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  1. I agree. I think allowing players to customize their sandbox experience makes sense. It is after all their story.
  2. Would have rather had primitive fire-making or the lynx or rabbit hat craftable or collectable unsafe water from the water hole than STEAM trading cards. The fact you can't make fires from raw materials in a forest setting, or water from a frozen pond but fish from the water in that frozen pond degrades the thinking man's game for me. It shouldn't be easy. It should require time and containers to get the water. Primitive firemaking at level 1 skill should be something you have a 10% base chance of getting to work, but it should be do-able. But its not meant to be I guess.
  3. I spent 90% of my time in the game in Stalker when there was only Stalker Voyageur and Pilgrim. When they introduced Interloper. I then played Interloper exclusively because this is the challenge level I loved and needed to stick with the game. The reason I have issues with the wolves is the following. Top 10 ways to die in the long dark in Interloper mode. September 2017 1 Wolves 2 Wolves 3 Wolves 4 Wolves 5 Wolves 6 Wolves 7 Wolves 8 Wolves 9 Wolves 10 Wolves August 2017 1 Wolves 2 Wolves 3 Wolves
  4. You are entitled to your opinion. Fact is there was a great roadmap laid out in 2016 and then a great bulk of it wasn't followed. The core of the game has always been the survival sandbox, adding features and elements to make it a deep and interesting game. However, the story mode grew in importance, the console port grew in importance, the multimedia aims of the development grew in importance, the re-design of already refined polished UI design grew in importance, and fact is the sandbox development was left behind. Substantial portions of the development of the roadmap was not implemented. W
  5. My problem is, I don't want to deal with them at all anymore. I don't want the end of the game because of them. I don't want to hear them. I don't want to see them milling around. I don't want to play the game with wolves in it. But it's not just that, the rest of the game is just buggy and boring. It had a lot more promise during EA and now all of that is gone too.
  6. I didn't know what to write but I'm not passionate about, I don't play at length, and my hope for the game is at it's lowest point. Ever since they scrapped the road map and implemented all the extra clicking and done nothing about the wolves I've just felt like this isn't the game for me anymore. I have a few hundred hours into it but I don't enjoy playing anymore. This is me coming back after not playing for the last 2 months and coming back to play for an hour and seeing it ripped away from me by another ridiculous wolf encounter. I'm just done with the click here click there, clicky click
  7. I couldn't listen to anything past 15 minutes. When Raph started talking about the disappointment of players because they had different ideas then he did in their head, I simply could not listen to it. It is clear that he hasn't reconciled the team's decisions or found it worthy of himself to take responsibility for the fact that Hinterland laid out a roadmap and then decided to take a different path, revamping the UI, delivering only some of those roadmap items, that were already in the works, and launching on another platform while delaying again the story mode. Generally what disappoin
  8. Part of this is you can't see the direct effects easily because they modified the UI prior to launch after refining it a year ago or more to optimize it back then. Anyway you are right and wrong. Clothing does prevent frostbite which is a huge issue but hypothermia and low temperatures are a fact of life in The Long Dark.
  9. Lol. What is there to develop the game is done. The game is "perfect".
  10. Interloper is easier with the retail release. I'm not sure if it is the changes they made with itemization or the longer time before hypothermia or both but the only way I die now again is the fucking wolves. Every fucking time it's the wolves.
  11. The fact that wolves exist as they do with uber powers that they do, mean there is no point to planning for a day 100+ survival situation. Even perfectly equipped, you can encounter an undefeatable zombies *wolf" and yeah. It really ruins the game for me.
  12. AGAIN GOING LIVE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8WtsNzmZhmfLJbROfA6ANw/live
  13. https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC8WtsNzmZhmfLJbROfA6ANw/live
  14. There isn't much more that can be done to increase difficulty. I would like to see primitive fire-making put in and containers. Collection of containers would add another element to the game and give you something more to do.