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  1. You must cut down the largest tree in the forest wWIIIIIITH…. a herring!
  2. You must appease it with a shrubbery.
  3. I didn't really have any specific answer I was looking for, just merely curious about how some developers may feel about the F2P business model. So in all reality, you knocked it out of the park!
  4. This question may have been asked before- and I apologize if it has- but how do you feel about Digital Extremes and their motive for free-to-play games such as Warframe? Does it hurt other game companies or negatively affect game developers? As a consumer, it feels quite nice, but I am just curious how things look behind the scenes. Thanks Raph!
  5. I’m with you 100%. You couldn’t have put it better. May we have a eulogy for our beloved tower?
  6. Regarding the Hinterland Store... Are you guys planning on bringing back the Wetterling's hatchet? Or what about the Region posters? I always wanted one of those...
  7. Honestly, I haven't gone up to the Destroyed Lookout too much since. I don't know why, it's just my way of paying it my respects. It's the one place that doesn't deserve to be looted...
  8. For sure! I have owned this game for three years now, and I remember back when the Destroyed Lookout was the OG Lookout, and every time you'd climb to the top it would play my absolute favorite song in the game. Not to mention the beautiful view of course. And for some reason, I could never live with myself if I left the door open... ahh, the memories...
  9. Methuselah gets my vote because I like his character BUT I would most definitely have put my vote down for Hobbs, had the choice been there. Methuselah is very interesting and really quite likable, with so much potential in so many ways. On the other hand, despite Hobbs being a fleeting NPC, his character is by far the best voice acted. I look up the cutscene on YouTube probably weekly because I love how well done it is. So vote is for Methuselah in the sense that my vote is REALLY for Hobbs.
  10. Hey have you guys considered creating a Discord server? I know it isn't probably a huge priority, plus we have the forums here, but it would be really cool to keep in contact with some other forum members and swap cool moments from our gameplay!
  11. Just noticed that the hunting lodge in Broken Railroad is named the Mystery Lake Hunting Lodge. I may be totally incorrect, but it would seem that this lodge is nowhere near Mystery Lake, unless I'm missing out on some totally unknown connection point between the two. Is there a reason it is named the Mystery Lake hunting lodge? Did I miss something while playing Wintermute that I should have gotten?
  12. I really like this idea, though I wonder how they would implement it without changing the game's rating. It would be really cool though if you could finish off a wolf right then and there at the price of perhaps fairly rare ammo, similar to the flare gun. I would love this so much, as it could save your skin from a particularly brutal beating. Especially if you get jumped by a couple of them at the same time.
  13. At first, I was thinking perhaps it would be a good form of defense against bears, but because the bear spear will eventually be integrated, they would neutralize each other for the most part. My guess is as good as yours for its function, though I see it as a viable way to pump lead into whatever is coming at you. Depending on its caliber, it could do some SERIOUS damage. Handguns are a force to be reckoned with, I assure you.
  14. Wait a minute... Is the naming of Milton a tongue-in-cheek reference? Since the book ‘Paradise Lost’ is written by John Milton?