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  1. I agree. I think allowing players to customize their sandbox experience makes sense. It is after all their story.
  2. Would have rather had primitive fire-making or the lynx or rabbit hat craftable or collectable unsafe water from the water hole than STEAM trading cards. The fact you can't make fires from raw materials in a forest setting, or water from a frozen pond but fish from the water in that frozen pond degrades the thinking man's game for me. It shouldn't be easy. It should require time and containers to get the water. Primitive firemaking at level 1 skill should be something you have a 10% base chance of getting to work, but it should be do-able. But its not meant to be I guess.
  3. I spent 90% of my time in the game in Stalker when there was only Stalker Voyageur and Pilgrim. When they introduced Interloper. I then played Interloper exclusively because this is the challenge level I loved and needed to stick with the game. The reason I have issues with the wolves is the following. Top 10 ways to die in the long dark in Interloper mode. September 2017 1 Wolves 2 Wolves 3 Wolves 4 Wolves 5 Wolves 6 Wolves 7 Wolves 8 Wolves 9 Wolves 10 Wolves August 2017 1 Wolves 2 Wolves 3 Wolves 4 Wolves 5 Wolves 6 Wolves 7 Wolves 8 Wolves 9 Wolves 10 Wolves July 2017 1 Wolves 2 Wolves 3 Wolves 4 Wolves 5 Wolves 6 Wolves 7 Wolves 8 Wolves 9 Wolves 10 No sleeping bag, Died from Exhaustion June 2017 1 Wolves 2 Wolves 3 Wolves 4 Rock Climbing at low health, Fell to death 5 Wolves 6 Wolves 7 Wolves 8 Wolves 9 Wolves 10 Wolves The reason the wolves are a thing isn't how the interactions occur though they oftentimes are exceedingly lethal, pointlessly so, and it isn't that they occur so often, which they do, it is that you reach a point where few if any other of the dangers actually contend with the lethality of the wolves based on their lethality, their frequency, and their never ending presence. I suppose if I played the lower difficulty levels the story would be different but there again is the two-pathed conflict of the game. You either do this or you don't. In a survival game, the idea is to survive against all odds, reasonable or not. Playing Pilgrim, Voyageur or Stalker, is like going camping, Pilgrim is checking into a Holiday Inn Express FFS, it just isn't difficult. Interloper is where the challenge is, however within the game the wolves are also ridiculously and ludicrously fun-killing because that is how you are going to die. Once you have enough data to know how you are going to die, based on how you've died the last number of times, you know it's going to be the wolves. When it should be a variety of means. There is no variety in the wolf concentrations or activity either, every game you'll see the same behaviors and same patterns.
  4. You are entitled to your opinion. Fact is there was a great roadmap laid out in 2016 and then a great bulk of it wasn't followed. The core of the game has always been the survival sandbox, adding features and elements to make it a deep and interesting game. However, the story mode grew in importance, the console port grew in importance, the multimedia aims of the development grew in importance, the re-design of already refined polished UI design grew in importance, and fact is the sandbox development was left behind. Substantial portions of the development of the roadmap was not implemented. We now have a game where it is perpetually winter, there are 4 animals and no other characters in the sandbox. It isn't a Zombie game but the wolves essentially act the Zombie part. I believe at one time we were led to believe the depth was going to continue to evolve. Sandbox development has stopped. There haven't been new features in almost a year. Survival is of course about enduring and dealing with conditions, but the way the game plays the primary condition is wolf avoidance first and foremost, dealing with wolves simulator, and not about the true post-electricity survival. The game is heavily based on crafting and accumulation of set resources but there isn't really multiple avenues to effect survival. You search or die, you craft or die, you avoid wolves of you die. etc. I just don't see where the thinking mans part of it comes in. Certainly was expecting there to be more advanced mechanics when it came to fires, fishing, cooking, etc. None of that seems to be important anymore. Or maybe it's coming in 2018. I don't know. For a supporter to have supported the endeavors as long as I have I was hopeful for more. I know the next time I fire the game up, it is highly likely to end the exact same way as last time. Interloper Play through 279, Day 5-15 death by wolf. I can get more value out of a 4 hour play time in Factorio or playing Doom 2 than doing another run in TLD.
