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  1. Auahauahauaha...wie der Brösel sagen würde....!!! :lol: Pls. me a favor and just answer in english instead of using Google-Translator. I think we're more able to understand your english than we're able to get what that Google-thingy butchers out of your sentences into German It's ridiculous what that thing translates...and it sounds like a (from your perspective) 'chinglish-user manual'...if you've ever read one, you'll know what I mean :lol: I don't think that anyone here would have a Problem with you answering here in your native language ...or am I wrong? I don't think so... So pls go ahead and write down the 'original' Text in here
  2. That would be a good base for the ability to only work at a workbench if it's lit... Nice Idea!
  3. Realistisch 'abgeprallt und weit oben irgendwo stecken geblieben'? Naja....ja....kommt schonmal vor.... Hab's auch schon 'n paar wenige Male aber eher die Ausnahme. Anders gesagt: Man muß sich beim Bogenschießen schon ziemlich...ähem...besch---eiden anstellen, um das hin zu bekommen :lol: ...aber unmöglich isses nicht...nur blöde wenn man nimmer ranreicht!
  4. That's one point why I've crafted that many Clothing...and to 'get rid' of all the meat that was gathered during Wolf-Fights Maybe... viewtopic.php?f=58&t=9175#p51918
  5. Don't worry, there's no need for Apologies; I'm glad to hear you understood my Point now Sure, minus 20 Degrees was what I meant, just forgot to press that cute little bar...that makes such a huge Difference, sry! And you're right...sometimes I might sound a bit harsh...but I can assure you, I'm not as mean as I may seem to be. That may be because my english is from......ähem.....many Years ago.... ...and I hate to look up the BS that Goo...thing-Translator spits out...because most of it is not only wrong, but absolutely useless... Therefor I'm relying on the stuff I've learned decades ago Sry if it's not 'the best' type of expression but I have nothing else to communicate with...unless we try it in german :lol: But btt: I'd love to have much more things to craft...if they make sense to the game in the way it's meant to be played now, but I (on the other hand) think that there're too many things that could fit into the game, do I explain that...don't 'belong' into lack of a better term :? I'd enjoy having the ability to fix all the stuff we can use with other things that are not supposed to fix that kind of stuff...yet. Cloth is much more of use as it is right now. Toasters only give Srcapmetal...but there should also be (at least) wire harvestable of them. Traps could be made out of could be used to drag something...or hang up carcasses for harvesting. There's so much more that has already been pointed out by many other Players that could fit into the game...and would make sense in some way. But I question myself at any one of these 'possible new Items/abilities': Would it make the game more fun to play? Where do we draw the line between 'nice to have' and 'needs to be there to make the game more fun to play'? Some things do need 'tweaking' in a long run...but there're many things that work as they're now. For example the tree difficulties... I think it's much easier to maintain food as a stalker than it is as a pilgrim. You're atacked by Wolfes much more often as a Stalker or Voyageur than you're as a Pilgrim...and they're faily easy to fight back...therefor you have to fight them much more often...and if you do, you'll have plenty of food all the time. As a Pilgrim you have to hunt them...because you scare them off every time they see you. And that's the next thing (you pointed out by yourself as well as others did): the behavior of wolfes. I can't tell for sure about wolfes, but I've trained dogs for security-issues as well as for hunting and I can assure you: IF they atack to hurt (or even kill) you, they do it such that you'll have no chance to fighting them back...unless you're armed and fairly quick reacting. Regarding that experience I'd imagine a Wolf that atacks (for whatever reason...) to kill you, would easily be able to do so...esp. in the environment we have in the game where you have more to fight against than only the animals Something I really don't care much about is the question if it's 'easy to code/implement' into the game..or not. It just has to make (at least me) want to play more...because 'it fits exactly' into the game...but it doesn't have to necessarily be 'like in RL' to do so
  6. Yep! At first it was a bit fiddly (at least for me) to get used to it, but now I for one think, it's much better
  7. Sry to tell you, but you're totally wrong with your opinion regarding my wishes or what I want. Frankly...what makes you think, you'd know what I care for and what don't know anything about me. I for one am as interested in realism as you are...and for your knowlegde: I did point out that many things shouldn't decay at this rate we have now...more than ones...if you had used the Search-Button, you'd probably know that I'm totally with you on the Decay-Point and on the 'more crafting abilities-Point, too. But you seem to don't understand that fact...because that was the reason, I wrote 'just kidding'...and that was meant as it was do you know better than me what I meant? One can take all these Game-'settings' far to serious...and overdo so much things. If you'd make everything in the game like in RL, there would be much less Fun playing it, or would you think it's possible for anybody to wander around in 20°C for that the starting Clothings...without getting freezed? Or being able to survive any serious Attack from a Wolf in this Environment...with that gear you have at the Beginning? Being able to cure wounds/injuries/poinsoning withing minutes/hours? That's only possible because of the fact that it's a game. And that's all I want the Players to remember...after all it's a Game. You should read some of my older Posts before you judge me like you do now...sadly I've made the same mistake like you do with somebody in this Forum ones... And again: I'm totally with you on these decay- and crafting- need to think that I wouldn't care
  8., NOT like in RL! You've just picked the wood you want...a duration of gathering...and there you were...with your wood.
