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  1. When you are too much time in the cold outside, your cornea can start to freeze and then you are blind until it unfreezes (i am not shure if it is reversible) so when the temperatures outside are really really cold we could start to get a blindness risk witch would not happen all the time outside and clothes like the balaclava could prevent this. or maybe a new accesory: ski glasses. it would protect the eyes from freezing.
  2. What a nice journey! my favourite moment is when you show the day 480 thats inbteresting to see how many things we can gather during almost two years nice continuation I hope for a video when you are going to achieve 1000 days good luck !
  3. I think that this is the interesting part Finding ways to communicate etc
  4. Like when you are awake in an aurora you get conected to anybody who is awake in an aurora too? thats so interesting i would like to try this
  5. Hi, i know for now the store is closed beacause of covid-19. But when it reopens i would really appreciate a metallic version for the mugs that you guys sell on the market. they are soo beautiful but I never drink coffee at my house so I dont really see myself buying a mug and not using it For me, a mug clipped on your hiking backpack is the most iconic thing you can have when going camping or bushcrafting and I cannot bring a ceramic mug in camping I would break it too quickly . Thanks
  6. I am not shure about that but it dosent get to -80 for shure xD at least nobody ever went on mount everest at -80c i think that the coldest temperature that has ever been registered is -76 and it was a long time ago in a far siberia village (sounds like star wars intro)
  7. You mean males would be rare and we could craft things with their antlers?
  8. @ajb1978 i think it should be more complicated than that. it will just be ankwark if you can just look at the cougar to stop him.
  9. I agree with well rested and well hidrated these are good ideas but i dont think the other would be that useful or that much used. i dont think there would be many situations where we can see those happening.
  10. I agree with @Themadlad94 the things you want to add would sound like another game if we were to see that in the long dark
  11. It is a nice idea however it will fit more as a challenge. i think that the rope climber should already exist it would be nice.
  12. If we were making a sachel from and epic moose we could get 10kg instead of 5 huuh ? I hope (The idea is not that bad after thinking about it, i just think it should not be top priority and they should test it as an event before. just to make shure its not innapropriate to the long dark)
  13. I think it sounds more like Red dead redemption . however i dont think having beautiful clothes would be that interesting in this game. When you got a bunch of clothes, you dont need Extremely wharm clothes. however if they were lighter that would be interesting