statement. You can support HL but you also have the right to question intentions (you may not always get an answer though, which is okay!) It seems for quite some time now, @ManicManiac, you feel obligated to defend HL on any post where you interpret someone's comment/question/suggestion, etc. as an attack. You are entitled to your opinion, but I'm pretty sure HL will address any perceived attacks on their own.
  19. As long as their method doesn't punish 95% of the player base to prevent 5% from exploiting!