  9. Why are you that pi**ed? Well, ok then I'll explain it seriously: Because there is no need to let the clothing stay in shape for decades...there's more than enough stuff around to repair and/or craft something new! And as we're right at this point: There's also no need to let your Char starve or suffer from Dehydration if you do something instead of just trying to get as much time 'killed' as possible. I don't get either that so many Player run around, injured and/or with low Percentage because of starving/dehydration and then complain when they get killed by just one Wolf because of the low Percentage. There's plenty of Stuff around...just go and get it...let your Char do something As I said, that's after 300 days in Stalker Mode...and my Char has never ever suffered from starvation or dehydration. And that's the Point of all this: In the Game (remember: no RL-Simulator ) as it is now, there's far to many of everything...if one goes and gets it. No need to let esp. Clothing behave like in RL...why should it? Btw.: Didn't you count the Wolfskin Coats? I could sell you some... :lol: :lol: :lol: And for the case, you missed it ...again...: JUST KIDDING!!!!
  10. Könnte das mit dem immerwieder aufstehenden Bären vllt. ein neuer Bug sein!?? Hatte ein ähnliches Erlebnis auf'm CH: Ich hatte dort direkt neben 'meinem' Haus einen Bären erlegt und ihn zur Hälfte leergeräumt. Nachdem ich die Beute im Kühlschrank verstaut hatte und rausging um ihn weiter zu erleichtern, stand der (wohlgemerkt bereits entdarmte, gehäutete und der Hälfte seines Fleisches beraubte!) Bär quitschlebendig vor mir ...und wurde selbstverständlich direkt erneut ins Jenseits befördert :twisted: Es war defintiv derselbe Bär...denn ein anderer war nirgends zu sehen. Keine Ahnung warum...aber der Bär hat das Ausweiden irgendwie überlebt... :shock:
  11. Gratulation nochmal zu den 250! War 'ne prima Sache das! ...nur laß mich...bzw. den armen Bernd bitte nicht immer so hungrig durch die Gegend laufen...'wir' mögen das nicht :lol: If I had a 'Fratzenbuch-Acc.' I'd chat too...but I hate to accept these AGB that they use there Stay as you're and don't change anything!
  12. Here's one who's very interested in seeing that happen!!!
  13. Speaking of Temps and random crashes... In the past I've had several Systems with Stability-Problems caused by overheating of North- and/or Southbridge Chips. Could be worth checking these too...just to be sure.
  14. You're not the only one...there were several Post about this 'issue'...and I do fully agree on that. The only thing I don't get is: Why should a map seem to be bigger with a time-lapse? Could you pls explain that?
