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  1. when we go in a house we can see sometimes kind of electric camping cooking gear. we should be able to use them to boil water and cook meat.
  2. i agree for ninoculars and compass but other weapons will not be too much? the crossboy will only be a better bow ( the bow already works great) and the pistol ... i dont think that its a grat idea we already have a revolver and a flare gun. you say that this is for the early game but how the devs will be able to set this weapon only for the ealry game?
  3. this is a horrible idea . the game dont starve have a mental health meter and this is the thing that i whould delete of this game so why adding it to the long dark?
  4. this should be a optional mode
  5. i think it should be awesome if every time we die the game save the location and we have a chance to find it in other saves (we whould not be able to recover our items) and another thing that i think is a good idea is to perpetuate the game ( new difficulty option ) if we choose this new difficulty, every containers that we searched in the previous save will be empty (if we taked everything ) this idea match a little bit with the previous idea and i think it will add another fun part to the game.
  6. oplli

    Airport map

    yes the plane have pontoons but every body of water is frozen. also what is blackrock Federal Penitentiary?
  7. oplli

    Airport map

    hi i think that Hinterland should add an airport map in the game. In wintermute we know our character go at great bear island by plane and we don't know where he is suposed to land... it whould be nice to create a little indistrial airport in a map with a railroad loading station for products to be delivered at milton ,coastal highway and elsewhere the map whould be conected by road to milton and to mystery lake by railroad. (the icon silent valley is a little map like the ravine or crumbling highway to connect bigger maps) i made that picture to show what it could looks like. This is not a big idea i suppose that other proposed it in the past but i hope hinterland will make it reality.
  8. I have already completed both episodes but I decided to start the story again so I deleted my old backups and started again but I'm still not finished the second episode and since I had less desire to play. will I have to finish the second episode to play the third?
  9. maybe the devs will find a way that could be fun. or could be like a 2-day event where we could play only from the point of view of animals such as a rabbit we could sneak around and discover places. if there was a map for the event that we couldn't discover all the secrets if we are not playing with all the animals in the game maybe the bear could swim in lakes under the water (like polar bears)
  10. oplli

    More challenges!

    I love the idea of a stranger that follows you
  11. Mooooose! First off, you’re all waiting to hear more information about the Moose. The model, animation, audio, and core behaviour is all finished. We’ve populated the world with Moose — it’s a pretty rare animal so don’t expect it to be easy to find — and we’re now just tuning the AI behaviour and some of the Moose’s unique capabilities to make sure it feels balanced. -Its souds like it will be pretty good. I can not wait for this update You have really did a great job thanks you!
  12. Hahah so easy thank you mate now i will enjoy my 1 day left!
  13. Yes in the news section . but not when i start the game.
  14. When i start the long dark it was like any time i stanrt the game and when i create another sandbox i spawn in the day (im sorry about my very bad english im french)