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  1. oplli

    Paint Can v2

    thats witout saying that paint during time get erased so it could just glow less and less bright
  2. oplli

    Paint Can v2

    well lets say the paint is rare. it dosent change a lot if you get some glow in the darn in your cave... since we are able to easily get unlimited toches out of the fire the light source is no longer a problem as long as you have wood. it just means that it would be nicer to have some viby glow in the dark paint to navigate inside our main base/caves etc. i dont think it would make the life easier at all as you only need to make a fire to get a lot of torches quickly. and it adds something to do, an activity...
  3. well there is no issue to transfer saves with steam maybe you could log in with your email. anyway it is not our job to reolve those problems where only giving ideas
  4. oplli

    Paint Can v2

    the game dosent have to be 100% realistic on that point there is no many unrealistic things about this game it would just be nice to have glow in the dark paint. at least I would love it.
  5. well that part my friend i have to disagree with you, i do not think that spawning with a polaroid is goig to make us any good. if like you said the loot is special like a light axe for example. having the polaroid directly a the start will make the game easier. and this would mean that there is only one polaroid in the whole save. wich wont make us explore more when we will found the special loot. it would definitely change the start of survival but if i get a special item for almost no effort i dont want that in the game. i would prefer to be able to find multiple polaroid that are well hidden and then IF i find one ill be rewarded. well there is already things like that existing in the game think about the polaroids (the ones that exist at the time we speak). they force you to go there and update your map. the misterious signal fire force you to find its emplacement to get great loot and so on... so i dont see how finding rare indications for a loot that is hard to find will make the experience less "true" to the survival mode... at those hidden spots it is gear and tools that you will find nothing else... theres nothing else to find
  6. Well maple would be an activity like catching rabbits with a snare. it will be working in the background during that time you can hunt you can make clothes explore etc. it would be not more painful than harvest your sap every so often and cook it when the time comes. exactly like the rabbit snares. you check sometimes your trap and take your rabbit if there is one and then cook it when the time comes. i dont feel like snaring rabbit is time and resource consuming so why maple syrup would be?
  7. totally agree with you on that point there are some interesting hidden secrets in story mode but thats not the same thing. the treasure hunt idea will influence the gameplay with some new gameplay mechanics and new items. it is not the same thing than story mode. fore rescueing someone in story mode it is not really a challenge it is just part of the story. and if you want to only rescue someone you dont want to wait until you get to that point in the story. this is why i would like to see the devs dig deeper in that gameplay mechanic. i do not think that the idea is bad on the contrary it gives some new ideas for the future and new mechanics for more complex challenges. why not following the tracks of someone that you need to save and then once you found him you heal him etc etc (only an example. it is to show that we can do multiple things with that mechanic not just stick with what already exist in story mode) i hope my message is clear english is not my primary language so it is hard when writting long texts .
  8. i think two people got lost in translation i thaught you were talking about pelts loosing value and you thaught @Bearly Alive was saying we could also make underwear out of pelts. as i understood it we would be able to make coats, pants , boots , mittens and hat out of every furrs existing in the game. not inner clothes. as it is now we can only wear furrs in the outside layers and it would not change if we would be able to make everything out of pelts. This is my understanding
  9. This is a great idea you had there. i would like to develop a little bit your idea. maybe it could be a polaroid that is not shown on the map when looted. you can only look at the picture and the text to guess where it is and find the loot. the loot spawns only after the polaroid gets looted so we cannot find it before. maybe there could be a level of damage on the polaroid. the loot will be dependant of the polaroid condition. if the picture is damaged and we dont see a lot, the loot will be better than if we see the picture more. maybe there could be one polaroid in every maps with a random spawn. it could be in any drawer any body any metal boxes. it can spawn anywhere... if it spawns in ML the loot will be in ML. there could be like 7 polaroid in pilgrim, 6 in voyager 4 instalker and 3 on interlopper for example. what do you think about that ? as a challenge ABSOLUTELY. but not as a survival mode option. in sandbox we are alone and we stay alone all the time thats the concept.
  10. oplli

    Try these ideas

    for the first idea: no it is not a randomly generated world so impossible. and it is located on great bear island it is in the pacific near vancouver (i assume) really close to where you want. if you want like you said the northwest pacific US the devs would need to do by hand the maps bacause if it is randomly generated the maps would not look like you want they will be ugly like in minecraft. and second this is a canadian i really doubt that the devs would make a map in the us... for the second idea not there will be no challenge we already have a lot of items to play with and survive. in the game there is already two rifles a bow and a flare gun. maybe the devs are going to add more but for now it works fine. and you can still play in pilgrim to have more loot. three. i dont know why the graphics NEED to be more realistic... the long dark has his own style and it is already beautiful. i like this cartoon type graphics. if i understood you want more tools to cut down bigger trees? well every time theres a blizzard a lot of big branches will fall and you will be able toressuply in wood. i feel like you did not played the game a lot and needs more experience. you still got a lot of things to learn beacause half of what you said you want was already in the game.
  11. haha maybe in fallout but not in the long dark xD
  12. I do not think that it would make the pelts loose their values not at all. everybody will have to carefully choose what type of pelt he want for his cloth to fit a certain situation. every pelt will gain in value depending on its utility. of course making a coat out of rabbits / hats out of moose or bear is waaay too exagerated but being able tweak a little bit our clothes to get the perfect mobility/protection/warmth wanted would be nice. and again you could use rabbit for more things not exagerated like boots or earwraps.