  15. Sure...and that's fine! My apologies if it sounded like I meant you in person, that wasn't meant personally! I'm just honestly fed up with reading that '...the game isn't like in RL...because...blub...but it should be like in RL...' as a Reason to change /add anything in nearly every second Post that's in the Forum. Sure the game is 'leaned to' something that could happen in Reality...but in the end it's a game and no RL-Survival-Simulator. I said that several times...and I say that again (to all Players!): PLS! Stop thinking of TLD as a RL-Survival-Simulator and start asking yourself if something in it really has to be like in RL to enjoy it. I do play games with aliens...that's for sure...but what I wrote was meant as a 'why not-Case' and no serious Idea to implement it to the game That one was more meant as a joke...just forgot to set the Smileys, they are: :shock: :lol: Didn't really take that personally
  16. Hmmm....did you miss something...or did I??? I haven't said anything about the fact that something would be 'the easy way' or would be 'easy to implement'! That must have been someone why are you yelling at me!?!?? And btw. sure I have some 'really supercool Ideas that would make the game better'...for me! But I don't write down in a Forum every little thing that comes to my mind about getting something to be 'better' thats bothering me...and then tell everyone '...because in RL...'. But that's my hole point: As's the same story every time...'but in RL'...just try to look at it the other way around...that's all I said. Does everything have to be 'like in RL'? I don't think so... And to stay to the Topic: I (just as you...) don't think that this would be a good Idea because of the same Reasons you've already explained. I don't think it would change anything in the behavior of would just let them rage more when they died caused by this mechanic...
  17. The problem is: A non cured hide wouldn't just weight half a kilo. The last time I gutted a deer in RL the hide was fairly heavier ...but that too depends on the overall weight of the individual animal, and has therefor nothing to do with a game...where every kind of animal gives you the same hide area...regardless of the actual weight of the animal...and therefor the same weight every time. But you're right...the weight of a cured hide should be less than the weight of a non cured one.
  18. ...let's see.... EDIT: least ingame... :lol:
  19. Try seeing that the other way around: Every time anyone has 'such a super cool make the game's at some Point reasoned by telling everybody that ' RL one would...'. So what now? It's always the same story... ...and btw: I wouldn't mind if there were aliens in the game...somthing(one) must have caused this bad 'event' :twisted: :lol:
  20. I've suggested the 'slider-system' too...several times...but no answer from the Devs on that...yet. And I think I know one Reason for not implementing a System like that (just my opinion): I think there're too many players out there who don't play the game for fun...but for 'being on Top of the list'. But that list only works 'properly' if you have a standart to compare to. By now it's relatively easy to compare the survival times because these standarts differ only by the three modes of 'difficulty'. If they would implement this 'slider-System' there wouldn't be these standarts anymore...and therefor the list would be just useless (as it is right now too, because of all the bugs ). As I explained earlier it would be the only option to make the game interesting (in terms of difficulty and 'joy of playing again and again') to every Player if they would implement this kind of 'changeability' to the game (at least for the sandbox said earlier too).
  21. Yeah...and you wouldn't drink as much as you can at a time...and you wouldn't eat the complete piece of meat you're carrying at a time...and you wouldn't just 'run in a circle' around the point where your plane has crashed...and so many other things you wouldn'even think about in a REAL LIFE survival situation...but we do in the game... ...that's why it's called know...and that's why it's even more important to stop thinking of it as a REAL LIFE simulation all the time! It has to be fun to PLAY it...not to be 'as realistic as could be'.
  22. That's one I would like to know too because the relations between the actual char-sice and the environment-sice doesn't fit at all. Therefor it's hard to estimate any distance in the game. ...and by coordinates from Screenshots...are that actually 'meters'? These could be any technical unit... If one can (I think it was useless who stated that first...) pass a car by doing three's no real precise and reasonable 'measurement' in terms of 'relation in meters' :mrgreen:
  23. Same goes for food...and other 'consumables`! I'd like to see the ability to choose the amount of food one wants to eat at a time. Not just 'eat the hole bunch...or all that's there...till you're full'. And drink as much as you a time. Or refuel the lantern to a chosen amount...not only 'till its full'. ...reload the rifle with only three bullets instead of 'till maxed out'. Ok, in case of the rifle it would be relatively useless in terms of weight saving...because it weights the same...all the time :lol: But for everything else it would make sense to choose the amount of stuff that one uses at a time.