  5. My problem is, I don't want to deal with them at all anymore. I don't want the end of the game because of them. I don't want to hear them. I don't want to see them milling around. I don't want to play the game with wolves in it. But it's not just that, the rest of the game is just buggy and boring. It had a lot more promise during EA and now all of that is gone too.
  6. I didn't know what to write but I'm not passionate about, I don't play at length, and my hope for the game is at it's lowest point. Ever since they scrapped the road map and implemented all the extra clicking and done nothing about the wolves I've just felt like this isn't the game for me anymore. I have a few hundred hours into it but I don't enjoy playing anymore. This is me coming back after not playing for the last 2 months and coming back to play for an hour and seeing it ripped away from me by another ridiculous wolf encounter. I'm just done with the click here click there, clicky click click menus. I'm just done with putting in an hour or two or five or ten and having it just completely fucked by wolves again and again before I get any actual meat of the game in the first few weeks because I just don't get there. Even when I get a great start and make it to day 10, I know the wolf fucking is coming on day 12 or day 13, I'm just done. I'm done with that and I'm done with rotary dial. This is just lame. I was never about the "story mode" and the real appeal of the game is creating your own story and i"m just done with the fact that isn't even taking a back seat to story development but is in the trunk because of all these other excursions the developers are thinking/working up, movie deals, the long dark lunch box. I mean this isn't Space Balls, it's the The Long Dark, a PC game, but oh yeah it's multi platform and multi media now. Except the PC game was the gem and now its just not fun to play. I've been around since 2014 and following since 2012 but I feel like that entire time hoping we'd get things like real-er water storage, or primitive fire making which would be fucking huge for a game like this, had instead been traded away for "STEAM TRADING CARDS" or for extra fumes on the exhaling player. All I'm going to say on knowing all this and having learned the game dev really doesn't like his community is another factor I'm not even going to explore in depth except to say this. The reality is we all supported him and it would be nice if he felt the desire to support us. So I think I'm done. I know these I quit posts can be catchy but I also felt it important to explain why I'm leaving and dissatisfied.
  7. I couldn't listen to anything past 15 minutes. When Raph started talking about the disappointment of players because they had different ideas then he did in their head, I simply could not listen to it. It is clear that he hasn't reconciled the team's decisions or found it worthy of himself to take responsibility for the fact that Hinterland laid out a roadmap and then decided to take a different path, revamping the UI, delivering only some of those roadmap items, that were already in the works, and launching on another platform while delaying again the story mode. Generally what disappointed the bulk of those disappointed wasn't the countdown, though that certainly did upset a subset of the community who's patience was already stretched past the limit by the on-time delivery delays, but more so the rehash of changes which were already optimum and made less optimum. This is what that roadmap was... http://www.dualshockers.com/hinterland-sets-a-long-term-roadmap-for-the-long-dark-support/ Discussion on the fabled roadmap. https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/0/133259227517215604/ Here is proof that it actually existed since evidently they don't believe it should live in infamy on the site. The fact that they took this down from the Hinterland site is also disappointing. Like it never happened. The mis-direction and mis-characterization of that disappointment is equally unfortunate. At this point being a strong supporter of the game, continuing to be a supporter, I have no illusions that the creative direction is going to stick to what they originally promised or suggested was their aim, or that they will be capable of understanding why not delivering what they declare or suggest they are declaring will create difficulty with those who also support the game. It is frustrating when the founder and creative director who is responsible for the game, and due respect without him the project would not have been done by Hinterland and may not have been done by another developer, tries to "spin" the response to his, theirs, and team decision's to abandon that roadmap and then pretend like the late stage ideas never existed and were never shared with the community in an effort to drive sales and support for their development which clearly did not stick to said roadmap. Beyond this we have example after example of where the same director assigns blame of the situation on the "internet community" as a whole or certain places on the internet which provide feedback and helped make the game better without any credit on the "credits" of the project, and without taking responsibility for that. So please, enjoy the game as it is, but don't expect them to deliver on the promises made, or actually follow through on anything they have suggested they are going to do because if it isn't a new revenue stream or a new product line or spin-off read (BIG CANADIAN DOLLAR SIGNS) it not likely to really happen.
