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  1. Did you play this run on the test branch, and if yes did you play TLD since the test branch was closed?
  2. so far it's showing stuff you have not harvested *when* you make the map. (However, I didnt try if redrawing the map remove the item that have been harvested after)
  3. How about reading the post that comes just * before* the one you ask for this?
  4. If you look at the result without voting, you are counted as voter and you can't vote anymore. That's it. Beside, the dev didnt initiate this poll, so I don't think it will be relevant.
  5. I think this is mostly because you crossposted your rant multiple times.
  6. yeah... those 108 hours are gone for sure... and the game became suddenly bad.
  7. I like what I am seing, so far, but it's too soon to judge anyway.
  8. Mmmhh, shit storm incoming, I guess, at least on steam. That countdown was a huge mistake as i feared... But I'm hyped, and as always, everything will be forgotten when the game will be out. Moving back to some other games for now. I wish you the best for the last developpement process!
  9. This is probably the story mode. Otherwise, I feel this would be a huge communication mistake, considering the harmful (and depressing) atmosphere on steam since few weeks.
  10. Regarding the chance %, I never understood why the stove doesnt give a bonus: We have exactly the same chance to light up a fire in the wild over the snow, than in a stove, or a barrel... that doesnt make a lot of sense...
  11. People might have the right to complain. I am not one of them, however, since I have a deep respect for all self employed creators, who are committed to deliver what they envisionned in first place, and I know it's very difficult. But I was specifically talking about people who downvote a game just because the schedule is delayed. That seems extremely childish to me (like: I want my toy now!)
  12. Sadly I noticed that the Steam review trollers are starting to downvote the game because the EA is too long. I never understood why people who don't understand what "early access" implies, still purchase such game...
  13. I spawned in the new region ... and died in 2 days... damn, this is harsh And I have to say, I love this map. It feels really wild.
  14. Yeah: I was eagerly waiting for a new map to discover in Interloper mode. Just because it's the real deal :). Thx for the Christmas gift !
  15. i ve seen that a lot. It seems that the grass texture border is not clean and cause issue with the alpha channel
  16. probably true. However, I don't see how a 2% spawn chance for a rifle could make it easier: you still won't have it at start and probably for a long period of critical time. Just try stalker without a rifle, for beginning
  17. hardest difficulties in gaming is not for everyone, there is no shame about that.
  18. guess you are not ready then Another good test is also being able to not use the rifle at all.
  19. I find the "rescue challenge" as a good test, especially if you can do it in 3-4 days. It shows your ability to stay on the move and how to are able to organize yourself for surviving with some basic stuff, since you don't have much time to store anything.
  20. It's a common issue with steam, when the game is automatically "opted out" beta this has no impact on the game itself, and it's only visual. You can fix this easily however: -Close Steam -go in the .\Steam\steamapps folder -Find the file appmanifest_305620.acf -Open it with a notepad -Verify the name inside, should be "the long dark" -Just Below, there is a section "UserConfig" {} -Remove entirely the line "beta" (or "betaKey") -Save the file, and restart steam.
  21. forum dead? not updated in months? Last update was the 1st july. we are still in august, so, well... beside that was summer, and you know, during summer, a lot of people are taking some vacations... players, for, but maybe also... devs... who knows sure but, before making bad assumption abiout the game states, you probably should just take a look in the News and updates sections.
  22. misreading what you said, I thought you wanted your 323 days ;;) The game seems to screw numbers when using old save.