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  1. Hesha

    Hatchet Location

    Mhmm. I would tend to disagree. I played without both Hatchet and Knife for a good while now and I missed the hatchet more than the knife. You can't work on big limbs or any of the furniture with a hacksaw. What requires a knife? Crafting clothes, maybe?
  2. Hesha

    Hatchet Location

    That sounds really interesting. I guess the most restricted option would then be to set BRA to Medium, which is the lowest setting that still enables all gear (can somebody confirm this?) and then crank all other restrictions to 11. Will try this!
  3. Hesha

    Hatchet Location

    Yes. It would probably be worthwile to produce some kind of guide on the custom game options, because as of now, it is absolutely not clear what those settings do exactly. For instance, the option we are talking about should mention, that some items will be removed from the game entirely (analog to Interloper). But there is probably more room for explanation...
  4. Hesha

    Hatchet Location

    I'm on CH now anyways, so I'll check the petrol station, that's the only place I have found it before. I am not that optimistic, however, because I used to find waaaaay more revolver ammo than rifle ammo, but I haven't found a single bullet so far, yet I have over 30 rounds for the rifle.
  5. Hesha

    Hatchet Location

    Ah! It is a shame that the option "Baseline Resource Availability" is so binary. I wish it would be possible to make items so rare that you have to search 1-2 main maps to get them, but not removed entirely. I think on medium I will usually get 1-3 hatchets and knives per map, right? I think you're right about clothing, yes. So far I have only found combat boots, work boots and trail boots as well as running shoes. The best jacket I have found is the Ski Jacket, I found two of those, two simple parkas and a machinaw jacket. Doesn't really matter, I guess, since crafted gear is better (imho), except for the boots, I would much rather have insulated boots than deerskin boots. Phew, I'm really conflicted now. I don't want to quit 20 days into the play, especially since I like what happened so far, but I'm not thrilled about never finding a revolver and having to haul around those crappy makeshift tools... hmmm.
  6. Hesha

    Hatchet Location

    Sounds like a good idea. I'm pretty happy with availability of loot so far, only three packs of matches in all of ML plus some CH. But the revolver is a bit annoying. Knife and Hatchet is almost okay, because I have modded the damage they take from use, so I don't have to forge new stuff every 5 seconds... erm... am I even allowed to say that here?
  7. Hesha

    Hatchet Location

    Thanks! Yes, that item is most certainly set to low, because medium has way too much stuff for my liking. It's a shame, though, that this removes knives and hatchets completely. Since I do get the option to decide independently on whether rifles exist. Should have those options for the other tools as well, I think.
  8. Hesha

    Hatchet Location

    Thanks! Looks like none of those locations have a hatchet or a knife for that matter. You don't think it could be my settings, though? I have found a hacksaw, 4 or 5 prybars, one rifle, lots of ammo (30ish in ML alone), but strangely enough, even though I found two small arms skill books, I haven't found the revolver nor even a single revolver bullet. I'm beginning to thinkt that revolvers, knives and hatchets don't spawn at all when you set loot to "Low" (the first option in custom games). Especially the lack of revolver ammo makes me wonder.
  9. Is there a list of possible hatchets locations in (or around) Mystery Lake? This is my first game with custom settings and I'm beginning to wonder if I made a mistake. I think I have checked pretty much every location on the map and while I have found a hacksaw and a rifle, I have not found a knife or the hatchet. As far as I understand, those don't spawn in containers? In case I screwed myself out of those tools by choosing the wrong settings... what's the nearest place to find coal for the forge on the Muskeg?
  10. Is there a list of the best places to store each item based on how it decays? I believe that meat, both raw and cooked, is best stored outside (out of reach) and packaged foods indoors, but does anyone have like a list or an excel file on this for all items?
  11. I know the feeling. Back in the day when playing Gothic 2 I actually had to find all the skill tablets before I would put any experience points into my skills. It was terrible, ruined the game for me. Luckily, I wouldn't dream of doing that nowadays, I just don't have the time. Plus there are maps (e.g. TM) that have no appeal to me.
  12. I have a minor questions that is in relation to research books: When should I read them? asap or does it pay off somehow to read them later? It does in other games, that's why I'm asking.
  13. Nevermind. Just found the first one in the 80th or so building...
  14. Speaking of jump scares... where indoor corpses removed from the game? I've started a couple new runs lately and so far after visiting about 50 or 60 indoor locations, I have yet to find a single corpse container indoors. Outdoors there are as common as they used to be. If they have been removed - I'd be happy about that. I hated having a good base ruined by a rotting corpse sitting inside being unremoveable.
  15. Erm. No. Just read up about the big wolf-hunts in France a couple of centuries ago. They pretty much eradicated wolves for the single reason that people didn't like them around where they lived. And it seems to be consensus that only those wolves who were most afraid of people and hid the best survived. And since you are from central Europe, you should know that the ONE and only reason, why wolves are making a comeback, is because goverments decided that they WANT them back and are actively protecting them, to the point where they are paying shepherds money for sheep taken by wolves and for training wolf-deterring dogs. And you are certainly aware that wolfs HAD gone extinct in all of Western Europe and have been reintroduced into some countries, not because they're so resilient that they can simply make a come back, but because they are allowed back. There is also some type of fencing that flutters in the wind and deters wolves. They are really quite timid when it comes to humans. Also, what you're saying about whales is incorrect. That's sharks that get hunted for their fins. Whales have been hunted for their oil and meat and I guess their bones at some point.