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  1. Yeah, the revolver was not intended to be a hunting weapon. I'm kind of surprised I get as many bleed effects as I do from it.
  2. Hmm..you are following this thread. You're not seeing notifications (the bell-shaped icon in the upper right corner of the page)?
  3. After I posted that question, I kind of regret it... I understand it could be used as Accelerant but gasoline is very "combustible" (i.e. burns/explodes quickly). Yes, could be used on a torch, but I wouldn't expect it to last long. Have you ever used gas to light a campfire IRL? In my experience, the fuel tends to quickly burn off w/e substance you put it on. Perhaps if you could let it soak into some tinder, that might be better.
  4. I suppose you could create some type of .bat file to do this. Something like looking at your savegame file date/times. For example, Save1 you last played (and saved) on 7/4/2019 17:15. Save2 you just saved at 7/9/2019 13:15. Any screenshots with a datetime stamp between those 2 datetimes would go in Save2's folder. You would have to look at the latest save filename to determine the correct folder to put it in.
  5. To see how futile this request is, you can search the forums for co-op, multi-player or any other synonym. HL isn't interested, sorry.
  6. Don't miss your arrow shot(s)!
  7. I think this behavior is for all animals now. I've seen this with bear, moose and wolf. Even though they will bleed out, I will pop another shot off just for target practice (and maybe to kill it sooner).
  8. I placed some raw wolf meat on a 6-burner stove that had no fire going and I still got the "sizzling" sound as if I had placed the meat on a hot surface. Can someone confirm?
  9. There aren't that many static spawns are there? The only ones I recall off-hand are: TWM flaregun, PV Bow in picnic cave, Ravine flaregun. How many others are there?
  10. hozz1235


    With Donuts and Beer...sorry, bad pun from American here who loves Strange Brew.
  11. Welcome @Obsidian Productions! You can use spoiler tags by: [spoiler] Text here. [/spoiler] Looking forward to your story!
  12. I recently discovered this game on the Steam Sale and have to admit, it's replaced TLD (at least for now). I LOVED the Baldur's Gate genre and this takes me back to those days but also does so much more (as expected from today's games). I would highly recommend it. If you're not familiar with D&D/Pathfinder game mechanics, I would steer clear of creating a custom character and pick a pre-made one. The mechanics are very complex and easily confusing.
  13. I second the "tracking" idea. In the interim, I created a new game and I actually printed off the list and checked off each one as I mapped it. Doing it on an easier/custom setting makes it simpler.
  14. I believe the reason for the very few static spawns is to ensure you will get at least one of that item in any play-through.
  15. I do remember playing with the backer release. Have to say, I played for a couple hours and "shelved" the game until it "had some kinks worked out". I think I would load it up periodically to see the progress being made. Not sure what version I started to put in some serious hours but around 3 yrs ago. I do like the direction HL is taking the game!
  16. I love hunting bear. Anticipating their route and flanking them to try to find a "safe" spot where I can shoot from.
  17. You can't get to the settings menu?
  18. They are? I can't find any info on that. Could you share?
  19. If you got the time, why not? I thought they were pretty fun.
  20. You may wish to post here: https://hinterlandforums.com/forums/forum/92-technical-discussions/ and/or open a ticket.
  21. That's my guess. I haven't confirmed in-game yet.
  22. Hot, Strong & Fresh. Lovin' Keurig single-serving since I don't ever drink more than 1 cup. Occasionally, I will add some half n' half and hot chocolate to make a homemade "Mocha".