What is the 1 thing you dislike most in The Long Dark?

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1) Take rope, tie it around the leg of a deer, throw other end of rope over tree limb, pull. Boom, frozen meat that is out of the reach of 99.9% of all animals

2) And Deer should have a lot more useful food, not just meat, but organs, fats, marrow, etc. To compensate, they should be much more difficult to hunt

3) Grab one of the many road-signs you see around, put it on the floor. Light a fire on top of that. Done

4) And what if we didn't actually magically land in an area where there were cabins and other shelters? What if there was a region with a long "wilderness" section that we had to cross, and a snowstorm blew up?

1) I agree. Hanging food from a tree is the only way to preserve it in real life in the wilderness (been there, done that).

2) I also agree, but I was referring to his point that deer only yields 5kg of meat.

3) Hmmm.. making fire on the soft aluminium roadsign + inhaling the smoke indoors. Smart.

4) A region of long/wide/huge wilderness would be an amazing thing in TLD, and only then would building a makeshift shelter, hanging food from a tree, and many other things, be of use. Now, we don't have that kind of wilderness, and any kind of shelter is pretty close to you, wherever you go.

All in all, they have to change Mystery Lake and make it bigger, with fewer habitable cabins.

Or simply make Mystery Lake second map, and in it's place put a new one, with just one habitable cabin (hunters cabin or something similar to trappers homestead).

But they would also need to re-do the wildlife. Killing a deer, defending from a wolf/bear is just too easy right now.

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The decay of items is something I agree, I do get that it's the dynamic of a game, but it would be nice if a whetstone lasted a little more than what it does right now. Don't make things eternal, but

Having to eat 2kg of meat as soon as I wake up to avoid starving, I hope they start adressing this small aspects of the game before they wrap it up.

Item degradation out of whack

I currently have 151 days behind me in TLD, and yes, I've visited and left PV long time ago.

It's much easier region than Mystery lake, when it comes to survival.

hmm... I don't think so, Mystery Lake is for me the easiest map, maybe because I know every single corner of it, but Pleasant Valley is basically just what you asked for, a big map with very few cabins, unless you get really lucky and no buildings are burned down...

Pleasant Valley is the only region I would never visit without a bedroll, the only region I see the need to craft a bearskin bedroll for...

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Item decay and hunger/thirst.

To elaborate:

Item decay:

- Durable items like hatchets and knives should only need sharpening, and shouldn't break over the course of a few weeks of light to moderate use.

- Canned food shouldn't decay, period.

- Fresh food left in freezing temps should decay very, very slowly.


- A human in survival mode shouldn't need multiple steaks every day. People can live for weeks without food, though they'd be weakened.

-As someone pointed out, thirst increase while sleeping is excessive.

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Clicking hell.

2 clicks for a single stick. 6 clicks for a branch. 20 clicks to harvest a 9kg deer. Over 60 clicks to get 10L water with purely sticks. It takes over 500+ clicks to gather enough sticks and harvest+cook all the meat of a 35kg bear. And worst of all, every night it taks me 13 clicks to sleep 12 hours.

Imagine a word using 1,000,000,000 letters to express a billion.

The devs do sort of have a clicking thing dont they?

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...And your point on burning down buildings seems like a wonderful idea. Burn down a cabin so I can cook all the bear meat at the same time making it last longer. Birlliant...

Sry I can't see any suggestion (by -Shrike-) to burn down a cabin/house...

If you think about it, the only thing said was, that it's unusual to not burn a building to the ground if it's possible to light a fire inside...

...or did I miss something?

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Happy to let this thread continue, but please be courteous and respectful to each other. Posts that included name-calling or incendiary remarks have been removed. This is the final warning I will post before locking this thread.


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The one thing I dislike the most is that indoor locations doesnt belong to the same world than the "outdoor" (except for the forestry lookouts... I love them because they feel much more real and "in place".

And being able to see through windows is much much more immersive, Imho)

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Not enough places to explore.

I'd also echo McGuffin above me, but I get that this is pretty much unavoidable. Would be amazing to be able to see what's going on outside without having to step out in to it. When I check to see if it's raining, I look out my window - not go out and stand in the open staring up at the sky.

It's too easy, the most challenging mode is not as much of a challenge as it ought to be.

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There's some light changes depending on weather, and wind howling if there's a blizzard, but yeah.. wouldn0t be bad if I could just look out, see it's still not clear and stay indoors.

@Shrike: they weren't ideas, they were things I dislike about TLD.

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One thing I hate:

Artificially greatly accelerated stat degradation.

This goes for Hunger, Thirst, food & items.

Where as I appreciate that perhaps degradation of items such as knives and axes can be explained as loss of their sharp edges (and no way currently to sharpen them specifically meaning the current maintenance action is “artificial”), items such as the crowbar, can opener etc are items that would remain Fit for Purpose for literally years.

Not only that but dehydration is just ridiculous. When was the last time I died from dehydration whilst I slept for more than 6 hours? It doesn’t happen, really IF you got to that latter stage of dehydration your body would wake you automatically and the game should do so also even if it just wakes you early and leaves you to realise why. Hunger…is more annoying than anything as you just end up eating into your condition rather than starving but even all that is far to highly advanced. Stats should degrade but the speed at which they currently occur is just to fast I feel still.

I know hunger and thirst have been adjusted in the past few months which is good but still need work. I’m not looking for an easy ride but now there’s hypothermia in the game … which I think works well … I feel the balance has gone too far the other way again.

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I try to keep it short:

- Time is accelerated too much. (Wake up, walk half a mile .... and it's night again.)

The following problems may be reduced by slowing down the time-acceleration, but atm they are serious trouble:

- Actions are artificially lengthened. Tearing a newspaper into 2 scraps ... 10 Minutes. Really? Same with anything else.

- Calories-burn and fluid consumption are way overboard. There would be no obese people at all in the World ;-)

- Please give us a reticle for the bow and arrow or at least fix the animation. Nobody shoots a bow from the hip and it IS possible to aim with a bow via the arrow.

- Please dont add the worn-on-body clothes to the max-carried-weight. That's a strange thing to do.

- Cooking sucks atm:

-- Cooking of two parts of 0.5 kgs takes double the time of one part of 1 kg.

-- Only possible to cook one part of meat per time.

-- No curing of meat. Even though we have the fitting wood for smoking it.

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Any kind of firestriking way to be finite. In stone age our ancestors must have died when they ran out of matches Cherna-facepalm.gif

No way to preserve meat like smoking it and creating jerky. This would also help cut down the weight of meat by 3/4 so it would be easy to carry around and last 2-3 months.

Bow feels like i am holding it to the side of my body instead of right beside my cheek. It would be very very hard to hold a bow like that and quite impractical. Hence the horrible accuracy we get in game i guess. Our character completely lacks common sense but somehow have the skills to craft a bow Cherna-facepalm.gif

Weather getting bad or temprature dropping immensly 9/10 times when i try to skin an animal... I am all for bad coincides but it feels like i am getting stalked by weather more than wolves...

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