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  1. Well, 7 is still 8-ish like RossBondReturns said, lol.
  2. The prepper cache bunkers on the older maps were there for a long time. I've seen comments from people even in 2016 that they could no longer find the caches, and they looked for all of them since only 1 of them spawns. One of my questions is, does 1 always spawn in Mystery Lake, 1 cache per region, or is it 1 cache per Great Bear Island ?
  3. Nobody responded to your posting, so I will. Yep, mistakes like that can happen cuz you want as little weight as possible on you when you plan on carrying alot of weight back. Even though I'd like to have even less weight on me, even if I'm not going super far, I always bring something for each situation I could find myself in. So always 1 bedroll, 1 knife, 1 hatchet, enough wood for at least 2 hours of fire (along with a few tinders which are very light), magnifying glass since it's very very lightly-weighted, 0.13 gallons of water per full fill-up of thirst, enough food to get me by like 6 - 12 hours. I take most medical stuff with me, like 1 antiseptic, 1 antibiotic, a bottle of painkillers, bandages, cuz all of those things are very light so you might as well take them. Just the medical stuff alone would've saved your booty and it would've only give you 1 or 2 pounds of extra weight, lol. All the stuff above gets me to like 40 - 45 pounds on me. You have up to 66 without speed being affected, and 77 if you have the Well-Fed buff. So you can have all the stuff listed above with you and you'll stukk have 25 - 30 pounds you can add onto you before speed is even beginning to be affected.
  4. Hey buddy, I'm totally with you on this one. I too don't like having multiple bases. I like having everything I've acquired in 1 centralized location, probably not the wisest thing to do, but can be managed. Quonset was my place of choice, until I found the Pleasant Valley Farmhouse and proceeded to move all my stuff from Quonset in Coastal Highway to PV. I've had many of those kinds of moves. Actually, I think I moved first from Quonset to the Carter Dam, then from the dam to the PV Farmhouse, lol. I should probably have a couple of areas where I have at least the basic supplies in cases of emergency. I think I got over 200 days before Hinterland wiped the Sandbox saves. One thing I was upset about during my first save was I accidentally shot the rifle once, before I found out about the achievement for 50 days without a rifle shot. The 2 or 3 Sandboxes I've done were all Pilgrim. This time I'm going for more of a "normal" mode with Voyager. I've made it 5 days so far, but I'm at Trapper's Cabin with no food left, lol. I tried finding the prepper's caches without saving, but then I was just walking along on flat ground and my wrist got sprained, which obviously means an irreverisble save, lol. I might be able to make it to the Carter Dam where there should be plenty of food to be had. Problem is it's night--time and I have no sleep bar left.
  5. I bought The Long Dark back in December 2014, and I've always loved the concept of this game, just you and Mother Nature, no other survivors yet, just you and nature. I had life issues off and on and took very long breaks from playing this game. I was reading most of the release notes though, at least much later I was. The saves wiping didn't really bother me because I know they are trying to improve the game, and not only that, The Long Dark was still under Early Access when they did that Survival Mode save wipe, so it was considered to be alpha or beta. I do applaud listening to the community about reworking the episodes into a Redux, that's awesome to have that kind of communication with your players of the game. I was wondering if it was possible to allow me to play the Predux version of Wintermute, because I was super-curious as to how it was, and I would've liked it in its own way, because I do love cinematics and 3rd-person perspectives too, and also to see the changes that were made from between Predux to Redux. Could you guys load Predux Wintermute into a code-protected branch on Steam? Nothing should have to be reworked since it would be a separate branch, and no further develpoment needs to happen with it for post-2nd Episode. I just would really like to experience how Predux was, because I spent these past few days catching-up on a years' worth of update notes, and I'm curious to experience Predux for what it was. Then I can genuinely compare and contrast Predux with Redux. Could this be done ? And community, what do you think, should they do this for us curious players? It wouldn't take much time because they only have to load in that version of the game to a separate brance and voila, lol.