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  1. Yeah i agree. It dosent makes sense ok... but we still like the idea.dosent mean it has to be 100% realistic
  2. Lets just say its game lore
  3. In real life, Batteries arent affected by EMP's if im not wrong. that means that even if computer, power plants etc dosent work in the long dark, in theory anything that work exclusively out of batteries should work.
  4. i agree to disagree, i would love to see that kind of thing. it makes a new objective in the game that the player can choose to follow or not, and it dosent destroy at all the lore or tld; having to walk long distances and working hard to get what you want, even if it is unecessairy, often at the cost of your life
  5. The decorated cave sounds cool
  6. I understand that a lot of people dont use it but that might be a lot beacause it is a pain in the ass. and it wouldnt bother anybody to fix the problem. there is already a mod that lets you place everything where you want for decoration and base management. that should already be in vanilla
  7. I Would like it if the snowshelter was easyer to place. i understand that it is to force the player to wisely choose its camp location and make shure we cant place a SnowShelter everywhere but sometime we cant even place it when the ground is perfectly flat. Thanks
  8. if they last longer than lanterns why not otherwise i dont see how it could be useful
  9. I dont think this is for the long dark, I remember rafael sharing thoughts about new games ideas + They dont plan on continuing updating the game for free after wintermute is completed, so they will probably continue on developping some dlc's for the long dark on the side and start developping a new game. i dont see how we could have a coop mode without breaking the game or modifying it completely.
  10. Not exactly we could have exactly like deers and wolves, ravaged carcases. If you leave the dead animal too long unsupervised it will become a ravaged carcass, you will still be able to collect the hide most of the guts but not the meat
  11. I Just hunted a bear and almost died, I made a campfire to heat up and take care of my wounds right next to the carcass then, i took some time to heal, about 5 - 7 days (I had worms too) Then i tried to find that carcass wich was very important to me beacause i almost lost 100 interlopper days for it and when i found the camfire that was next to the carcass (the exact same) the carcass was no longer there... I would like to have a patch that makes carcasses stay in the map for at least 50 days if not fully havested, it dosent makes sense that a 100 pound bear disapear in -30 temeratures
  12. I hope not, to take minecraft as an example : (a highly moddable and modded game) vanilla minecraft is as enjoying as modded minecraft beacause there is no limits to what can be done and it dosent feel like mods are breaking the base game.
  13. That is why mods are good you are free to play with no mods or the ones that you want. personally i would definetely add regions and if the tools are available I would even try to make one, afterall it is an exploration game
  14. I know that hinterland plan to add mod support and i think it could be interesting to have access to all the assets used in unity to create the regions, rocks buildings carcasses, everything so that we could potentially make proffetional looking maps with unity. I am certain that some people will try to create regions so why not give them the tools ?
  15. yeah true xD milton plane crash