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  1. I like your idea but i dont think that making the world colder with less wolves is the way to go, i think that it will just cause more death and a less enjoyable gameplay. I do not think that i would like to always travel in the bizzards and in the wind etc. I think what the devs could do is makimg new milesstones to achieve. Right now lets say in interloper: your goal is to quickly find a hammer and a hacksaw, to make arrowheads, knife hatchet, hooks etc then make your bow and arrows, hunting some wolves, deers, bears and rabbits to make some clothes, out of em etc then when you did that you can start exploring. It will be nice for some time but when there is nothing left to explore the game becomes boring you dosent have anything left to do and it is really just surviving, repairing you clothes hunting etc. I think the game needs a bit of refreshing i am optimist about winter embrace and i cannot wait to try this new gameplay but to make it quick i think we really need new milesstones in the game beacause if you want less wolves and colder temperatures you can setup a custom game. althought i am not against new wolves mechanic cuz right now if we have a torch or a flare we can just continue our travelling without thinking about the wolves if we encounter one.
  2. I see you often on the posts always saying that you dont like the ideas that you see and it is fine but maybe you could tell a good idea beacause you look like someone who really like this game and have a lot of exprerience i would like to see you vision of the long dark for the future
  3. oplli


    This is a zippo gas lighter
  4. I would like to see that, this is a great idea
  5. oplli

    Hunt birds

    Or maybe a pillow that you can use in your main base to recover health a fatigue quickly
  6. Oh there it is. Funny coincidence yesterday i shot a bear 3 times i did not got any hitmarker (on the middle right of the screen when you gain experience) but there is blood and i dont see any arrows near where i shot so i assume he took the three. It took me about 1 real hour to fond him cuz i lost his track and then when i find his body there is no fricking arrows it pissed me off. Would you mind to send me some back?
  7. Thanks for your answer! I did not expected something that detailed. I still wonder if you have the information if we have statistic numbers for the damage that an arrow and a bullet can deal?( Without the chance of critical hit or bleed out time) i already killed my moose xD i have been pretty lucky, only two shoots needed so for the next time i will not bring my rifle. Beacause It was my first moose and i discovered that it has a 5kg skin
  8. I know it is a frequently asked questions and my question is not when are you going to develop a new map or what is it going to be. There is currently 14 regions in the game and this is a lot already when i started to play there were only 7 (this is why it is already a lot) I am wondering what are the thaughts of the devs about creating new regions is this somenthing that you are thinking about for the future or do you feel like there arw enough to complete the game? are you going to focus on other game features for the future? Thats all and i am sorry if there is some errors in the text english is not my primary language Thanks!
  9. I want to hunt a moose but i may be far away from my house i am currently on level 5 with my bow but only level 4 with my rifle wich is better or is this the same? If it is not a moose i always take my bow beacause animals bleed out very quickly at my level but beacause the moose does not bleed out i am wondering wich is the best. Do you have any thoughts?
  10. This is the current iron sight (first picture that is a video miniature) And this is the old iron sight (second picture. the rifle aims at a wolf) I think the old one was better. The one that we have right niw does not let us shoot at more than 25 meters without missing. I dont have anything to add the title says everything
  11. oplli

    Hunt birds

    I would like to see a piece of underwear made in feathers that could be really great
  12. 3 days ago i restarted paying the long dark i was on a 120 days run now im at 150 days. I did not played since the revolver update, i discovered that theres a new map, new mechabics etc the polaroids did not exists while i were playing in the past. Once i restarted i had the opportunitty to find a polaroid and map the environment i was really impressed by the area but i was still thinking that this was too much work to map an entire map then i went on moose hunting at marsh ridge in FM and while i was wainting for the big game is tried to map the place and surorisingly it was fun. You just have to think about it. Besides that you just reminded me that that the sun showed us east and west i never thaught about that. In the past i were always using the maps on internet to help me navigate it saved my life a lot of times but it think im still in this minding of always needing to know where i am etc
  13. Yeah your are right maybe it could aldo be windprotective so we could start a fire behind. It could let us make camps in the wild
  14. I like you ideas, being able to craft a bow drill whould be a nice thing. I feel like the charcloth is a little bit useless bc at level 3 of fire skills you do not need anymore any kind of tinder to light your fire. The idea of the mushroom that can carry embers is a little bit in contradiction with the bowdrill idea i would prefer to see only one of em being developped bc the long dark has to stay a difficult game (i have a little preference for the mushroom) The idea of adding beavers is just amazing i would really like to see that. The devs added a rabitskin hat but i feel like a beaverhat would be 100% more badass Sharpening stones already exists i hope you did not died beacause you didnt knew that xD