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  1. Honest question / just trying to understand: what exactly do you mean by "these are very important locations that may be too important to put into Survival mode"? Important in what sense?
  2. Just make sure the rail is in the middle of your screen, I'd say. Oh, and I got to try Cheat Death yesterday, and I agree: love it more than I thought I would, great fun!
  3. Really hope more recipes get added soon
  4. What do some people mean with cabin A / B / C...?
  5. My impression as well. This isn't a story with some "intentional plot holes" / mystery elements, it's what feels like the sketch of an outline. I think I read somewhere that all this would somehow tie back to Wintermute? Would be nice if so, if whatever we learned in Ep 5 did bring context to what we encountered in the tales.
  6. Well, förlåt... I was just pointing out the fact, is all. Sorry it came across more as intense.
  7. While this is fair, so is the fact that everyone else (literally) on this forum uses the region's actual name.
  8. You mean Pleasant Valley.
  9. Bolt cutters, for ex, count as mementos, right?
  10. I would truly love love love it if they finally updated these item counts and the stats page in general..... # of ptarmigans killed, correct % of world explored, etc. (Just noticed that # of ptarmigans killed was listed on https://thelongdark.fandom.com/wiki/Journal surely this is a mistake?)
  11. No Macs? Or does that count as PC?
  12. Busted! I'm playing Voyageur now. But I'll start a Pilgrim run to explore Mountain Pass when it comes out. Like you I don't want to risk my main run with a brand new region.
  13. Ha, that would make sense... and I agree, Bleak Inlet is one that shows up often! Thanks!
  14. So, it seems moose spawn points aren't all active at a given point in time. Is my impression correct? If so, is this something that changes at every update, the active spawn points are switched around? Or is it defined at the start of every run? I've seen moose in a lot of reported spots, but somehow, I've never seen one in Mystery Lake, or Monolith Lake, or Pensive Pond, Cook's Farm...