  8. Part of this is you can't see the direct effects easily because they modified the UI prior to launch after refining it a year ago or more to optimize it back then. Anyway you are right and wrong. Clothing does prevent frostbite which is a huge issue but hypothermia and low temperatures are a fact of life in The Long Dark.
  9. Lol. What is there to develop the game is done. The game is "perfect".
  10. Interloper is easier with the retail release. I'm not sure if it is the changes they made with itemization or the longer time before hypothermia or both but the only way I die now again is the fucking wolves. Every fucking time it's the wolves.
  11. The fact that wolves exist as they do with uber powers that they do, mean there is no point to planning for a day 100+ survival situation. Even perfectly equipped, you can encounter an undefeatable zombies *wolf" and yeah. It really ruins the game for me.
  12. AGAIN GOING LIVE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8WtsNzmZhmfLJbROfA6ANw/live
  13. https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UC8WtsNzmZhmfLJbROfA6ANw/live
  14. There isn't much more that can be done to increase difficulty. I would like to see primitive fire-making put in and containers. Collection of containers would add another element to the game and give you something more to do.
  15. What is the better suggestion for a better mechanic?
  16. What I'm finding is I can get a rabbit, get back where it's warm. Dump the Corpse off inside. Go sleep for an hour. Go back out having lose almost no condition, hunt again, get one or two rabbits, come back in and then either harvest for the pelts and guts alone leaving the meat on the corpses for the following day, and then go out again. Feels like you can rack up the rabbits really fast and not take too much condition loss doing this if you get back inside quick enough. I keep running my harvest actions when I'm at zero calories, and eat before sleeping again and I seem to be maintaining just fine. By the time you have enough pets to make the mittens, you can then stay out even longer, and work on getting the bow and arrows going, having leveraged your condition loss and food supply. I almost think they need to slightly bump up Interloper difficulty. Maybe hide some matches, for sure don't make the difficulty come from wolves as they are cheap enough already but maybe something like sometimes the matches are there and sometimes they aren't at many of the spawns for them that are sure things.
  17. My only bitchin was because I had to freeze my ass off starting the fire outside, then carry the torch inside, light it, have to re-light it, finally got it going, put out my torch to realize my fire had gone out inside that 2-3 seconds I was extinguishing my torch and waiting for the little circular icon to spin and put it back in my imaginary pack, and then add my sticks and low and behold fire was out and I became annoyed by the game at that. It doesn't always have to be bad design or illogical actions its just anything that annoys a player detracts from the overall gameplay. So much of the game is mastering the min-maxing and conserving and so you want to make a torch last, anyway just thoughts.
  18. I knew you were badass but at least this confirms you are a mere mortal like the rest of us.
  19. You sleep naked with a dead guy 20 feet from you? That would creep me out.
  20. Question is all. New Rabbit stone kill mechanic, do you think it's too easy to get going in Interloper now or just right?
  21. Yes you are right Pillock I just wanted to express annoyance at it. I'm over it. I'm not sure how it got labeled "KD7BCH's TORCH ISSUE" Lol. I'm Long Dark Famous now!
  22. Sounds like an "Uncle Pete" job if ever I heard it.
  23. Bears mope around too, and are too slow. When they get wind of something that smells like dinner they should at least fast walk towards it. Especially if they are hungry. A player should be forced to hide, find a difficult spot for the bear to reach, or mask his scent or something to avoid being trapped by a bear. Bears have adequate vision so they should wander off and lose interest after awhile if they can't locate the motion of prey.
  24. I'm beginning to think we can reliably bait wolves to kill rabbits, but leaving a dead one out there for them to come investigate, find other rabbits and eat the live ones, then when you got him focused on Roger Rabbit munchies, POW out of nowhere, you Robin Hood that punk from afar.