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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback! Some of your suggestions are things we're discussion/working on, or that have been mentioned in the past by the community. I can't go into detail on everything just now, but I can share some information on a few of those topics: We've definitely had a long-standing discussion or two here in the forums revolving around hibernation, which is a broader topic that usually encompasses the starvation mechanic you've mentioned. While we feel calorie consumption is fairly well balanced at the moment, the overall hibernation exploit is certainly somet
  2. We haven't made any announcements just yet, but we'll have some information to share soon. Stay tuned!
  3. That's amazing to hear! Your dedication is greatly appreciated. A big thank you to everyone else as well for your kind words, support and feedback. We're really looking forward to continuing this journey with you all.
  4. Thanks for the request. We're certainly planning on sharing new updates as stickied announcements in the future. For now, our most recent version is v.302 (Hotfix).
  5. Beautiful! We were very excited to share this with the rest of the community.
  6. Agreed! Thanks so much for sharing. Hope to read more from you in the future!
  7. Interesting suggestion! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forums
  8. It appears the warning posted didn't serve its full purpose, as I've removed no fewer than half a dozen posts in its wake. This thread is now locked. Attempts to reignite the arguments being carried in this discussion will result in formal warnings. Thank you to everyone that was able to remain calm and respectful during this discussion.
  9. Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to formally introduce yourself. I've definitely seen you around, but didn't know you were a southerner like me. I was born and raised in North Carolina, so I definitely understand the summertime struggles. The weather up here in Canada is much more to my liking!
  10. There are a lot of interesting opinions and ideas in this thread, and it's always great to get detailed feedback and thoughts from our players. That being said, I'd ask that everyone remember to stay on-topic and avoid aggressive discussion and politically charged commentary. Please remember why we're all here -- To discuss a video game -- and try to return a respectful and calm tone to this thread.
  11. @June That screenshot of the Trapper's cabin is great! Really love it.
  12. Thanks very much for sharing the details of your experience. Great to hear you're enjoying sandbox, and always nice to hear stories from our newer players. I had to google inuit sunglasses -- Interesting! I appreciate the desire for a map. We typically express that learning the lay of the land is part of the experience, but I like the idea that the discovery of a map for you is a self-imposed role playing experience. I find myself getting lost in similar experiences when I play The Long Dark and Skyrim in particular. Great TL;DR as well
  13. Very nice video, @GELtaz. Always enjoy your intros, and this one was particularly lovely.
  14. Hey there! This might be the first time I've seen mention of father and son both being forum participants. Great to have you both with us, and always wonderful to hear about families enjoying The Long Dark together. Welcome!
  15. Wow! Your first experience is so similar to my own, right down to the play style in Skyrim and the harsh lessons I learned because of it. Very well written, took me right back to my first day in The Long Dark. Many lessons lie ahead. Stay warm out there.
  16. Thanks for sharing your suggestions! A few are popular ideas we've seen discussed previously, but it's always interesting to see a new twist put on a suggested mechanic. Your clothing will get wet if you fall through the ice and does require drying time, but the clothing line is (I think) a new suggestion to aid with that mechanic. Also, thanks for your support on YouTube! I saw you just surpassed 10,000 views. Congratulations!
  17. The translation (Google) doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Not sure what they're trying to say here. That Story Mode is confirmed? That Story Mode will be considered the "full release"? Either way, we haven't made any new announcements...
  18. Certainly a popular request and one that's been discussed quite a few times, as Bill was kind enough to point out. Personally, I find myself shying away from this idea. I can't imagine how guilty I'd feel or how upset I'd be if a bear or wolf got the best of my furry companion =(
  19. Hi! Sorry, but we have no plans for a PS4 release at this time.
  20. Books will be a bit more useful/engaging at some point. For now, just stay warm!
  21. Amazing work! Thank you again for taking the time to create and share this with us. It really is a great skill and a unique piece of fan art. May I ask how long it took you to complete this piece? Welcome to the forums!
  22. Thanks for sharing your ideas and providing the detailed breakdowns. We've had discussion on several of these topics in the past (I'll be sure to add your notes to theirs), but it's always interesting to have a new perspective.
  23. Yes, this is essentially our stance. We don't support modding while the game is still in development, but aren't opposed to considering it once it's been completed. That being said, we have yet to make any final decisions or formal announcements.
  24. Noted! Thanks for being detailed with your feedback and suggestions.