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  1. At the bottom of the screen you can see the "Ammunition Workbench" filter is selected. Can you deselect it, or select the A-Z filter? That should solve the problem.
  2. So you managed to get to the bottom? Mind giving me a hint where to look for the way down?
  3. The official update video showed the train engine on the bottom of the Ravine. At least two bodies can be spotted laying on the bottom of the ravine which I think weren't there before. The top part of the Ravine got some fencing and log piles added. This made me think they made the Ravine into a complete map, unfortunately as I tried to climb down into the ravine I died as usual. Luckily I started a new sandbox game just for that purpose. I searched around for quite some time but could not find any stone to attach a climbing rope or anything that looked like a way down but
  4. druffzilla


    It's also in the sandbox mode, I just found one earlier in the medical cabinet of Trappers Homestead.
  5. Thanks SteveP, but I know how to shoot animals in TLD. Was my question not clear? I wanted to know if the bullet still magically cuts off at about 50 steps. I know it did in previous versions of the game, but there was quite some complaining about that so I thought they might have changed it.
  6. Is this still the case with the newest version of the game? I couldn't play much the past few weeks and therefor never tested it, but some changes where made to the rifle, more than the new sights I think.
  7. No idea what the title has to do with the videos, but watching Alone in the Wilderness gives me wanderlust that hurt, really need to do something about that this summer... Great videos, thanks for sharing!
  8. I don't think the cooking mechanic as it is now is bad, but the alternative option to put something onto the top of the stove and wait for it to cook would be cool, as a downside the food could burn after a while, if you don't pay attention, and lose more calories...
  9. Wow, well played, congrats Scyzara. I don't think I'd be able to beat that, but I'm gonna give it a try the next couple of days.
  10. Would be great if you're right, I had a similar feeling with the rabbit snares but did not go fishing since the update. Unfortunately I never counted the calories of the fish per kg, I just now the bass was the best and trout the worst.
  11. I wish the ravine would be a complete map where you can climb down to the bottom(currently you just die when you try to climb down even if you did not hurt yourself in the process), even if I'm stuck down there it would add another experience when you slowly starve to death because you're caught... The feeling when you realize you did something stupid is just great. Maybe add one of these stones, so when you bring a climbing rope you can tie it to the stone and get out after, maybe add a cave system so you can get to somewhere, but the cave can only be accessed from the ravine side... Maybe bl
  12. Don't you worry about what to say when they ask why the person has no genitals? That would be a much more difficult question to answer...
  13. You can't consume straight from inventory, or can you? I can't, I think I did try it in the newest version too. I often go to the inventory first and only after I clicked on the first aid supply I realize I have to go to the first aid tab to use/consume them. That's why I made this post TacticAlly is seconding. There is simply no "use" option, and the "actions" option is greyed out on the meds in the inventory.
  14. Oh, is that actually the case? I did run out of stamina on that last rope to the peak, even though I made a break on the first ledge and slept for an hour, I did run out of stamina on another rope too I think, but never fell... well, I have to try that out a little more. Then I didn't say anything, good mechanic.
  15. F8 macht die debug-screenshots mit den Koordinaten. Ob du die Koordinaten permanent im Bild haben kannst weiss ich nicht genau, ich denke jedoch nicht dass das geht.